I'll take care of you (part 3)✨✨

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Tommy walks over to Phil Wilbur and Techno.

Wilbur smiles as Tears run down his Face. After all these years he Gets to See his Little Brother. Tommy opens his arms for a Hug. He Gets a Hug from wilbur and Techno but not Phil. Phil was in shocked. His Son That he thought was Dead was here?? He couldn't believe it. He didn't believe it. Tommy giggles as he Lets go of techno and Wilbur. He goes over and hugs Phil. "Hey Dadza" Tommy says as he Lays his Head on Phil's shoulder. "T-ommy..." Phil Hugs Tommy Back. He holds onto the Back of Tommy's Shirt. "I can't believe your alive..." Phil Says. Tears ran down his Face and Fell onto Tommy's shirt. "Of course I would be Alive I'm a Big Man!!" Tommy Says. He could hear Techno and Wilbur Laugh at it. Techno Comes over and Joins the hug so Does Wilbur. If tommy is was being honest he didn't want to leave the Hug at all. It was comforting and warm. Techno lays his head on tommys shoulder. Tommy smirks. "Techno is going soft??" Wilbur Laughs at That and so Does Phil. "Yes yes i am.... What do you expect Haven't seen you in like 2 years??" Techno says quietly so other people dont hear him. "No it was 4 years im 20 Bitchs!" Tommy Smiles. Phil realizes something.. "Fuck im old then...." Phil says Shaking his Head. Tommy laughs. Wilbur Smacks the Back out Tommy's Head. Techno pulls aaay from the Hug and Pulls tommy away from Phil and Wilbur. "Hey!!" Wilbur shouts Quietly. "Mine...." Technl says pulling Tommy into a Hug. (I'm not shipping them Its Like Brotherly Love. Me and my sister do this alot)

Phil Smiles He was happy his Kids were All here. "Lets go to my House Guys!" Tommy Pulls away from the Hug and Grabs Techno's and Wilbur's hand. "What am I Chopped liver??" Phile asks. "Yup you are now lets Go!" Tommy runs off like a Child with Techno and wilbur. Phil realizes he doesnt know where Tommy's house is.. Phil Sighs. Tommy may be Grown up but he still acts like a child. Susie laughs at tommy and Goes over to Phil. "Hey Dude." Susie says and She looks at Phil. Daisy hold Melanie as she Falls asleep. Phil looks at Susie "hello miss"  Susie Laughs "I'm not that old But Please Call me Susie"  Susie smiles at Phil and Phil smiles Back "Okay Well my name is-" Phil gets Cut off by Susie "Phil i know tommy Told me alot about you" Susie Says. Daisy walks over to Susie. Susie looks down at Daisy and takes Melanie. "Oh well its good to hear he Talks about me. "  Phil looks at Melanie. "Who is She??"  Phil Ask. Susie looks down at Melanie. "Shes your granddaughter... She's Tommy's Daughter" Phil eyes Widen. He has a Granddaughter??!? "Here I'll take you to tommys House.." Susie starts to walk off and Daisy Follows. Phil smiles and Follows.

*with Tommy*

Tommy takes Techno and wilbur into his house. "Here we are My House!!" Tommy says proud of himself. Techno looks around as Wilbur takes looks into the rooms. Wilbur sees a Crib in one room. "Tommy why is there a Crib??" Wilbur Asks. He looks at Techno and Techno Shrugs. "Welll... " Tommy says looking away. He hears a Knock on his Door and lets the person in. It was Teresa. She comes in and Places a Bag on tommys Table. "Yo you dont have to work a couple days since you know your Family Is here. I'll be Taking your shift." Teresa Says Rubbing Tommy's Hdad. Tommy Laughs "Okay Thanks Teresa Do you need me to take Care of Daisy??" Tommy Asks. Teresa Nods some "Susie will have to go out to a village for Her garden..." Teresa Says as she waves to Techno and wilbur. "The fuck.... You look like Meeeeee" Techno Say staring at Teresa. Teresa Laughs and alot. "Dude tommy you weren't lieing when you say I looked like your Brother" Teresa Say holding her Stomach. Susie and Phil Walks into Tommy's House. Daisy Runs up to Teresa "Mama!!" Teresa looks at Daisy "Hey" Teresa smiles "Well we should be Going have Fun Guys" teresa walks out the door with daisy. Susie Gives Melanie to Tommy and waves bye.

"Soooo Tommmmmmyyyyy is there a mother???" Phil Ask. Tommy Laughs and shakes his Head "Nooo" Tommy says holding Melanie. "What do you mean Dad Is that Kid Tommy's!?!" Techno Says. He was Suprised tommy had a Kid Phil nods and Smiles. Tommy goes to Melanie's room and lays her down in her Bed. He kisses her Forehead and walks back out to Techno,Wilbur and Phil. "Come sit down we can Talk." Tommy says as he Sits down. Phil Sits across from Tommy. Wilbur sits Next to Phil and techno sits Next to Tommy. They Talk about what had happened over the years. Tommy Talks them about his job and how he Talks Care of Kids. Techno Starts to get Tired. So does Wilbur. "You guys can Sleep in my room if you want" tommy offers them Techno nods and gets up. Tommy shows Wilbur and Techno his room. He watches as they Get into his Bed. Techno hugs Wilbur and Wilbur hugs Techno. Tommy Smiles and Pulld the covers over them. He lets them Sleep and he Goes back out to phil. "I'm proud of you Tommy. " Phil says as he Stands up and Pulls tommy into a Hug. "Thanks Dadza..you should get some Sleep to Theres a guest room" Tommy says hugging Phil back. Tommy takes Phil to the guest room and closes the door behind him. Phil Goes to Sleep. Tommy smiles to himself. "You did good Tommy..." A voice Says. Tommy Turns around to see a Person in a chair. "Hehe... You never left me Huh??" Tommy says to the person as he Goes and sits across from them. You couldn't see anything it was just a Black figure. "Nope... I mean I was with you from the start... In the wars, your exile with Wilbur, in your exile alone, With you on the way here... I never left and I'm not planning on leaving any time soon..." The figure says.

Tommy Closes his eyes. He didnt want to deal with this tonight. "Okay can you leave so I can Sleep??" Tommy Asks as he Lays his Head on the Table. Tommy has Fallen asleep at the table before. "Fine but I'll be Back and Don't expect me To be nice..." The figure says as it starts to Disappear "you're never nice." tommy says.

*                                                      *

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