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Dream is not in prison for this. Wilbur and Schlatt aren't ghost but Tubbo is still The president.

Nobody's pov-

Announcement was Made on the Sevrer that Said ' welcome The three newcomer'  meaning Three new people had come to the dream smp. It was Weird for Three to come at a Time but it was Whatever. Tommy had Notice People were going to spawn to meet then so he Trials behind them all. Everybody was there and when tommy Meaned Everybody was there he meaned Everybody. Even Technoblade and Philza.

Tommy stands there Waiting for the newcomer's to Appear but soon enough One had Appeared. When the person appeared he was wearing a light blue hoodie with dark Green Pants. His eyes were Black completely black. His hair was blonde. He takes a Look around And waves to everybody. He Steps out of the Way so the other newcomer can appear.

The next person appeared. He was wearing a Dark blue hoodie with just normal blue Jeans. His eyes were Brown. His hair was dark brown while his skin was light brown (I'm just trying to describe him and im sorry if i Sound Mean For saying it like That So if you all want me to change it I can) "hello" he says while waving to everybody Pushing the other guy out of the way "BITZEL COME ONNNN" the Guy Says Falling onto the ground "Oopiesss Sorryyy Lukeeee!" Bitzels holds out a Hand for Luke to grab.

Puffy and Niki giggle while Techno stares at them. "You Two are Friends?" Tubbo asked and Luke nods Standing up with Bitzel help. "Yes we are actually close friends" Luke Says while the threed Guy appears. He wore a Satna hat even tho it doesn't go with the holiday. His sweater was Orange and his Pants were gray jeans. While his Shoes were Black. His Hair was brown. He wore Sunglasses that covers his Eyes. "Deo!!" Bitzel yells hugging Deo. "Heyyy Bitzel and Luke" Bitzel lets go of Deo

"I see we have all of you guys Here. I would like to introduce myself to you I'm Tubbo. I am the President of L'manburg its nice to meet you three" Tubbo Says Putting his Hand out for Deo to Shake. "Well hello Mr, Tubbo As you already I'm Timedeo but I do go by Deo This is Lukeorsomething which he goes by Luke and the other one is Bitzel" Deo says shaking Tubbos hand. "Well its nice to meet you all I'll be having My friend Tommy giving you a Tour of the Smp Please feel free to ask any questions" Tubbo Says letting go Of Deo's hand. Deo nods and looks around.

Tommy pushes through the crowd to get to deo and the other two. "Looks like you guys are stuck with me Again" Tommy Says Smirking. "Ahh well Thats just fine Mister Boss man" Bitzel Says to Tommy Smacking his Arm. "Do you two know Each other?" Ranboo askes the two "Actually we all Know each other " Luke Says to the tall enderman. "Oh well Atleast you finally have friends Tommy!" Jack Says while Laughing. Niki giggles but gets a look from puffy then she Stops. "I'll let you know if I wanted I could Kill you Right now." Deo says staring right at Jack tho you couldn't tell with the sun glasses.

"Deo Be Nice.." Tommy Says Crossing his arms. Deo Nods his head "Bitzel Boss is being Scary againnnn!" Two says turning to Bitzel. Bitzel grabs Luke's Hand and take off running "WE CANT HELP YOU WITH THAT!!" The two yell running away from everybody. Every body stares at Tommy and Deo. "Why did you call Tommy Boss?" Dream Askes raising his eyebrow. You couldn't see it with his mask on "Oh well he is the leader of the business Bay~" Deo says Proudly. "Wait... The business Bay didnt they Kill a admin??!" Yelled Sam. "Well Yes But we Will be off now Tommy jump on my Back and Lets Go" deo Says as Tommy jumps onto his Back. He Wraps his Legs around Deo's waist and arms around his Neck "Onward horse!" Tommy shouts as Deo laughs and Walks away with tommy on his Back. Needless everybody was Shocked.

If you all want a Part two to this please do tell me.
I'm also Sorry for any mistakes I made in this.

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