mother puffy and Father Sam ✨(part 2)

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Here's part 2 for ya who wanted it! Also the Picture at the Top Belongs to Me its Captain puffy!! I'm also trying to get my Cosplay for technoblade😌😌

Nobody's Pov

Tommy wakes up in his bed. He Sits up and looks around. He remembers what happened last night. Him crying While Puffy and Sam Comfort him. Sam and Puffy becoming tommys parents. Tommy smiles at this. He stands up and looks at the door. "Did they leaveee?" Tommy askes himself.  "Nope i didnt leave silly but your father had to!!"

Tommy jumps around to see puffy or should i say his mom. "Sorry I scared you Sweetie!" Puffy Says running over to tommy. "Its okay Mama!!" Tommy smiles at puffy. Puffy heart melts at that. She alwayed wanted a son now she has one. "Okay sweetie!! Lets go to my house since I have a Kitchen!!" Puffy Says grabbing Tommy hand and walks with him outside the House. Tommy Held her Hand as if she would die if he Let go.

Puffy uses her Thumb to rub Tommys hand. "Why are we going to your house?" Tommy ask still walking.  "So we can have breakfast!!" Puffy say look forward. "Hey theres Tubbo can I say him mom?" He says the last part quiet. "Sure!!" Puffy Says wanting to make sure tommys happy.  "Hey Tubbo!" Tommy yells at Tubbo. Tubbo doesn't say anything to tommy and Continues to talk to jack.

Tommy frowns. Puffy see this and Takes her Hat off and puts it on tommy "HERE YOU LOOK BETTER IN IT THEN ME!!" Puffy yells That got Tubbos and jacks attention. "Awwwew thank you!!!" Tommy Says hugging puffy. "Your welcome Sweetie!!"  Puffy says Hugging tommy Back. Puffy grabs tommy hand again "LETS GOO!!!"

Tommy runs off with Puffy as Tubbo looks at Jack "what was that about?" Tubbo asks. He has a confused look on his Face. "I dont know.." Jack says looking down. He still has to call Niki to tell her the plan.

Tommy and Puffy get to her house. "SAMMM" puffy say kicking her door open. "Yes???!!" Sam yells from the Kitchen "come here!!!" Puffy Yells Pushing tommt onto the Couch "You'll stay here I have to go do something"  puffy say. "Okay Mama!!" Tommy Says Picking up a Blanket cuddling into it. "I'm gooing out Sam!!" Puffy Runs out if the house.

*later with Puffy*

Puffy gets to Technoblades house and goes up the Stairs. She looks at the Door and Knocks on it. She looks down and Taps her foor waiting for someone to open the door. She hears the door she looks up and see technoblade. "What..? He says looking at Puffy. "I wanted to talk to Phil thats all..."  Puffy Says. She wasn't scared of Technoblade. "Fine..,"

Techno gets his father. "Puffy is here she wants to talk to you"  "Okay Thank you sons"  Phil Goes to the door and looks at puffy "Hey puffy Why are you here??" Phil ask puffy. He was Happy to see his friend. "Why Phil why did you leave tommy in his hardest times?" Phil was taken back. "Did you came her to talk about tommy?" Phil didnt want to hear it. Tommy betrayed him and techno. 

"Yes i did!!! You abandon him phil!! He is your Son!! No he was you son. He's not anymore. He is 16!! Hes a Child." Puffy yells at Phil.  "Shut up!! He's not my Son anyways he Betryaed us!! We gave him a Home And He Goes and Joins Tubbo and the other!! He Started so Many Wars over Those fucking disc!! TOMMY IS SELFISH" Phil Yells.   Puffy grabs phils Collar of his shirt and pulls him down. "LISTEN HE DIDNT START THE WARS YOU GUYS DID HE IS 16 HE MAKS MISTAKES YOU ARE A GROW ASS MAN. YOU ALL DECIDED TO FIGHT TOMMY OVER HIS MISTAKES. THOSE DISC MEANT THE WORLD TO HIM. HE TOLD DREAM TO GET RID OF THEM THEN LET THE OTHER BE SAD. TOMMY ISN'T SELFISH. HES NOTHING NEAR THAT. TOMMY HAS GIVEN SO MUCH STUFF UP FOR EVERYBODY AND THIS HAPPENA TO HIM!!!" Puffy Yells at Phil She doesnt care who hear her. She Raise her Fist and Punches Phil in the nose. Philly was shooked. "Dont Come Never MY SON Ever again!!" Puffy says as she walks away.

*with Tommy and Sam*

Tommy had his head in Sams lap looking up at the Sky. He waits for puffy to Come Back. Sam Runs his fingers through Tommys hair. Sam Knew tommy liked that. Puffy Comes back and sees This " awww my boys are getting along!!" Puffy say Walkinf over to the Boys. "MAMA!!" Tommy yells Jumping up and running over to her and Giving her a hug. Sam Smiles and gets up. He walks over to Tommy and Puffy and joined the hug

820 Words!! Hope you enjoy it!!!

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