I know who you pretend I am...

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Nobody's Pov-

Tommy stands there going on and on About cows And raccoons to Puffy. He goes on and on Until Puffy places a Hand on his Shoulder. Tommy looks at Puffy with a Confused Look. Puffy sighs and Looks down.

". I know who you pretend I am... I know who pretend I am..." Puffy Says in a quiet voice. Tommy Gulps and Brings his Hands to his face.  He Hides His Face From puffy and the world. Soon a Pair of arms wrap around him Pulling him close. He Takes his arms and wraps them arounf the person. He looks up to see its puffy. "I'm sorry Tommy..." Puffy Says..

"Its okay Papa puffy..." Tommy mumbles. Puffy Understood him and Runs her Fingers through his Hair. "Are you okay...?" Puffy Asks knowing she wont get the real Answer "I'm good..." Tommy Says Lieing. Puffy knew he Was Lieing but didn't say anything. She didn't want to Upset him.

*A while later*

Tommy Stands Next to Ranboo. Tommy and Ranboo watched Tubbo play with Michael. "Awwww Michael Your So Cute! Ranboo Ranboo! Come look a Our Kid!" Tubbo shouts for Ranboo. Ranboo walks Over to Tubbo. "I See Tubbo Our Kid Is Cute!" Ranboo Says to Tuboo looking at Michael.

"Imma go see foolish" Tommy Says. He Guessed not loud enough because the Two didn't hear him. So he Just walks off To Find Foolish. He Finds Foolish Building something. Tommy didn't know what he was Buildingg but it looked Cool " Foolish Big Man!!" Tommy Yells Scaring Foolish "TOMMY!-" Foolish Yells Almost falling over.

"Sorry Big man Come Hereeee!" Tommy shouts to foolish Waiting in the Spot he was for foolish. Foolish Goes over to Tommt and smiles happy to see the Kid. "Why are you Here Tommy?" Foolish Asks. "I Just wanted to See You!" Tommy Says Clapping his Hands. Foolish had A Talk Early with Puffy. Puffy told Foolish about what Happened. "Tommy. You Pretend  puffy is Your father instead of Phil dont you?" Foolish Says out of nowhere.

"What..?" Tommy Says As he Backs up Some. "You do Dont you tommy?... Its okay" foolish Opens his Arms For Tommy. Tommy Stands there and nods before hugging Foolish.

I lost motivation for this one if im being honest-

But how is Yalls Days????

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