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Sooo this will Contain MCD
If you don't know what that means it means Minecraft Diaries. Its a Roleplay Aphmau Did. It's one of her older Roleplays but its Really good. You might want to watch it before Reading this. I had the idea to make this while Watching it. I've grown up watching it.

TW- Blood, mean Dream :( (I dont like mean Dream)
Nobody's Pov-

Garroth, Dante, Laurence, arron and Aphmau walk through the nether. Aphmau was walking Closer to Arron which Made Laurence and Garroth a Little bit Jealous. While they are walking tommy was Back at his exile. He sits there. He was bloody and sad. Him and Dream got into a Argument and Dream exploded his Stuff. Tommy Tried to get his Stuff before it exploded but The TNT went off as he was trying to. He flow Back not knowing he Used his Wings. One Rule in the dream smp was your not allowed to fly. Tommy hated himself For Fly. He Tried to tell Dream He Didn't mean to but dream wouldn't listen. Dream Had chopped tommys wings off. Tommy's screams could be Heard from miles away. He screams were loud. Tommy was scared out of his mind. Dream grab tommy by the Collar of his shirt. Dream didn't Say anything. He just Stared at Tommy that throw him Back. Dream heard the portal and ran off.

Tommy Had a Hard Time Keeping his eyes open. Tommy pulls himself To his Feet. He Couldn't Really Stand but he holds himself up. He Wanted to leave and never come Back. He Hears a Female Gasp and foot Steps. For a Mintue he Thought it was Niki but He realize Niki Doesnt know we're he is. "Sweetie!! What happened!!" A female Says amd She Places her Hand on his Face. Tommy Flinchs Back. It reminded him of Wilbur. "Lord Aphmau... It seens like he doesn't like that." The other Voice Says. Lord?? Aphmauu? Whatever. Tommys Mind was Screaming Dont Trust them. But his heart was say Trust them. "Whatever you guys We Have to get him Back to Phoenix Drop!" The female Says to the other person or People?? Tommy Couldn't hold himself up anymore. He falls but someone Catchs him. "I'll carry him To Phoenix Drop..." Another voice Says. How many people are there??

"Thank you Aaron! Lets Take him Back now. No Time to waste he could Die if we Wait!" The female Says. Tommy Closes His eyes. He Pushes himself to the warmth of the person. "Hey Buddy... Stay up okay?? If you fall asleep we dontt know if you will wake up or not..." The male Says as he Carrys tommy. They all go into the Nether. "I forgot how hot the Nether is..." Another Person Says. Four People!!!??? And What was Phoenix Drop?? A Prison? A Village? He Had heard that Name before but... Tommy was Drops onto the Ground. He yells in Pain. The female runs over to Him and Puts her Hands over his mouth. "Im so sorry... But Please be Quiet Something had Happened and Arron accidentally dropped you." Arron... I guess thats the Guys Name. Tommy could feel himself get Picked Back up. "I'll Carry him this Time Lord Aphmau" Someone says.

I lost motivation in this 😅😅

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