family time🥀✨

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Wilbur isn't Ghostbur in this he is just Wilbur. The wars Never happened. Schlatt is alive. Tubbo is president. Sam and Tommy are working on a Hotel. Non of this is Canon.
Tw- Neglect?, Crying,

Nobody's Pov-

Tommy was excited For tonight. It was family time. Phil would make them all sit down and watch movies and play Games. Tommy couldn't wait he hasn't been able to spend alot of time with his family because he was building a hotel. Tommy walks home in the Snow after Sam Said he could go home Early for family time. Tommy said thank you and ran off. He was a little bit late but that was fine. He goes home and came inside. He smelled Popcorn and he Heard a Movie playing. He thought nothing of it and walked into a the living room to see. Wilbur Cuddling into Phil Side as Phil had his wing over Wilbur. Techno was Sitting down as Ranboo head layed in Technos Lap. Techno Played with his hair as they watched a movie. Phil rubbed circle on Wilburs Back. Tommy's eyes widen. Tommy would usually be the one laying on Techno. They forgot about him. None of them Notice tommy was even there. Tubbo walks into the room "Hey guys sorry im late I was doing some work with Qauckity!" Tubbo says as he Sits next to Phil. "Don't worry Tubbo we all waited for you Now we can start the real movie since everybody is here!! Tubbo, Techno, Phil, Ranboo, and Me!!" Wilbur Says grabbing the Remote. Tommy was shooked... They waited for Tubbo but not tommy. Tommy runs out of the living room and out of the house.

"Why..." Tommy Says running. He didnt know were to but he ran. He Knocked into someone. He Realizes it was Schlatt "sorry Schlatt!!" Tommy says he didnt even notice he was Crying. Schlatt Eyes Widen at see tommy crying. He sighs and pulls Tommy into a Hug. "What's wrong Big man??" Schlatt says. It was the first time Schlatt called tommy big man. Tommy said. "Nothing.." Tommy says hugging Schlatt back. "I dont think its nothing now plesse tell me" Schlatt was worried about tommy. You could hear it in his voice. "They forgot about me..." Tommy says quietly but loud enough for Schlatt to hear. "Who tommy??" Schlatt Ask. He felt like he could kill the People who forgot about tommy. "Phil and themmm... It was Going to be Family night but... They forgot me.. They even brought Ranboo and Tubbo..." Schlatt's eyes widen. How could his own father forget about him. "I'm so sorry... How about we go to my House and spend time together and if you want you can invite anybody you want!!" Schlatt says hoping to make Tommy Happier. Which worked "sure!" Tommy Says letting go of schlatt. Schlatt Smiles at himself. "Okay I'll lead the way."

*at schlatt's house*

Tommy looks arounds. He sees a Picture of Schlatt and Puffy. "Why do you have a Picture of Puffy and you??" Tommy asked. Schlatt Smile "well you know how Puffy has Goat ears and horns like me??" Schlatt says he could already tell tommy knew what he was Saying "SHES YOUR SISTER!!??" Schlatt laughs and nods his head. "Woahhhhh nevermind that movie time!!"  Tommy Types to two people to come to schlatt's house. Tommy didnt let Schlatt know who he had come. There was a knock on the door. Schlatt opens it to see Puffy and Dream??? "Tommy did you invite them??" Schlatt askes. "Yup come on popcorn is Ready!!!"

They all Seat on the couch as A movie Plays. The movie was frozen 2. For some reason Dream and Tommy wanted to Watch it. Schlatt and Puffy laughed at that and watched it. Tommy Ended up laying his head in dreams lap with his legs on puffy and Schlatt. They all Smile and they promised each other they would protected tommy.

*                                                   *
This wasn't long but it was sweet

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