I'll care for you✨🥀(part 1)

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This is when Tommy is In exile. He Leaves Exile

Tw-  Death, Blood.

Nobody's Pov-

Tommy Grabbed His Stuff. He Shoved it into a Bag. He was Done with everything. Dream, Exile, Tubbo, Everything. He Finally Is Gonna Leave hes Gonna Leave And Never come Back. He Throws his Bag onto his Back.

Tommy Unzips his Tent and Walks out of it. It was night time so he Pulled out his Sword. He knew Dream Wasnt gonna Visit him tomorrow so he Thought it would be a good Idea to Leave. He Goes over to the house and Pulls out his pickaxe and Mines the Floor. He Climbs down the ladder and opens the chest. He Takes everything and Puts it into his bag.

He looks at the Picture of him and tubbo. He Smiles. 'Those were good times' he thought to himself. He Climbs up the Ladder. He Doesnt Replace the Floor he just drops it and runs out of the House. He Starts to Run away from his exile. He Finally left. He sees a Zombie attacking a Lady. He Pulls out his Sword and Hits the Zombie. The Zombie turns around and Attacks Tommy. Tommy raise his sword to Block the Zombie. He Hits the Zombie again and It Falls to the Ground. Tommy Stabs his Sword through the Zombie killing it.

Tommy looks behind the Lady and sees a Skeleton About to Shot her. Tommy Grabs the Lady's arm and pushes to the left. The Skeleton shots and The Arrow Hits Tommy in his Arm. Tommy Groans in Pain but Runs to the Skeleton with his Sword. He Kills the Skeleton. He looks around to see if there were any more mobs. Tommy doesnt See any so he walks back to the Lady. "Are you okay miss??" Tommy askes. "No..i need you to take care of my Baby Please!!" The lady Says. She looks like she was crying.

Tommy Finally gets a Closer look at her. She has two Zombie Bites on her one on her Shoulder and one on her leg. Her hair was Light Orange and She had Blue Eyes. She was Wearing a Dress. The Dress looked like a wedding Dress but it was dirty and Ripped. Her hair was in a Braid But its Was messed up. She had Blood and burns all over her.  "Miss what happened!?" Tommy Says in a worried Voice.  "My village was attack... It was my wedding Day. I Took my baby and ran. Please do this for me. I feel like I Can trust you with my Baby..." Her voice Cuts off and she Falls.  Tommy catchs her before she Hits the Ground. In her Bag He Could hear a Baby Crying. His eyes Widen. He Trys to see if she was Breathing but she wasn't.

Tommy was only 16 and now he Had a Baby to Take Care of!?! Tommy sighs and Opens the womens Bag and Pulls the Baby out of the Bag Carefully. The baby had a little bit of hair. It was Pinkish blonde And had light blue EyesIt Looks about One Year old. He Also Sees a Note. The Note says

"Whom ever Finds this please take Care of my Baby. I know i can't. I'm Dieing. My village was attack by another Village. My husband has Died. Please take care of my Baby girl. Her Name is Melanie  I Know a Weird Name but I named her after my Grandma.  Her age is 1 years old. Thank you.

Tommy had to take Care of a 1 year old. And he was 16. Melanie crys More because the cold. It was Still Night. Tommy looks throw the Bag and Sees a Blanket. He Takes the blanket out of the Bag and Puts It around Melanie. "Shhh~" tommy Says in a Calming voice. Melanie looks at tommy and Gigglea. She Takes Tommys Finger and Puts it in her Mouth.

Tommy Smiles maybe it wouldn't be That Bad. Tommy Grabs the Bag and Puts it on his Back.  He Stands up and looks at the mother. He Felt so Sorry he couldn't save her but he will do what she Asked. He will take Care of her Baby. He Starts to Walk. He groans in Pain as he Remembers the Arrow in his Arm. He sighs he will Deal with it Later. He Had to get Melanie to safety.

Tommy Walks and walks till he Found the reins of the village the Lady came From. He Had to Give her a grave. He Will when he Finds a new place to stay.  He walks through the reins of the Village. He Hears little snores and looks down at Melanie. "Awwww" tommy says to himself. He Smiles to himself. Tommy's back starts to hurt as his Legs do too. He sighs. He looks up and sees its becoming Day. He Gets out of the reins of the village and see another one.

He Runs For it. He Saw to guards there at the entrance. The Guards Put their Swords infront of the entrance "Sir why are you here...?" One of the grauds Say. "I'm looking for a Place to stay. I have a baby and im hurt..." Tommy Says out of breath. The second guard looks at Tommy and Nods. He Takes his Sword Down and the other Does the same. "We will let you through just don't Cause problems sir" the second Guard Says. "Thank you so Much!" Tommy Says Walking through the entrance. 

One Lady looks at Tommy as he Was Through the entrance. She Sees that he is hurt and has a Baby. "Sweetie" the Lady looks at her daughter. "Yes Mama?" The kids Says. "Go Tell your Mother To Get Bandages and milk for a Baby" the Lady Says. Her child runs off. She walks over to Tommy. "Hello Sir! I see your hurt and have a Baby. But you look to Yound to have a Baby. How old are you??" The lady Says. "Oh I'm 16.." Tommy Says.

The lady's eyes widen "Please Follow Me!!" She Says In a worried Voice. Tommy nods and Follows the Lady.

1037 Words!! Hope you guys enjoy it!!

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