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Hello! I'll be working on the rewrite book soon! I'll still be updating this book too.

Nobody POV-

   Tommy was sitting on the bench waiting for Tubbo to come. Tubbo had promised to meet him there, so they can hang out. Tommy didn't mind waiting for Tubbo. Tubbo was Tommy's best friend and everybody knows that right?

  It's been a 2 hours since Tommy has been waiting. He Didn't mind! Tubbo would Surely come. He Alway came when they used to hang out. It's not like Tubbo forgotten. Of course Tubbo would never forget to come hang out with Tommy right?

   4 fucking Hours. 4 hours and its already night time. 4 hours and Tubbo hasn't showed up. Tubbo had promised to be there. Tubbo never made a Promise he couldn't keep so maybe something came up? Yea! That had to be right something had to come up... I'll close my eyes and wait...

Tommy's POV - (change for once)

  While sitting here for Tubbo I could hear Talking come my way.  Tubbo?! I thought when I got up to see. I look at the people who were coming to see it was one Jack and Niki. I sighed and Went to sit back down.

"Oh. Tommy is already here."

I could hear Niki say to Jack. Though I couldn't see Jack I bet he nodded. I've been waiting for Tubbo for 4 hours. Why not just leave and let other people sit down? I mean I dont need the seat since Tubbo probably isnt coming.

"Its fine... I was just about to go."

I say getting up with my Bag. I had brought  the bag with so me and Tubbo  could use it.

"Oh- Okay then please leave faster tho."

I know Niki didn't say that so it must have been Jack. I turn to look that them but to my surprise Tubbo were there with them.

"Tubbo? Are you hanging out with them?"

I said to Tubbo. I could tell Niki and Jack wanted to say something but They didn't. Tubbo rolls his Head and stares at me.

" Of course I am Do you have a Problem with it Tommy?! I'm allowed to have other Friends!"

" Tubbo.. you said you were gonna hang out with me today...?"

" oh whatever Tommy I had changed my mind. It's not like I wanted to hangout with someone like you! You know your just like wilbur!"

Huh..? This can't be Tubbo. It couldn't be Tubbo.  Tubbo would have said anything like that to me. I could feel hands on me? Huh...

"Oh my! Your right Tubbo! You are just like Wilbur. I dont understand How Wilbur even likes you! Your so useless! Nobody here likes you!"

  It was Niki who Said it this time. Is this want they all think of me? Probably.. I mean I am useless...




  My eyes Shot open and I sit up quickly.  I look around to see where I am. I was on the bench. Niki Jack nor Tubbo was here. Only... myself. Was that a Dream? Well it wouldn't be a Dream. It would be a nightmare. Maybe that's what Dream should be Called a Nightmare!

  I laugh to myself a Little. I look up at the sky to see the sun rising. Last time I checked it was midnight. So I waited here all this time yet no Tubbo? That sucks. I guess I'll go back home. I stand up to walk home but my legs collapsed underneath me. I fall and hit my head off the bench.

"Well... that. Hurts.. heh."

I say to myself knowing nobody is there. Or is someone there? I could hear walking. I close my eyes. Maybe I could just Sleep this all away..? I feel a Hand under my Head and noise. It sounded like a enderman Noise?

  I open my eyes to see Ranboo. But Ranboo has Red and green eyes. Not Purple eyes. Ranboo says Something in enderman then picks me up. I don't complain as he was Warm and I was freezing. I could see him pick up my bag.

  He starts to walk  somewhere? I don't know.  I'm just tired and want to be Safe. You know? I never feel safe except around Puffy or Ranboo.  But this couldn't be Ranboo since his eyes are purple.

"Oh....your...fine.....Tommy!.. Thank...Ranboo"

  It was all muffled as I could feel myself falling asleep again. Hopeful I dont have a nightmare but I feel safe so probably not. I could feel something on my head and warmth over my body which helped me fall asleep faster.

" Good night tom tom don't worry Me and Ranboo got you now"

Puffy Places a hand on Tommy's hand smiling.

"Sleep well...."

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