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TW- mentions of blood

Nobody's Pov-

Schlatt and Wilbur were sitting down on a hill. It was peaceful. The sky was blue and the clouds were white. Schlatt and Wilbur became friends over the time in the afterlife. After a while Mexican Dream came along. Mexican Dream Was Funny and would always bring smiles to Their Faces. But they weren't expecting a person to come to the afterlife and they weren't expecting who it was...

Wilbur Sat there humming the L'manburg anthem. He missed everybody but he mostly missed Tommy. His little Brother, his best man. "What are you thinking about Wilbur?" A voice Says. Wilbur turns his head to see Schlatt "I'm thinking about Tommy I miss him..." Schlatt sighs and takes a Seat next to Wilbur. "Don't worry you'll see him soon." Wilbur laughs "you mean in 40 years right??" Schlatt nods and smiles "yes I mean in 40 years" Wilbur looks up at the Sky. The wind was blowing. Leaves from the trees were blowing around. Wilbur Closes his eyes and lays back. The sun was hot. Wilbur yawns. Schlatt laughs "I wonder where Mexican Dream is" Wilbur nods in agreement.

Mexican Dream walks around. He heard some noise ans wanted to see what it was. While he was walking he say a figure. A bee was flying around the figures head. Mexican Dream thought the figure was familiar. "Heyyyy Who's youuu??" Mexican Dream ask the person. The person spins around and looks at Mexican Dream. Mexican Dream knew Those eyes from anywhere. "Tommy my man..?? Don't say that's you.." Mexican Dream didn't want to believe that was Tommy. He was all bloody. Blood Pours from his head. The figure nods and slowly walks to Mexican Dream "my Can't be you you are to young..." Mexican Dream says he could feel tears rise in his eyes. "I'm Sowwy " Tommy says. Though his voice sounded Dry. Tommy coughs and puts a hand to his mouth. "Tommy! My man!" Mexican Dream runs over to tommy and pulls him into a Hug. "How about I get you to Wilbur...?" Tommy nods ans holds onto Mexican Dream. Mexican Dream puts tommy on his Back and Beingings to take his to Wilbur.

Schlatt and Wilbur lays on the ground. Mexican Dream say to tommy "I'm going to scream for him okay?" Tommy noda and Pushes his head into Mexican dreams shoulder. "WILBUR GET OVER HERE!!" Wilbur Jumps up. He looks at Mexican Dream and see the person on Mexican dreams Back. "Who is that...?" Wilbur Says. He didn't notice it was Tommy. Schlatt stands up and walks over to Mexican Dream Wilbur does the Same. Mexican Dream puts Tommy down. Wilbur looks at him. His eyes start to water. "Oh my... No no no no no no no no no no-" Wilbur was cut off by Tommy hugging him. "I get to see you again.. Big brother" Tommy says. Wilbur Pulls Tommy into a huge and they stay like that for a while.

Schlatt and Mexican Dream watchs. Both Sad that Tommy died so soon and angry at the person who killed him..

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