Tommy Tommy come back down

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I wasn't gonna write again today but I felt like I needed to.
Phil is a Bad father in this and gets what he desveres.
Tw- Suicide attempt, gore, Bone Breaking, Voices, Blood, Cussing.

Nobody's Pov-

Tommy was walking he didn't know where to But he was Walking. He was Done with everything. Tubbo didn't care he almost got nuked, jack and Niki tried to kill him. Sam was to busy with the prison. Puffy was busy With training. Phil and Techno hated him. Ranboo was With phil Living with him. Schlatt was with Qauckity Sapnap was hanging out with karl. George was asleep. Fundy was having Family time with his Dad Ghostbur. Badboyhalo was with antfrost. They were trying to get people to go to the egg. Skeppy was nowhere to be seen. Eret was doing Eret things.

Tommy Sat down on a cliff. What if he jumped? Would anyone Care if he Did? Tommy Sighs. "Nobody would Care."  Tommy says to himself. He didnt want to live anymore. He Stands up and Climbs higher. He getd to the highs Point and looks down. "Maybe it was never meant to be?" Tommy Says knowing nobody would hear him. He was finally gonna do it but what about Tubbo??

"You want the acclaim the mother of mothers" 

Tommy hears from behind him. He Turns around to see a Black figure standing there. His eyes Widen. Who was this black Figure. A white figure appears next to the black one.

"It's not worthy Tommy!"

The white Figure says. The black one turns towards the white one.

"More poignant than fame or the Taste of another!"

To tommy it looked like they were Fighting over if he should jump or not. He didn't know why they were there but he Wanted to find out badly.  He could stay to find out or Just jump. He starts to think as the white one says.

"Dont Listen Tommy!!"

Tommy wanted to listen. What did they know about his life? This wouldn't be the first time he would try and maybe if he is lucky I would be his last time. Tommy Felt something grab his collar of his shirt and pull him towards them

"Be real and just jump you dense motherfucker!"

Tommy didn't feel Safe Anymore. Well he never felt safe but Continuing on.

"You're worth more Tommy!"

The fucking White one was lieing tommy thought he wasnt worth anything. A cow would be worth more than him. He wasnt worth anything to anyone he tool in people's life.

"You will not be more than a rat in the gutter!"

"So much more than a rat"

Tommy laughed at them calling him a Rat. Maybe he was a Rat or maybe he wasn't a Rat. He would never know.

" You want my opinion my opinion you've got"

"No one asked your opinion"

Tommy laughs at that it was true too nobody asked for their opinion Tommy just wants them to hurry up so he Can throw himself off the cliff.

"You asked for my counsel I gave you my thoughts!"

"No one asked for your thoughts"

"Be done with this now and jump off the cliff!!"

"Be done with this now and get off the cliff!"

"Can you hear me Tommy? I'm talking to you!"


Tommy was Done he didnt want to listen anymore Tommy turns around. Tommy breathes in and holds his breath. Tommy runs and Jumps off the cliff he was Ready for everything to End. All he heard was screaming and it didnt come from him.

Tommy Lays there in his blood. Blood was every where. Techno fall onto his knees he was to late to save his Baby brother. Ranboo Tryings to find a pulse. Ranboo finds one but it was Light. There was a Chance they could save tommy from Death. Ranboo looks through his Bag and finds a healing Potion. Techno Grabs it and Pulls of a syringe. Techno Sucks some of the healing potion into the syringe then injects it into Tommy.  Even though techno didnt believe in god he Prays for tommy To survive.   Ranboo Sees Techno Starting to cry. Ranboo has Never seen him crying. Techno pulls tommy to his Chest holding tommy close to him. Techno could feel tommys stomach slowly Rising and falling. 

Ranboo Looks at Phil. Phil didnt look like he cared at all. Ranboo was pissed at this. "Why the fuck do you look Happy?!" Ranboo says. Techno Never heard Ranboo Curse before. "Why wouldn't I? The Rot of all problem is Dieing Right now. Soon there will be No problems. "  Phil says. Techno Stands up with tommy in his arms. "Ranboo take tommy to my house and bandage him up." Ranboo takes tommy and Teleports to Technos house.  "Why did you do that techno couldn't we leave him to d-" A Crunch was heard. Phil was on the ground holding his arm. His arm looked to be Broken. "Fuck. You. Philza." Phils eyes widen. "Techno Come on!!" Phil says getting up.

Techno raises his fist and Hits Phil Right in the Nose. Blood drips down phils Face. His Hat was on the Ground. "Te-chno??" Phil was scared of his own Son. "Dont come near me tommy or Ranboo ever again." Techno said as he walks away. Techno arrives at his house to see tommy Laying on his bed in bandages and a cast on his left leg. "He broke his leg and two fingers."  Techno sighs pulling a Chair Next to Tommy. "Lets be glad he just didn't Die."

Its been a couple Days since tommy tried to jump. He still hasnt woken up. Techno stayed by his Side every day. Just in case he wakes up. Tommy has made small movements but has not woken up. Techno was getting worried. He knew tommy was strong. When tommy wakes up Techno would be Sure to give tommy as much attention he needs and more. Techno promised himself he would always protect Tommy. The voice were loud and they wanted phils blood. Ranboo always came to check on tommy and Techno. He would bring techno food so he didn't starve.

They just hoped tommy woke up soon. Maybe he will or maybe he will not that's up to you reader... Chose wisely...

1067 Words hope you enjoyed !

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