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Hello everybody I'm sorry for not Giving you guys more to read. I have decided to Rewrite Wings. I think my writing has improved since then So I'll be rewriting both part. I'm trying to write all the other Chapters you guys want more of! So Please comment what Chapters you want me to do!

Warnings- Blood,Violence, Gore, Yelling/screaming, Manipulation.

Nobody's Pov-

Tommy Walks around while staring at the sky. He waits and waits for Dream to come. Exile has been boring without people around him. Dream was his only friend though. Dream Knew what was the best for him. While Thinking dream Came through the portal. "Tommy." Dream says in a stern voice. Tommy's head Shots up as he looks at Dream "hello Dream" Tommy Says quietly.

Dream walks over to Tommy who was Near his Cabin. "You know what Time it is." Dream Says Pulling out his Shovel and digs into the ground. Tommy Stares at Dream while his wings Flaps. Dream Falls into a Room with two chest. "Tommy? What the fuck is this...?" Dream Says opening the chest. In the chest there are Three strength potions, 16 enderpearls, 15 diamonds, 6 pictures of Tubbo and Wilbur. "Dream Buddy.. Maybe we Should move away from here??" Tommy Says Nervously knowing he would be in trouble.

His wings Flaps up and down. "Tommy... You hid this from me?I'm your only friend... And you betray me like this?!" Dream Says to Tommy. Dream Takes some tnt from his inventory and places it down. "Wait D-ream No! We could talk about this!" Tommy Says. He realize that tears were Falling from his Eyes. "No Tommy We can't talk about this." Dream talks out a flint and steel. He lights the tnt Before walking Back. Tommy's Eyes widen as he opens the chest trying to get the pictures of Wilbur and Tubbo out. He could only get 3 out before the tnt Blow up. He closes his eyes. He flys back hitting the grab. 

When he opens his eyes he could see that more tnt was placed And lit. Tommy Spreads his wings out and Flys up into the air to Avoid the tnt blow. Tommy watchs everything he worked for blow up. Tommy lets out a sob while he goes back to the ground. He stands there looking at the holes left by the tnt. Dream walks over to Tommy. "This. This tommy was you fault. And you haven't payed enough for it. " Dream says While he Takes his Netherite axe from his inventory. Dream grabs tommys shoulder and Shoves him to the ground.

"Dr-eam?? What are you... What are you go-nna do?" Tommy says staring at Dream. Dream Says nothing. He raises his Axe and Swings it down. It hits tommys Right Wing. Tommy lets out a loud Scream. If you were in a mile you could have heard it. Tommy starts to beg dream to Stop. Dream Does stop though, he Keeps swinging till he chops tommys Right Wing off. Blood Pours down Tommy's back staining his shirt and the grass.

Dream starts to work on Tommy's left wing. Tommy moves and Trys to Get away from dream. While moving Dream misses His wing and Swings his axe into Tommy's shoulder. Tommy starts Crying more now. Dream laughs as he pulls his axe out of Tommys shoulder. Dream finally Chops of Tommys left wing. "That wasn't that hard was it Tommy.... Tommy you has betrayed me and you Deserved this. I'm your only friend." Dream Says putting his Axe in his inventory. Dream walks to The nether portal and Steps inside of it. He waves as he disappears leaving Tommy there.

Tommy sits there crying while his Back Pours Blood. He looks up and trys to stand up. He fails the first time but he some what gets it the next time. The world Spins as Tommy looks around. He felt lighthead and he was sure it was from the blood lost. He decides to leave Exile. He remembered Techno lives a couple miles away from him. Tommy notices he already started walking but at a slow pace. It would take a while to get there but Tommy wanted to try.

*a while after walking because I'm to lazy to write the walking bit*

Tommy doesn't understand why Techno would live in the snow, but it was Technoblade. He would never know. Tommy could see smoke. He knew he was close but he didn't know how much farther he could walks. His legs have given out on him a couple times walking here. He was also seeing Black spots. The ringing in his ears was getting louder. Tommy felt snow on his face. It had started to snow. That was great... Not. Tommy couldn't keep walking. He felt his Legs give out as he fall. Thoughts there running through his head. Would he die Here? Maybe he should have stayed in exile.

His eyes Grow heavier and heavier every second. The last thing he felt before passing out was the warmth of Something getting wrapped around him.

How was y'alls guys Day or Night?

I'll try to write as much as I can for you guys. But thank you for being here with me from the start and thank you for being patience with this book.

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