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Tw- Attempted Suicide

Nobody's Pov-

Tommy just wanted to go home but he Couldn't he would Die if he Tried. He wonders why All this stuff Happened to him. Wilbur was Gone. He was Dead. Techno left him with a False Hope. Now techno hates him. Tubbo his best Friend Exiled him from His Home! L'manberg. And Dream was manipulating him. He was So Close to ending it all. Techno and Phil wouldn't care

Phil took Ranboo in. He Took care of Ranboo like He was alway there with them. They forgot about Him. Tommy was never in the Picture. Always Forgotten by Them. Dream Told tommy that they all hated him. Tommy Knew this from the beginning. Tommy notices how Close he was to the Side of the block he was Staring down into the Lava. He knew what he was about to do and he knew nobody would Care. Dream, Phil, Techno, Ghostbur, fundy, sapnap, george, Tubbo, Ranoo, Niki, Eret, Skeppy, Bbh, quackity, Jschlatt, Sam, Punz. Nobody.

Tommy knew what he had to do. Tommy turned around and closed his eyes. He lets himself fall of the side of the Bridge. He felt something grab his hand. He opens his eyes to see Tubbo. Someone he was surprised to see. "Let go." Tommy says In a Serious voice "No!! I can't let you do this!!" Tubbo yells Pulling Tommy back from the edge. Tubbo Quickly pulls Tommy into a Hug. "Let me Go!! Right now!! Why would you care if I did it?!?!" Tommy yells he was pissed that Tubbo stopped him. "Why Wouldn't I care!!?? You are my best friend tommy!!" Tubbo says he holds onto tommy not letting him go at all. "If I was your friend why Didnt you come see me??! If I was your friend why did you exile me!?" Tommy yells Back pushing Tubbo off him he ran to the nether portal. He want through back to his exile. He blocked it off he didnt want to see nobody. Tubbo ran after him but notice he Blocked it off. He sighs and walks back to him country.

Tommy started crying. He slide down the side of the nether portal. Her pulls his legs up to his chest and puts his head on his knees. He started crying his heart out.

Technoblades Pov-

I thought about visiting tommy. What was he doing? And how was he? Was he okay there? I dont know why i was worried. "Hey techno can we go see Tommy??" Ghostbur said as he Floats around me. "Why Tommy?" Phil says. He didnt seen like he wanted to see Tommy. "Because!! We should see him. You should to Dadza!!" Ghostbur says. He sounded like he really wanted to see him. I got up and grabs my cape putting it on. "I'll go see Tommy and you two stay here alright?" I say looking at Phil and Ghostbur. "You got it techno!!" Ghostbur says clapping his hands. I nodded and left. I dont know why I started running to see him.

I got there and I saw him by the nethrr portal that was now blocked off. "Tommy?" I say in a calm voice. Tommy's head shoots up and he stares at me. I could tell he was crying. His eyes were puffy and red. "Why are you crying tommy??" I say as I got closer. He said nothing. He just started to get up. "Go away..." He says as he gets up. I get close even to pull him into a Hug. It's rare for me to hug someone but it seened like he needed one. "Let go now!" He Yells i ignore him and continue to hug him. Tommy trys to get out of my grasp but he couldnt so he stops. "Shhhh.. It will be okay Tommy". I say. I could Feel my Shirt get wet. Tommy starts to Cry More. I take my cape off and put it around tommy then I pick him up so were his legs are wrap around my waist and his arms arounf my neck. He buries his face into my Neck. "Shhhh I'm here tommy. I wont leave you..." I say as I start to Walk to my home. "W-here are w-e going te-chno...?" Tommy says through his crys. "My house So we can Lay down and Cuddle."  Tommy just nods and stays quiet the rest of the time there.

We get to my home and I open the door. I see Phil and Ghostbur. They have questioning looks on their Faces. I dont really care so I Sit down on the Couch with tommy in my Arms. Phil Sighs and Gets up. He Sits next to me And Pulls Tommy out of my Arms and hold him. I could tell Tommy was calming down some. "Ghostbur go get us Some blankets please"  I say to ghostbur. He goes and gets blankets then comes Back. I grab a Pillow and puts it behind Phil. Phil leans Back and Holds tommy Closes. Tommy cuddles into phil.

Tommy grabs my hand and pulls me over to were I'm laying on Phil to. Ghostbur Smiles and Joins in on the cuddling train. Ghostbur pulls the blankets over everybody. So even everybody falls asleep. I could tell i was falling asleep too

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