Then we will take him Back

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Tw- Death, Blood, Cursing, Fire, Bone Breaking, Voices (Technos)

"Get ready dream... It will be the Last Day you live..."

Nobody's Pov-

Schlatt sat on the Couch as Ghostbur hugs him. Schlatt Never told anyone that he was Scared of blood. He would always hide it. Only person who Knew was Ghostbur. He wasn't ready for was going to happen. "Techno Maybe Schaltt can stay here with friend??" Ghostbut shouts. Ghostbur knew there was going to be alot of Blood. "Okay whatever he Better not doing anything to my House." Techno shouts from his room. He looks at Schlatt and ghostbur hugging. "Lets go Guys..." Techno Holds his axe tighter. Ghostbur let's go of schlatt and Grabs a Bow and arrows. "Ranboo!!" Ranboo runs out of his room with his sword."let's go kill them!!" Ranboo says. Techno heard the voices say

Revenge for tommy

Kill everybody who hurt tommy

Get tommy back

Take him back

Give him love when he's back

Give his the attention he desveres

Make sure he wont be hurt in the future.

Techno goes to the door and opens it "we are heading out.. Mess up my House and you're Dead...For Ever this time.."  Schlatt Gulps. He didn't want to die. He Nods and watches Techno walk out the door. Ghostbur waves and Follows along with Ranboo. Ranboo Shuts the door.

*back with tommy*

Tommy sits there. He wasn't in the chair anymorw but he was still tied up. He kept trying to Yell and scream. He throat was killing him alot. His voice was almost gone. You could tell he has been crying. The only Thing for tommy was to stare at nothing. A couple times when Tommy Scream or yelled Phil Would come down and Punch him or kick him. But once he brought a knife down. He had cut Tommys Face. Tommy was sure it would leave a Scar. Tommy gave up on being saved. Tommy Wanted his Brothers tho. He started to tear up just thinking about it. His own father was the one hurting him. The person who should have protected him.

Techno, Ghostbur, and Ranboo stand infront of tommys house. Nobody knew they were There. They Walk in and looks around. Ranboo looked at Tommys desk and Saw a suicide note. He Couldnt Make himself Read it so he Folded it up and put it in his pocket. Techno looked around tommys Bed. He found A beanie Wilbur gave him snd the stuff cow Techno got him. Techno Picks it up and Puts it in his Bag that he Brought for tommy. It had warm Clothes, A soft Blanket, His stuff Cow, Water, A apple, bandages, And a Rag. Ghostbur looks down at the Floor boards and steps on one. He looks at it and sees he could move it. Ghostbur felt angry? Sad? Whatever he could feel when he Heard a Scream Come from were the floor Board was. Ghostbur Grabs Technos axe. Ghostbur uses the axe to Chop the floor up. He makes a Bigger hole so he Could go through. He Saw there was a Different way to ger down there but he didnt care. Gjostbur grips the Axes ready to kill dream if he was down here. Techno Jumps down along with Ranboo. Techno takes his axe from ghostbur and walks ahead of them. They all stop when they see dream over tommy. Tommy was crying while Dream told him to shut up. Ghostbur takes a Arrow from a bag and puts it on his bow. He Draws the string back and lets go. The Arrow goes Flying and shots through Dreams Legs. Dream Falls to the ground

"FUCK!!" Dream shouts. He Turns his Head to look at Ghostbur "you Fucker!!" Dream shouts. "Shout that bow again and sees what happens to Tommy.." Dream says grabbing tommys Hair. Tommy yelps. His voice was raspy. Dream smirks at himself. Ranboo teleports ghostbur behind Dream and  jabs his sword into dream. Before Ranboo did that Ghostbur took Ranboos sword. Dream screams in Pain Falling to the Ground. Ghostbur couldnt control himself. He Kept Jabbing his Sword into Dream Making sure he was Dead. 'Dream was slain by Ghostbur out of Angry' Blood was Everywhere. Somehow The blood got on Techno and Ranboo And of course it got on Ghostbur amd tommy. Tommy Shakes. He was happy they came for him but he didnt want to Watch that Happen. Tommy notices how his ribs have been hurting.

Phil came in to the room to see Dream Dead on the ground and Techno,Ranboo,Ghostbur, and tommy have Blood on them. Ghostbur Drops the Sword before staring at Phil. Before Phil Could do anything ghostbur was infront of him holding him by the Neck. Techno Walks over to Tommy and Pulls out a Knife. He Cuts the Rope off Tommys hands snd Legs. He pulls Tommy's cow out and hands The cow to Tommy. Tommy was sobbing. He didnt know what to do. "Tommy I need you to follows my breathing." Techno Says in a Calm Voice. Cracks Could be heard in the Room. Techno spins around to See Ghostbur Infront of Phil while Phil was on the Ground holding his Shoulder this time. This Reminded Techno of when he Broke Phils arm. Techno looks back at Tommy. Tommy made grabby hands at Techno. Techno Picks up tommy Carrying him Bride Style. Ranboo comes over and grabs The cow off the Ground.


Techno liked what that Voice said. "Lets go Guys" Phil already had Gotten up and ran out. Ranboo nods and Leaves the Area. Ghostbur knew what Techno was Think so he Poured Gasoline they had down there everywhere and Light a match. Ghostbur throw it as techno and him ran out of the Place. They both got out of the house. They see Ranboo standing there waiting for them. Ranboo smiled happy they Saved Tommy.




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