Bi Tommy ✨✨ (part 2)

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Tommy hugs Eret and Eret Hugs Back. They stay in the Hug for I while. Eret Rubs Tommys Back as tommy lays his head on Eret's shoulder.

Nobody's Pov-

Tommy yawns as Eret Rubs his Back. "Thanks for Coming here" Tommy say while his grip on Eret Gets harder. Eret smiles alot "Its no problem Toms I wanted to see you anyways!" Eret Says as he smiles at tommy. Tommy Lets go Of Eret. Eret Pats Tommy's head. "Wilbur was right you are only 6'1!" Eret say trying to raise Tommys mood "HEY!!" Tommy yells at Eret. Eret laughs. He was happy to see tommy happy. "Maybe wilbur was right but youre to fucking tall in those Boots of yours!"

Eret Laughs. "How about you tell Wilbur youre okay he's worried. Everybody is Worried at You toms." Tommy Stares up at eret Since Eret is taller then him right now because his boots. "Are you sure they are Worried?? They might just want to make fun of me..." Tommy says lookung back down. Eret sighs and pulls Tommy into a Hug again. "If they make fun of you I'll stomp on them with my Boots and you shouldn't listen to what other people Say about You. They can leave and that there options with them too. Remember we all are here for you" Eret says proud of himself. Tommy laughs "okay Buddy" eret lets go "lets go then and thank you eret"  Tommy Says. "Your welcome" Eret Says. Tommy smiles and Leads Eret to his room. The dogs Follow Tommy and Eret. (Sorry i can't remember the names of the dogs)

Tommy turns on his PC to See alot of messages.

63 miss calls from wilbur
38 miss calls from Techno
56 miss calls from Phil
100 miss calls from Tubbo
231 miss calls from Eret
121 miss calls from Niki

124 messages from Techno
135 messages from Phil
214 messages from Wilbur
245 messages from Tubbo
183 messages from Niki
122 messages from Fundy
378 messages from Eret

Tommy's Eyes Wide "wow... Thats alot. And that's alot from you too.." Tommy started to feel Bad for Leaving everybody. Tommy Clicks Discord and sees Techno, Phil, Tubbo, Wilbur, Fundy, and Niki were online. Tommy Click Wilbur's thing. He clicks Call and it Rings. Wilbur Quickly Click answer and yells "TOMMY ARE YOU OKAY?!?!" Tommy Covers his Ears. "Mhm.."  Eret Pats Tommy's Back "its okay Tom's" Eret Says Tommy nods "Hey Wilbur.. I'm sorry For Not.. How do i say this. "  Wilbur sighs "It's Fine Tommy I'm just happy your Alive Hey can I Add Techno and them to the Call??" Wilbur ask wanting to make sure tommy is okay with that. "Yea I'm okay with that." Wilbur adds The rest to the Call
(Technoblade- TB
Tubbo- TU

TU- TOMMY Are you okay!!??

T- mhm Im okay Tubbo. Eret here Talked to me..

TB- Thats good.

P- Yes it is Good.. How are you feeling Tommy?

T- Better then before.

N- Im Glad To hear your good Tommy

F- Same here

E- my new Magic Power is making people feel Better!

Everybody Laughs and talks for a While soon Tommy Leaves the Call. "Thanks Eret! You can Stay the night here if you want." Tommy Says "i would like that" Tommy Shows eret his room and Goes to his room. One of Tommys dog lays on his Bed and Waits for tommy. Tommy looks at his dog and Lays down with the dog and falls asleep

Sorry i lost Motivation But I Might redo it Sometime!

Thoughts on this??

How have you guys been??

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