I'll take care of you🥀🥀✨(part 4)

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Tommy Closes his eyes. He didnt want to deal with this tonight. "Okay can you leave so I can Sleep??" Tommy Asks as he Lays his Head on the Table. Tommy has Fallen asleep at the table before. "Fine but I'll be Back and Don't expect me To be nice..." The figure says as it starts to Disappear "you're never nice." tommy says.

TW- talking about death, Blood, Yelling, maybe Swearing,

Nobodys Pov-

Techno wakes up to Melanie Pulling on his Sleeve to his Shirt. "Melanie... What are you doing up?" Techno Says As he Sits up pulling Melanie into his lap. Melanie Puts her Head on his Stomach. "Daddy is acting weird early I heard him Talking to someone about how they weren't Nice ever... Im scared..." Melanie Says As she sniffs. You could tell she was crying before Coming to techno. "Oh Sweetie I'll see whats up with your dad how about you Cuddle up to wilbur and sleep with him??" Techno Says as he Picks up Melanie and Sits her Next to Wilbur. Melanie Nods " Okie uncle techno" She Says as she lays down Next to Wilbur and cuddles into his Chest. Techno's Heart Melts at that. Techno stands up and Goes out of the room. Techno trys to be Quiet So he doesn't Wake anybody up. Techno walks out to the Kitchen were he Sees Tommy Laying at the Table asleep. Techno Looks around and Sees a couch. He wonders why Tommy didnt Sleep on there. He Sighs and Goes over to tommy. He picks him up and Brings him over to the couch.

Techno decides to Stay with tommy till he wakes up. Techno Sits down on the Couch and brings Tommt Down with him. He trys to be careful not to wake tommy up. Tommy moves around some but doesnt wake up. Techno pulls Tommy closes him. Techno wonder Why was he saying that stuff early.  Techno sees a figure in the Corner. "Who are you??" Techno growls Lightly. "Awwww he has A little guard to take care of himmm...  If you want to know who i am I'm Dream XD...." The Person Smirks and Comes out of the Corner. He had Blond hair Like Dream. He also had a mask but it Had a X for the Eyes and A D for the mouth. Under the mask you Could See a green And black Glow. He had a White shirt on and a Green Cape. His Pants were black Ripped Jeans. You could see Scars on his Hands and neck. Blood also covered his mask and Shirt. He also had a Little Crown on his Head. "Im the god of this Server..." Dream XD says to techno. "Server what do you mean??" Techno Raises a eyebrow.

"Ask Tommy when he wakes up he Knows all about it. He found out years ago. I can't believe he tried to hide from me. Well I should probably go" He says As he Turns around.  "Wait!! What do you want with tommy!" Techno shouts but not loud enough to Wake tommy and the other Up.  "Im so glad you asked!" he Claps his Hands. Everything around techno and dream XD Disappears. "WHAT THE HECK?!" Techno Yells as he drops to the Ground. "Don't worry I took you here just to talk to you Technoblade I'll tell you what i want with tommy." Techno stands up and Grabs for his Sword which wasn't there no more. "I want Tommy's soul... Him being a God like me but him being God of War and Death. I need him Gone and I need his Soul to become the most powerful." Dream XD Says to Techno while he holds Technos Sword.

"God? What Do you Mean?!?!" Techno Yellings. He didn't Understand alot but what he Did understand was this Person wants Tommy Dead and for his Soul?? "I MEAN WHAT I MEAN TOMMY NEEDS TO DIE HE NEEDS TO BE GONE FROM THIS SERVER AND IM GOING TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN!!" Dream XD Laughs loud.  For the First time in a long Time Techno Felt scared?? Was he Scared of this Thing or was he Scared He would lose tommy again. He Didnt know but he didnt want to find out. "The So Called Blood god is scared Isnt he Wow... I thought you would be More how do I Put this Tough?? Heh.. I guess I was Wrong." Dream XD Says Clapping his Hands again. Stuff around Techno And Dream XD Changed again. Techno was Back At Tommy's House but he was laying on the ground and tommy was Looking at him. "TECHNO YOUR OKAY!!" Tommy yells As he jumps onto Techno for a hug.

"What happened?? I heard something Fall and you were laying on the ground.??" Tommy Asks as he hugs Techno. Techno sits up hugging Tommy. "I- Nevermind it can Wait...." Techno says as he Hears dream XD's voice in his head 'enjoy the Time you have Left with him ... Technoblade.. Or should I Say +€%€#%+£/'$"\'

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