Five Long Nights

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Nobodys POV-

  Phil sat on the couch reading a Book about Greek mythology. When Tommy had Ran in to the room with a newspaper. Phill looks up at Tommy raising a eyebrow.

"Yes Tommy?" Phil asked in a questioning tone.

"Look phil!! Theres a job opening at Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria!!" Tommy says shoving the newspaper into Phil's face. Phil takes the newspaper and looks at Tommy. He sighs then looks down at the Newspaper reading it


Freddy Fazbear pizza

Family Pizzeria looking for a security guard to work the night shifts 12 am to 6 am.

Monitor camera ensure safety of equipment and animatronic characters.

120$ a week to apply call

"12 am to 6 am!? Are you crazy Tommy?? Do you know how much that will mess with your sleep schedule?! And the money is only 120$ a week!" Phil had shouted.

  The shout had Brought the Two other Boys into the room. Wilbur had sighed when he saw a Angry Phil.

"What did he do this time Dad??" Techno asked in a Annoyed tone.

" He wants a job that starts at 12 and Ends at 6 am." Phil says Rubbing his temples then glaring At tommy

Wilbur let's out a Laugh before Saying " Let him Dad! It's the summer. He can quit the Job when it's time for school again!" Wilbur says trying to help Tommy out.  Tommy smiles at Wilbur 'awww that's so Sweet!' Tommy thinks to himself. He really wanted this job to help out the family. He knows how they try to hide that sometimes they are short on money.

  Tommy sits down next to Phil giving him Puppy dog eyes. Wilbur smirks knowing Phil couldn't say no to that.

  "Fine Tommy can get the job..." Phil says having a bad feeling about the Job.

  "THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU DADZA!!" Tommy cheers while he starts to hug Phil's side. Phil smiles and wraps his arm around Tommy. Tommy curls up into Phil's side as The pink hair and Brunette join in on cuddling.


  Tommy stands in front of Freddy's Fazbear Pizzeria in his uniform.

" Good Luck Tommy!!" Tommy could hear wilbur yell as he drives away. Wilbur had Driven him since he couldn't drive yet. Tommy sighs 'you got this Tommy! Everything will be good!'  He had thought to himself. He walks inside the place, it was very Dark so he used his phone flashlight. He makes his way to the office.

"Woah!" Tommy says to himself looking around the office. There was A Phone, Desk, Chair, monitor, Flashlight, and Papers. Tommy nods to himself and takes a Seat in the chair. As he does the phone brings to Ring.

"Hello.? Hello? Um I wanted to record a message for you to help you get settled in on your first night. Um I actually worked in that office before you. I'm finishing up my last week now as a matter of fact. I know its overwhelming but I'm here to tell you theres nothing to worry about!"

  " that doesnt Help alot. This is Still scary." Tommy says turning on the monitor. The monitor seems to be connected to the caremas.

  "Check the Cameras while I speak!"

Tommy raises a eyebrow 'why check the cameras???' He thought while doing what the phone guy said.

   Tommy's POV-

   I check the cameras while I hear him cough. I click on 1A and Its leads to the Stage where the Animatronics Stand. 'Creepy...'

  "Welcome to Freddy Fazbear Pizza. A magical place for kids and grown-ups alike. Where fantasy and fun come to life. Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for Damge or Death of a person."

'OKAY WHAT THE FUCKKKKKKKKKK' I thought to myself. 'Not responsible for damage or Death?! I wont die will i?? No I wont die.!'

"Blah blah blah. I know that sounds Bad but dont worry!! The Animatronics do get a little quirky at night but do I Blame them? No. Remember these characters do hold a place in the hearts of children so show them some respect! Be aware the characters do tend to wonder at night. They used to be allowed to walk around during the day but there was a Bite of 87. It's amazing how a human can live without the frontal lobe!"

  "NO! NO! NO! ITS NIT AMAZING!" I screamed as I slammed my hands on the desk knocking the papers off it. I sigh Brings my hands to my head. I looked at the time and see it's 2 am. 'The fuck?!' I thought.

" if the Animatronics happen to see you after hours they probably won't recognize you as a person. They'll most likely see you as a metal endoskeleton without it's costume on. They will probably try to force you inside a Freddy suit. That wouldn't be so bad if the suits weren't filled with cross beams and wires especially around the facial area! Well I'm Chat with you tomorrow!"

  My eyes widen as I stare at the phone. 'IM GONNA DIE!!'  I kept thinking and thinking. I could tell I'm shaking more then ever. I shouldnt have taken this job. I check the cameras to check on the Animatronics.  Bonnie wasn't on the stage. I check the time its its 3:54. Time is going Fucking Fast.

  I keep checking the Cameras looking for Bonnie. I find him near the bathrooms staring at the Camera.  I look to the corner of the monitor to see the power. The power was at 76%.
That much already?? I sigh. I'll quit at the end of the week.

  We need the money we Really do. I Guess I'll do this....

4: 38

Bonnie keeps Moving about.  I had to close my door once to him. I had learned closing the door takes more Power. My power is now at 56%. Chica had moved to the Party room.  I have also learned that Chica likes to go to the kitchen. They dont move alot but they move a little bit.


I had to close the door again. Fuck my Power is at 38% now since chica had stood their for like 8 minutes.  I did notice how cold it was. Guess I need to bring a Sweater if I live to tomorrow. Bonnie Has been blocking the camera that was pointing at the bathroom. Hes a jerk. Purple Bonnie's are always Jerks!


  I've made a  a mental note that Chica Likes to make noises with pans. Freddy hasnt moved and I hope he never moves Ever. These two are Enough. Fuck what will I tell Techno, Phil and Wilbur.  I'll tell them I'm tired. Yup that's its. My power is at 21% I'm sure something bad will happen when it runs out.

I'll bring a Bat! Next time.


   Its 6 am! Finally!!

I jump up from my seat. Finally! I run out from the office to the Front door. Leaving this place finally!!

I run outside and I see Technis car. I see techno wave to me and I walk over to him. I open the door and get in.

" how was it Tommy?"

"Its good it's cold tho."

Technos nods as he starts to Drive. I could feel myself fall asleep. Well till tomorrow night.

I've lost motivation at the end of this but I will do more Parts if you all like. I'm still working on the rewrite Book So please be Patient with that!

How has y'alls Day been??

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