whats happening?

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Hello! This is another vent but as character
I know I've said this before but I promise I'll be having more chapters out! I'm also Trying to work on a New book so hopefully that will be good

   Tommy's POV-

Is it just me or has everything been weird lately...?? I've been spacing out more and cant remember lately. Another thing is that I dont feel like myself alot. Sometimes I do sometimes I dont. Sometimes I feel like a different person.

I dont know why but it seems like something big is going to happen. I've talked to purple about this(a friend) and purple has Said the same. Words that come from my mouth dont seem real nothing really does.

  Sometimes I dont like the name I have and want to be called something else but sometimes I do like my name. It doesnt feel like I'm real but I think I am. I haven't told anybody except purple I trust purple alot since they think the same.

  Also lately it seems like Me and alot of people haven't  been so Close but I wont complain. Complaining makes stuff worse and we don't need it. Hey, music is helping me which is good.

I did find my new favorite song it's called I hope your hungry it's a good song.

Writing this was easier then talking about it

How was y'alls days tho?

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