back to the past?✨

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Nobody's Pov-

Tommy Walks around while talking to Niki. Jack runs up to them holding a potion. "Here Tommy Try this!" Jack Says Shoving the potion into Tommy's hands. "Are you sure Big man?" Tommy Asks holding the potion. He starts at it like it would kill him. Well who knows what it could do. "Yes Try It!" Jack Says. Tommy gives a Small nod and brings the potion to his mouth.

He chugs the potion down that Tasted Bitter. He starts to hand Jack the empty Bottle Back when everything around him got Blurry. Tommy Could feel himself Fall Backwards. Soon enough everything goes Black. Niki looks at Jack and Jack looks at Niki. They both run off not wanting to Deal with whatever happens next.

Tommy wakes up but not in the same Spot he Was. He was now in a room. The floors were Wood logs and the walls were Wood planks. The bed he layed in had a Yellow Fluffy Blanket along with white Pillows. Tommy Slips out of the bed. He looks around the room to see where he was. Tommy Sees a Picture Frame.

He walks over to it and picks it off the desk it was laying on. It was a Picture of L'manburg with Everybody standing It The L'manburg outfit. The door opens and tommy drops the picture. Shattering the glass when it hits the floor. "Hey! What are you doing?!" The person yells. Tommy turns around and looks at the person. It was Wilbur. Past Wilbur. "I'm sorry!" Tommy says putting his arms up in self-defense when the person walks towards him.

"Hey hey... Calm down okay?? My name is Wilbur soot and your in L'manburg.. What's your name?" Wilbur says. "My name is Tommy...tommyinnit." Tommy Says back not knowing what to say. Wilbur raises his eyebrows. "Funny kid Now tell me your really name. You can't be Tommyinnit. Tommyinnit is outside the door" Wilbur says crossing his arms.

Tommy realizes he just might be in the past "Listen Wilbur I am Tommyinnit but from the Future!" Tommy Says Trying to get Wilbur to believe him. "you can't be!" Wilbur says when they heard a Scream coming from outside. Past Wilbur and tommy run outside to see Niki, Tubbo, Tommy, and someone. "Niki what happened?" Wilbur Says while walking to Niki. "Well me and tuboo were outside and This person fall from the Sky saying his name is Ranboo."

Niki Says that while staring at Ranboo. "Well Ranboo can you explain it?" Wilbur asks looking at him. Tommy starts to run Towards Ranboo. He pushes Wilbur out of the way and hugs Ranboo. "RANBOO finally Someone That i know!" Tommy says still hugging Ranboo. Ranboo hugs back and smiles.

"Hello Tommy Is this were you been?? You know me And Tubbo have been Worried about you. Youve been missing For 2 days!" Ranboo says. "2 Days? I've only been here for a Couple mintues." Tommy Says letting go and looking up at Ranboo. "Kid you didnt let me tell you this Early but you've been out for Two Days." 

Wilbur Says while Looking at tommy and Ranboo "two Days!?! Ranboo What happened
When i was Gone?! Where is Niki and jack?! What about Dream is He still in jail?!" Tommy starts to ask. "Yes Dream is Still in Jail. Niki and jack are Getting a Talk from Papa puffy And Sam. Ghostbur saw them run away from your body and then you disappeared"

Ranboo Tells Tommy while the rest Are in shock. "Jack Gave me a Potion! Thats how im here! How are you here?!" Tommy Yells as he Starts to shake Ranboo "I made Niki give me a Potion to get here and two to get Back But the problem is I lost them." Ranboo sighs. "We are stuck in the past..."

Part Two??

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