Deaf Part 2 ✨🥀

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Tommy Signs 'Can we only tell Sam for right now?' Puffy signs Back 'Yes Tommy we can only tell Sam.' Sam Was Confused "Hey Puffy can you teach me how to Sign??" Sam Says. Puffy smiles at Sam "Sure Sam i can Teach you!!" Tommy smiles even tho he Cant understand.

Nobody's Pov-

Puffy and Tommy Start to Teach Sam Sign language. It was funny to Tommy since Sam had some Trouble Learning it. Puffy would also Laugh sometimes at Sam. Sam Was Frustrated He Couldn't do some Signs Right but Sooner or later he would. While they were doing This fundy ran off and told Tubbo, Ranboo, and Phil. Tubbo Ran off to find Tommy And Ranboo Followed.

Puffy Smiles at Sam. "You're Doing So Good Sam" Puffy Says while she signs it to Tommy. Tommy Nods in agreement. 'Great Job Sam im very proud of you it takes People a Couple months to learn Sign language But you learned it in a Couple Hours' Tommy Signs to Sam. Puffy Smiles happy to see the Boys Getting along. 'Thank you Tommy I'm glad i learned it so now i can Talk to you' Sam Signs Back to Tommy.

From Far away you could see Two Boys Running to Them shouting. Puffy and Sam looked at them since they could hear the Yelling. Sam Pokes Tommy's Shoulder 'Tubbo and Ranboo are here what do you want me to Do' Sam Signs to Tommy while Puffy trys to Calm the Two Boys Down Before They Get someone hurt. 'Ummmm Let them talk to Me And you or Puffy can sign to me what they are Saying' Tommy Signs to Sam. "Puffy he Says let them talk to him!" Sam Yells at puffy and Puffy Nods Letting Tubbo and Ranboo By.

"OH MY GOD TOMMY ARE YOU OKAY??!!" "Tommy Are you deaf?? Fundy Said you were Deaf" "Tommy Please!" Their Question Keep going on and on. Sam and Puffy Couldn't understand what they were Saying anymore. "Shut up both of you!" Sam Shouts Getting them bith to shut up. Puffy sighs. "Talk slower so we can Sign it to Tommy" puffy Say to the two Boys. "Okay..  Is he Going to be Deaf forever or will he get his Hearing Back??" Tubbo Askes. "Tubbo we dont Think he'll get his Heaing Back.." Sam Says Disappointed. Tubbo could feel Tears Come from his Eyes. "Im sorry I need to Leave" Tubbo says as he starts to walk away. "I'll be going with him bye Guys" Ranboo says as he walks away with Tubbo.

Sorry guys I lost motivation For this Chapter But I will write another Chapter for Deaf Later on.

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