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Nobody's Pov-

Tommy had let his hair Grow long. Longer then it was. It was now down to his lower back. It made him Feel happy when ever he was sad.  Tubbos and Ranboo's son michael loved to braid it. It made him happy that someone enjoyed his hair. Some people Said his hair was 'to long' but tommy thought it was the perfect Length. Tommy Had told himself not to care what other people said So he Didnt.

Sitting down infront of Michael Tommy Smiled when he Felt his Hair get tugged back and Forth. He didn't care how Rough Michael was with his Hair he was just happy he enjoyed playing with it. While Michael plays with Tommy's hair. There was a knock at the door. Tommy turns around and looks at Michael. It wasn't Ranboo or Tubbo so who was it. Tommy stands up when michael makes a sad noise. "Don't worry Buddy I'll come back and you can play with my hair again" Tommy said to Michael when he walks to the door. He opens it to see Techno. Techno stood there with his eyes closed. "Ranboo. I need your help" Techno says thinking it was Ranboo who opened the door. "Sorry Technoblade but im not Ranboo" Tommy says To him when he looks back at Michael making sure he is okay.

Techno opens his eyes to see Tommy. Tommy had looked Different from the last time he saw Him. His hair was longer then when he last saw him. It looked like it was in a ponytail but messed up. "Well sorry I'll be leaving" Techno says turning around. Tommy looks back at Techno then torwards the Sky. "No come in there will be a snow strom soon. I can tell" Tho tommy didn't want him to come inside he didn't want to make techno walk home in the snow. "Sure whatever.." Techno says walking inside. Michael stands up and runs over to Techno. He Makes a piglin noise. "Heh... Michael hasn't changed" Techno says to himself looking at Michael. He Pats his head then looks at tommy when he sits on the ground. Michael lets go of techno and runs to Tommy. He gets behind him and starts to Play with his Hair again. Messing it up more then it was.

"Hey Michael want me to teach you how to braid His Hair..?" Techno says to Michael. Tommy looks at Techno and gives him a Light smile. Michael claps his hands and makes more noises. "Okay then Michael" techno moves to behind Tommy. "Do you have a hair brush Tommy?" Techno Asked. Trying not to look at him. "Michaels room. Hey michael can you go get it?" Michael nods and runs off. Leaving techno and Tommy alone. "I'm sorry.." Tommy says looking at the Ground. "For what?" Techno Asked. "Betraying you." Tommy sighs as he waits to get yelled at By techno "its alright. I was going to blow up your home. If you were to do the same to me I would have betrayed you too." Techno says patting Tommys Head. Tommy leans into the touch and smiles. Michael runs back in and hands the brush to Techno. Techno nods and brushes Tommys hair out. Tommy loved the feeling of his Hair getting played with.

Soon techno starts to braid tommys hair. He shows Michael how it is to be Done. Michael had picked up some flower clips from his Room. Techno allows Michael to Place them in Tommys hair. Soon after Michael yawns and Sits in Tommys lap. Tommy Smiles and looks out the window. Snow was Blowing and he was glad he had let techno into the house. Techno gets up and grabs a blanket. Techno sits the blanket on the couch then goes over to tommy and Michael. He Picks Tommy and Michael up and takes them over onto the couch. Tommy yawns and Pulls Michael Closer. Techno sits behind tommy and Pulls the blanket over them all. "I love you techno..." Tommy Says half asleep. (IM NOT SHIPPING THEM THIS IS A BROTHERLY LOVE)
Techno smiles and says back "I love you too brother... Go to sleep I'll be here" Tommy lets himself Fall asleep feeling Safe with Michael and techno. Techno sat there and Stares at the ceiling. He smiles.

I'm not shipping Techno and tommy. This is a brotherly love please do not ship them!

Please take care of yourself! I love you all

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