give him back.

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This is part 3 of Tommy tommy come back down.
Tw- , Kidnapping (Because some of you wanted it-) Cussing, Bone broking,

Nobody's Pov-

It was Midnight Ghostbur and Ranboo Fall asleep on the couch. Techno and tommy were Cuddling in his Bed. Sam had left and gone home. A door Quietly opens. The preson sneak pass Ghostbur and Ranboo. The person climbs up the Ladder queitly. They look at techno and tommy. "He wont be safe for long..." The person says to themself and they Slowly moves tommy away from Techno. Since techno was a heavy sleeper he stayed asleep. Tommy wasn't a heavy sleeper so he woke up. He see this person then goes to scream. The person covers Tommys mouth with a cloth. Tommy Trys to grab Technos hand but couldn't.  Tommy passes out and the Person takes tommy. They Slowly climb down the ladder. They smile to themself. Even tho you Cant see it because it was Dark. The person leaves with tommy. They shut the door and run through the Snow carrying tommy in their arms.

Whem it became Morning Techno woke up to see tommy not there. He Stands up Quickly and Jumps down the ladder. He looks around to see Ghostbur and Ranboo asleep. He runs over to Ranboo and Shakes him. Ranboo eyes shot up "What happened??" Ranboo knew techno would only would do that if something happened. "Tommys Gone!!" Techno shouts. The shouting wakes up ghostbur. "Huh??.." He says Rubbing his Eyes. "Tommy's Gone Ghostbur!!" Techno shouts more. He said he would protect Tommy and now tommy was Gone. He should have Never gone to sleep. The voices were Loud.

You should have stayed up

Tommy's gone because you

How could you??!

Phil could have Tommy...

If Tommy Dies its your Fault.

Get Revenge.

Get the blood of who took Tommy.

Kill the Person...

Hurt the People how hurt tommy...






The Voices shout for Blood. "Go get ready we are going to find tommy now..." Ranboo snd Ghostbur run off to get ready. "Chat Be Quiet..." Techno says to himself. He calls the voices chat because they have Chats? He doesn't know tommy said he should call them that. Techno goes up to his room and gets ready.

Tommy starts to wake up. His eyes Race around the room. His Body was hurting Badly. Tears Appear in tommys eyes. They start to spill out of his eyes. He trys to move his Arms but he notices they were Tied. His legs were tied too. He trys to scream for help. He screams were Muffled and his Throat starts to hurt more. Tommy notices he was tied to a Chair. His mind starts to wonder. Where was he? Where's techno?? He hears someone open a Door. The person walks in. He was surprised by who he saw. It was Dream and Phil... "Wow he's awake so Soon..." Phil says staring at Tommy. "Your a Bitch..." Phil say getting closer to Tommy. "Have fun Phil Just dont kill him." Dream says as he leaves the room. Phil has a sickly smile on his Face. He gets closer to Tommy he pushes Tommy down into the Ground. Since Tommy's arms were behind the Chair tied it hurted his arms the most. A Crack could be Heard through out the room. Tommy yelps in Pain just hurting his Throat more. "Awww Look how helpless you are.. Techno hates me Now because you! God I wish you were never my Son.. Dream would have been a Better son than you!" Phil yells Pulling tommy back up and sitting the chair down. Tommy's starts to sob. He knew everything Phil said was true. "You know Techno Wouldn't even Care you were gone." Tommy's head hangs down. Phil didnt like that so he Grabs tommys chin and Makes tommy look at him.

Tommy Felt sick. Techno would come for him would he ?? Yea he would he loves tommy... Right? Yea He Does!! He wouldn't have saved him if he didn't. The door opens and Dream comes in with Schlatt??!! Wasnt Phil enough??  "I Wanted to show Schlatt This I thought he would love this" dream Says. Schlatt looks at tommy dead in the eyes. "Yup I did want to see this but I have to go soon. I have to help Qauckity" Schlatt says. He stared at tommy then looks at Phil. "Okay just don't tell anybody about this." Schlatt Nods then leaves. Schlatt wasnt gonna just Tell anybody he was gonna Tell Technoblade... He was gonna Tell Technoblade everything. Though he might hate tommy. He Couldn't stand by and watch this happen. They already told him their plan. They were gonna Kill tommy in a Few Days. Tommy was Just a kid. He Didn't Desvere this so Schlatt had to do what's right.

Schlatt ran and ran. He ran to Technoblades house. How did he Know where it was. Ghostbur told him where it was. Schlatt didnt Knock he Just pushed the doors open "TECHNOBLADE!!" Schlatt screams. Tehcno Looks at Schlatt "what the fuck do you want?!" Techno was pissed alreayd now he was more Pissed. "I Know who Has Tommy!! Dream and Phil!!" Schlatt Shouts. Techno eyes open he stares at Schlatt. Schlatt eyes had fear in them. He looked Worried and Scared. "He isn't Lieing... I know when he's lieing." Ghostbur Says. His Eye twitches. Techno looks at Ghostbur. His eyes were red Blood red. He makes a fist with his hand. "I'm going to Beat the Shit out of Dream.. Im Done with him hurting Tommy..."

"Get ready dream... It will be the Last Day you live..." 

Should Tommy make it out alive?? Thats up to you guys Pick wisely.

Two Post in one Day because i dont want to make you guys Wait!! Part 4? If so Give me some idea if you can!! 996 Words! Hope you guys Enjoyed it!

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