trying so hard not to act like I feel

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This is a little vent but as Tommy.

Tommy's Pov-

Sitting here in my room. I think back to what everybody Says. 'youre annoying' or 'youre so immature'. They are right though. While Thinking about this I get a Call from Tubbo. I cough and then put a Smile on. I answer and say "TUBBBOOO my mannnn" I say with a laugh. Though the laugh wasn't real. "Tommy youre to louddddd!" Tubbo Says giggles. Hes Right I'm to loud "Sorry Big man" i say Tho I keep the smile on my Face. "Its fine So how have you been Tommy? Hows school going?" Tubbo Asks smiling. "I've been great!" No I haven't. "Schools been going Good too!" No it hasn't. Those are lies I Tell people. I haven't been okay but i act like it. School has been horrible but i say its good."Great Big man!" Mhm... Great...

Short Vent But it felt nice to Tell To you guys.

Please take care of yourself! I love you all

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