he doesn't want to be like him

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TW- blood, gore, neglect.

Tommy is 8
Techno is 16
Wilbur is 13
Phil is 21

Nobody's Pov-

Tommy was in the garden Playing with The flowers. Phil was Busy helping techno with his fighting skills. Wilbur was Playing the guitar. Tommy had Wings but he Didnt tell Phil Yet. He wore a Cape to Hide them. He thought it was about time to Tell Phil. He got up and took the cape off. He runs off to Phil. "Dadza!! Guess what!!"  Tommy Says Behind Phil. "Not right now tommy Dad is helping Techno" Phil says. Tommy Looks down then Sighs "I'll Come Back later then!!" He starts to Walk away. But he heard Wilbur yells "Dadza Come Listen to me Play the guitar I'm getting Better!!" Phil smiles and say "Come on Techno lets go Listen to him play"  Techno looks at Tommy and Sees the wings. "I'm good Im Really Tired Imma go take a nap!!" Techno runs off before Phil could say anything. Phil goes over to Wilbur and Listens.  Techno goes over to tommy and Pulls him inside. "You. Have. Wings! Tiny Ones!!" Techno Says. He sounds Happy about tommy Finally getting his Wings. "Yea I did I wanted to tell Dadza but he Wont Pay attention to me"  Tommy says. He just looks at the Ground. Techno pulls Tommy into a Hug.

-Years later-
Tommy is 16 and is in Exile.
Techno is 24 and he lives with phil
Wilbur is 21 and he is Ghostbur
Phil is 29 and he lives with Techno

Tommy Stands there starting into the water. "Dream??" Tommy Says turning around to see Dream "Yes tommy??" He Says a He digs a hole "Armor Now tommy.."  Tommy nods and takes his armor Off and Drops it into the Hole. He Lets his Wings Go Out. Flipping them. Dream Puts TNT into the hole and lights it. The TNT explodeds. Tommy Gets Scared and Jumps Back. "Dream I have a Question..." Tommy says Walking over to dream. "What Tommy?" Dream Questioned. "Cut my wings off..?" Tommy Says

Dreams pov-

The fuck Why did he Just ask me that!? "What the Fuck Tommy Why??!!??" I screamed. Even tho Im mean to Tommy I wouldn't do that to him. I could see Tommy Jump some. "I dont want to be Like Phil anymore he Favorties Ghostbur and Techno. He Never has Time for me!!" He Says. I pull him into a Hug "I'll only do it Because you asked me to." I say as a Pull away from the Hug. "Thanks dream" he says.

Nobody's Pov-

Dream Pulls out his Axe and a Cloth. "Here Tommy put it in your mouth and Bite down on it. I think you know what you have to do" dream Says as he Grabs Tommys Wing Carefully.  Tommy nods and Puts the cloth in his Mouth then puts a thumbs up. Dream Raises his axe and Swings it down into Tommy's wing in till his wing was chopped of his Back.

Tommys Screams were muffled. "Do you want me to do the other one?" Dream ask. Tommy could tell Dream felt guilty. He Nods Getting Ready for more Pain. He could tell he was crying. "Okay.."  Dream Says doing the same thing to the other Wing. Tommy Screams more but his screams were still muffled. Dream Drops his Axe and Looks through his pockets. Blood Pours out of Tommy's Back were his Wings. Tommy smiles some as he Falls onto his knees.

He was Happy now. His Wings were Gone.  Dream Quickly hands tommy a healing potion and Starts to bandage Tommy up. Tommy drinks the Potion. He leans Back on Dream. Dreams eyes widen even tho you Cant see it. "Thank you dream... For everything. Always being here for me. For bwing my only friend." Tommy Says. Dream start to feel even more guilty. "No problem tommy thats what friends are for" He says. Dream Pulls Tommy Closer to him.

He turns tommy around and Hugs him. Tommy hugs him back. Tommy smiles. Dream could see Tommy Smile "how about you take a Nap? I think you need it." Dream Says. "Can you stay with me tho??" Tommy ask.  "Sure I Can Buddy." Tommy nods and Puts his head on Dreams shoulder. Dream runs his Hands through tommys hair as he Hums a Song. Dream could hear Tiny snores from Tommy.

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