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Nobody's Pov-

Tommy was Ignoring everybody. Everybody thought it was Just because of what happened. L'manburg was gone. The war happened and Technoblade and Dream won. Tommy locked himself in his house away from everybody.

Tommy didnt want to Tell anyone what happened. He lost his Hearing. He Couldn't hear anything No more. His Music Discs that he Fought for so hard are now Useless to him since he Can't hear them. Tommy hated it. He Couldn't hear what his Friends were saying.

Tommy stares at his Ceiling. He Puts his Arms in the air not Noticing someone Coming into his house. Tommy hums. He doesn't know what he Is Humming. While Puffy Stands there Trying to get Tommy's attention "Tommy!! are you listen to me ??!!!" Tommt does Nothing like he Doesnt know shes there which is true he Didnt know she was There.

Puffy goes over to tommy and Shakes him. "AHHHHHHHHH!!!" Tommy screams and jumps. He Accidentally hits puffy in the face "ow!!!" Puffy Yells in Pain. "TOMMY!!!" Puffy Yells. "I'm sorry I'm sorry!!! I didnt know you were here!!" Tommy Says Kinda yelling. Puffy eyes widen "You Couldn't hear me?? I was Yelling your Name" puffy Says. "Ummm... I can't hear you... I do have something to say... Im deaf.. When the explodes Happened i lost my hearing..." Tommy Says in a Sad voice. Puffy Eyes widen More then She Remembers she Knows Sign language. She Signs. 'Do you understand this?'

Tommy nods his head fast and signs back 'Yep! I learned to!!' Puffy sighs and pulls Tommy into a Hug. She couldn't believe this happened to him. He didnt Desevre this. Tommy hugs Back. Puffy lets go and signs 'can we Tell The other??' Tommy frowns then signs 'Sam first then the others.' Puffy nods and Pulls Tommy outside. Tommy rubs his Eyes looks around. Puffy Takes tommy to Sam. "Hey sam" puffy Says.

"Oh Hey Puffy and Tommy!!" Sam Says Pulling tommy into a Hug. Tommy Signs 'hi' even tho he Doesnt know if Sam Could tell what he is Saying. "He Says hi Sam. Tommys Deaf." Puffy Sam. Fundy over hears them talking then hears puffy Say Tommy's deaf. Fundy didn't know what to do so he Ran off and Told Other people.

Tommy Signs 'Can we only tell Sam for right now?' Puffy signs Back 'Yes Tommy we can only tell Sam.' Sam Was Confused "Hey Puffy can you teach me how to Sign??" Sam Says. Puffy smiles at Sam "Sure Sam i can Teach you!!" Tommy smiles even tho he Cant understand.

I haven't Met a Deaf Person so I tried my Best here- Im sorry if it not the best. 489 words

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