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Tommys Pov-

I seat there on my bed Thinking about what I should Wear today. I decided on a Red Skirt and A black Top.

I go Out of my Room and Goes to the Kitchen

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I go Out of my Room and Goes to the Kitchen. I have Learned to Cook by myself because My Parents passed away a couple years ago. I decide To make myself Biscuits and gravy.

Wilburs Pov-

Me, Tubbo, techno, and Philza Came to Visit Tommy As a Surprise!! I made the plan to do it Im Really proud of myself😌 "are we almost There Yet Wilbur???" Tubbo say. I can tell he's Excited. So I look Back at Tubbo " Yea we Are almost there Right Phil?"  Phil smiles "Yea we are Is techno Still sleeping Back There??" Phil Questions. "Yup!!" Tubbo says a Little bit to loud. "Shut up..." Techno Says Going back to sleep. "Sorry" Tubbo giggles.  I smile and look forwards
"Imma Take a Nap Till we get there" I Say getting Comfortable. "Okay" Phil says.

Nobody's Pov-

Tommy Looks at his Food Proud of himself.  "This Looks Great!!" He says to nobody.  He Puts the biscuits and gravy on the Table.  He was about to sit Down When he Heard the Door Bell ring. He Gets up and Opens the Door to See Wilbur, Tubbo, Techno and Phil. "Guys!?!" He Yells. "Tommy!!" Tubbo Yells and Jumps onto him pulling him into a Hug.  "Heh Hey tubbo!!!"  Wilbur notices Tommy's Clothing "Tommy You look Nice!"  Tommy Realizes what he's wearing " Ummm.." Tommy pulls away from the Hug and rubs the back of his Neck.  Tubbo Smiles " Yea!! Wilbur is Right!! You do look nice! Why didnt you tell us you like to wear this stuff??" Tubbo Say looks at Tommy. "I thought you guys wouldn't support me"   Techno pats the top of Tommys head "why would you think that theseus..? We do Support you"
Phil Laughs at the name Techno calls Tommy "of course support you its you body and Everything"  tommy Laughs at Phil. "Yea!!" Wilbur and Tubbo Says at the same Time.  Tubbo Pulls Tommy into a Hug "Group hug!!" Tubbo Yells. Wilbur Hugs Tommy along with Phil and Techno.
"Should I tell the Rest?" Tommy asks "If your Ready kid" Phil Say. Tommy nods "Come on guys I'll show you my Room and We can tell the Rest!" Tommy pulls Tubbo to his room. The Rest follow behind him.   Tommy takes Tubbo and the rest into his Room then starts up His PC.  Phil sits on the bed with Techno. Wilbur and Tubbo looks around his room.  "Where are you Parents Tommy??" Techno Asks. "They ummm passed away a couple years ago"  tommy Says as he Sits down in his Gaming Chair.  "Oh.. Im sorry Tommy" Phil says. "Its okay!!"  Tommy gets on discord and Calls the Group.  Everybody Picks up
Te- techno
P- Phil

Tommy doesnt have his Facecam on yet

T: Hey Guys!!

D: Hey Tommy Why did you call us??

G: Yeaaa

T: Because I wanted to tell Y'all something

N: What is It Tommy??

Tu: Yeaaa tommy

T: Shut up Tubbo you already know

Tu: I feel so hurt Wilbur!!

W: *laughs* What tubbo?

Tu: Tell Tommy not to be Mean!

T: Im not being mean!

P: Calm down Kids

Te: Why did a Agree to this..??

S: you all Sound like your in the same room

T: Whatever *turns on his Face Cam and push his Chair Back so you can see his whole body*

E: I love it Tommy!! It Looks Nice on You!!

N: Yea!! Eret is Right its Also!

Tu: *runs into the frame* Helllllooo!!

D: Wait! When did tubbo get there?! And it looks nice Tommy

R: *laughs* Wilbur Told me He was going to see Tommy I didnt really think he was actually going to!

Sk: it's Awesome Tommy Right Bad??

Bbh: Yup!! You look great Muffin Head!!

F: Niceee!

D: Nobody Answered my Question!!

Tu: Me Techno Phil and Wilbur got here Earlier!!

P: Yup we did

Te: *yawns* im tired hurry up

W: *smiles at techno*

T:Well imma Leave the Call Bye!!

Everybody: Bye!!

Tommy Leaves the Call. "Damnnn" tommy Says "Im tired to Techno. I have some Rooms for you guys if you want!"  Phil Says "thank you tommy"  "No Problem Dad- Phil!!"  Tommy Says.  Phil's Face lights up "YOU CALLED ME DAD"   Tubbo and Wilbur Laughs "No I Didn't!! Come on guys"  Tommy takes techno and wilbur to one room with two Beds then takes Phil to another " Tubbo are you okay Sleeping with me??" Tommy Asks "Yup Tommy lets go!!" Tubbo runs into Tommy's room and Jumps onto the Bed. Tommy walks in and Lays on the bed.  Tubbo Starts to Fall asleep while Cuddling into the Blankets.  Tommy also Falls asleep.

Tell me if I did anything wrong!!

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