Wings part 1🥀

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Warnings⚠-Blood, Violence, Screaming,  other stuff??

Nobody's pov-

He found it.. Dream Found the Stuff Tommy hide from.. Dream exploded The Stuff,His tent, Everything. He Took Tommy's stuff to "Dream I'm Sorry... Please I'm sorry!!"  Tommy Say Backing away from him. "You Betrayed me!! You hid this stuff From me After all I did for you!! You Betrayed me Your Only friend!" Dream Says as he walks towards Tommy. "You aren't my friend!!-" tommy Realizes what he just Said. "I- I di-dn't mean that-"  Tommy Screams. Dream Had Shoved him to the Ground With his Netherite Axes in his right hand

"Tommy Show me yours wings you need to Learn a Lesson.." Dream Says.  Tommy Looks at dream with fear in his Eyes then Shows dream his Wings "what are you g-onna Do to Me Dream...?" Tommy Says quietly. "Something I should have done along Time ago.." Dream Flips tommy onto his stomach and Puts his Foot on Tommys Back. "Dream!! Stop Please!! Ill do Anything Just don't!!" Tommy Yells trying to Get away. Dream Grabs Tommys Right Wing with his left hand and chops Tommy right wing off his Back "AHHHHHHH!!" Tommy Screams in pain, Tommy's Scream could be Heard For Miles. Tears Fell Tommy's eyes. Dream Goes and Does the Same Thing to Tommys left wing.  Tommy Screams More. Blood was all over the ground Tommy's back and Clothing and Dreams Axe."There...also you are banned from the nether Tommy.. Nobody will Come and See you" Dream walks Away from Tommy going to the nether portal "I will come once every week... Till Next time my Friend" Dream walks through the portal. 

Tommy cries And cries While he Trys to get up. The only thing he had to remember Phil was gonna. ' I'm going to die here aren't I??' He thinks to himself. Tommy manages to stand Up.  Tommy starts to Feel Lightheaded. He Remember that Techno lives Near him. But he also remembers that Techno lives in the snow. He has always hated the Snow. He Couldnt Think about that right now. He Needed to get to techno He starts to Walk towards Technos House

-a While Later-

Tommy was still walking through the snow. He was having a hard time Staying awake. He was Afraid if he fall asleep he wouldn't Wake up. Tommy Wishes he Could Fly there but He can't.. Because Dream... He Could still Feel the blood Going Down his Back. He trys to Pick up his Speed.  Everything becomes Blurry and Tommy can feel himself Fall Over into the Snow. He didnt realize how cold it was Till He fall into the Snow.

The last thing Tommy Could Feel before he passed out was someone Picking him up amd Him cuddling into their Warmth.

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