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Tommy was 6 years old. Dream was 15 years old. He had a good Family. His Father was working on building a hotel and his mother Was a fighter and a caption of a crew. They still had time for tommy. Tommy also had a brother Named Dream. Dream was Nice.

Nobody's Pov-

Tommy waits by the door for his Mom to come home. She Comes home Before his Father. Tommy hears a Door open and See his mom. "MAMA!!" Tommy says Jumping out of his Chair running to her. His mom Lifts Tommy up and spins him around. "My Baby Boy!!" She pulls Tommy into a Hug and kiss his Forehead. "Thank you Dream!"

Dream Smiles "No problem Mom" Puffy Smiles "come Give mama A hug!" She says opening her Arms. Dream laughs and goes over to Tommy and Puffy. Puffy pulls him into a Hug and Smiles. "Mama can we watch a movie When Dada Gets home??"  Tommy Says pulling himself closer to Dream " Sure sweetie your dad should be home soon! Now go take a Shower Dream Help Tommy okay??"  Puffy says.  Dream Smiles and nods

"Come on Tommy !" Dream Picks up
Tommy amd Carrys him to the Bathroom. Tommy Always Seemed Comfortable bathing with dream but not Sam. She didnt know why tho. She sighs and takes her hat off hanging it up. Sam walks through the front doot "hey Puffy"  Sam says looking at Puffy "hey Sam!" Sam and Puffy were Never in a romantic relationship. They Loved each other like they were Brother and sister. They Took care of tommy and dream. They started to call puffy mom and Sam Dad. They know if Sam goes off and kisses someone Else it would be Fine Because they weren't together.

Sam hugs puffy "how was your day?" Sam say Yawning.  "Good How was yours?" Puffy giggles as she hugs Sam back "it was okay Where are the Boys?" Sam Says letting go. Puffy was about to reply when they heard Giggles and Laughing. Puffy smiles "they are Taking a Bath" Sam nods and smiles.  Tommy runs out of the Bathroom with wet hair. He was wearing one of dreams Hoodies that dream Says he Lost and a pair of black Shorts. Dream was Chasing him. Dreams hair Kept getting in his face because it was wet too.

Dream wore a Pair of Blue Shorts and A green hoodie. The hoodie was Sam's.  Sam and Puffy laugh at tommy because you couldn't see His Body of Feet Because he was in Dreams Hoodie. Dream Picks tommy up and Spins him around. Dream Falls onto the ground and tommy falls on top of him. Dream and tommy start to laugh. Puffy comes over and takes tommy from dream. "You Two-" puffy says laughing. Sam helps Dream up. "Go get into your PJ's Mom and Dad Me and tommy will pick the Movie!!" Dream Says taking Tommy. "Weeeee!!!" Tommy says smiling. Puffy nods and Smiles.

Puffy goes to her Room and Changes into her PJ's. Her PJ's looked like a deer. The shirt had hoodie and on the hoodie there Were Fake Deer ears. The Pants had a Fake Deer tail.  She comes out to see sam in his PJ's too. His looked like a Creeper. They good to the couch to see Tommy Sitting there while Dream Made popcorn in the kitchen. Tommy lookz at Puffy and makes grabby hands towards her. Puffy Smiles and Picks Tommy up. "My Baby boyyy" she says as she sits down.

Dream comes back with popcorn and sits it on the Table. Sam Sits At the end of the couch so Dream can Sit by puffy. Dream sits down and turns on Up. Tommy Smiles and giggles. Puffy puts tommy on her lap and Pulls the covers over dream Sam tommy and herself. Dream Cuddles into Sam's Side and Sam pulls Dream Closer.

Half way through the Movie Dream tommy and Puffy Were asleep. Sam Smile and Takes tommy off puffy Lap and Lays her down. He sits Tommy in the chair of a Mintue and Lays dream on top of puffy then he Grabs Tommy and Smiles and Lays Tommy Next to Dream on top of puffy. Puffys arms Rap around the Boys. Sam takes a blanket and covers them up and Sits in the chair. He starts to Fall asleep too.

739 Words!! Hope you guys enjoy it!!

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