Characters on Crack 2

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Phil: "one man's trash is another man's treasure" is a Awesome phrase! But it's apparently a horrible way to tell your kids they're Adopted

Ranboo: *plays Music in Tubbos car*
Tubbo: Clean music only there is a child in the trunk.
Tommy: *Screams for help*

Tommy: *changes his sleeping Position cause he is uncomfortable*
Everybody at his funeral: 0.0

Techno: *laughs at something he Shouldn't have so he Pre-books his place in hell*

Fundy: Dad how was I Born?
Wilbur: well its Started when i went to the ocean.

Tubbo: *has bees flying around him* I dont wanna bee Alive-

The floor is anxiety, Depression, Stress and Bad Sleeping habits
Tommy: *stuck to the floor*

Ranboo: why is being alive so expensive? Im not even having a good time

Wilbur: Dude.. You should stop drinking.
Schlatt: why?
Wilbur: Do you remember last night?
Schlatt: Yea. I wasn't that drunk

Quackity: *Texts Sam: Dad, there's a moth on the outside of the bathroom door can you get it? Pls hurry Im gonna Cry
Sam: *Texts Quackity: Dad is Dead, youre next
Love moth :)*

Phil: *texts Tommy: what does IDK, LY, and TTYL Mean?*
Tommy: *Texts Phil: I dont know, Love you, Talk to you later.*
Phil: *Texts Tommy: Okay I'll ask Techno*

Quackity: Karl if you were my husband, I'd put poison in your coffee.
Karl: if you were my Husband, I'd drink it.
Sapnap: OOOoOOOoO

Tommy: My life can't get worse.
Also Tommy: *gets Beaten to Death by Dream*

Niki: *turns the lights off downstairs*
Also Niki: *runs upstairs So nobody kills her*

Sapnap: i wrote a Song its Called Scream. It goes like this AHHHHHHHHHHHH
George: *nods his head* I love it.

Tubbo: *hangs upside Down from a tree* Help girl i am upside down-

Wilbur: *starts playing guitar* He's in your bed. Im under your Bed :) he's got the Keys I also got the Keys I made a Copy Last week IM UNDER YOUR BED!

Dream: *puts sunglasses on* IM ON MY WAY TO STEAL GEORGE

                       IN DETENTION

Arguing with the teacher- Sapnap, George, Fundy, Quackity.

Writing apology note- Karl, Wilbur, Skeppy, Antfrost.

Live streaming in Detention- Dream

Crying- Tubbo and Bad

Doesn't show up- Techno, Schlatt.

Farming primes- Tommy

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