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It May be a While till I write thr other part to the Last One. Ive been Caught up in school But I do have this one for you all. But I Promise I will Write them and Get them out for you guys

Nobody's Pov-

Tommy wasn't the one to cuddle or hug when he did it was rare or when he was having a bad day. Today was one of those days. Tommy was having having a bad day. Tubbo wasn't at school today, kids made fun of him for playing Minecraft, he got yelled at by a teacher because they thought he started fight when actually he was trying to stop it, he got punched in the face, he missed the bus to school and his ride home so he had to walk to school and walk back home, he got locked out because Wilbur was at a party and techno was sleeping, Phil was at work so he waited till techno answered his calls and came to unlock the door.

Techno felt bad for walking Tommy out. He sighs to himself as Tommy runs upstairs without saying anything to him. He closes the door and goes to sit on the couch. As he sits down he could hear running upstairs. He hears a creek and looks at the stairs he saw Tommy in his night clothes "why are you dressed for bed it's only 6 38 p.m." techno ask Tommy. He could see Tommy holding Henry his stuff cow. Tommy walks over to techno and stands in front of him. "What strawberry?" Techno asks. Strawberry was a nickname Techno gave Tommy when he was younger. Techno could see the look on Tommy's face. Techno carefully pulls Tommy next to him and pulls into a hug. "Bad day huh? Strawberry?" Techno asked in a soft voice not wanting to scared Tommy. Tommy nods. He didn't have to say anything. Tommy just want cuddles from Techno and sleep that's all. Techno ran his fingers through Tommy's hair. Tommy leans his head on Technos chest as he pulls himself closer to Techno for warmth

Techno grab a blanket from the back of the couch and wraps it around him and Tommy. Techno pulls Tommy into his lap to make more comfortable for Tommy. Tommy wraps his arms around Technos neck then he wrapped his legs around Technos waist. Techno smiles at this. If he was being honest Tommy looked like a koala. It was cute. Tommy lays his head against Technos chest. Techno grabs Henry and puts him by Tommy side. Techno wraps his arms around Tommy. Tommy snuggles into techno for the warmth and comfort. Tommy yawns, he didn't want to fall asleep so he tries to stay up. He was afraid Techno would get up and leave him alone. Tommy did not want to be alone. "Shhhhh~ strawberry I won't leave you alone I'll be here when you wake up" Tommy guesses he said that out loud "are you sure Bubba.." Tommy yawns closing his eyes "yes strawberry go to sleep" Techno says Tommy lets himself fall asleep Techno runs his fingers through Tommy's hair as he hums 'your new boyfriend'

Phil goes to pick Wilbur up. He waits in the car till the party was over. Wilbur comes out of the party and heads to the car. Wilbur ope s the door and Sits down. "How was the party?" Phil asked Wilbur as he puts his hands on the steering wheel. "It was good"  Wilbur says yawning and leans his head against the window "go to sleep We will be home soon enough" says Phil.

soon enough Phil and Wilbur get home. Phil wakes Wilbur up "wakey wakey Wilbur we are home" Phil says quietly Wilbur opens has eyes to see they were home. Wilbur opens the car door and gets out. Phil does the same thing. Phil grabs the keys and locks the car doors. Phil and Wilbur closes the car doors at the same time. Wilbur runs up to the porch as Phil comes up behind him. Phil unlocks the door. They walk inside the house to see techno with Tommy in his lap cuddling. Wilbur pulls out his phone. He takes a couple pictures of Tommy and techno. Phil smiles and asks Wilbur to Send him the pictures. Wilbur and Phil walk quietly Pass Techno and tommy going up Stairs to get Ready for bed.

*                                                *

How was y'alls Day??

Sorry if there are things spelled wrong. I Used a Voice thinging that takes was you tell it and writes it down. I did this because my Hands have been hurting.

Do you guys have any thoughts on this?

791 Words hope you enjoyed it!!

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