alternate ending

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So this is a Alternate ending were tommy doesn't wake up. This is for the people who Wanted it!!
Tw- Death, Crying,

Nobody's Pov-

Techno Sat there waiting for tommy To wake up. Ranboo Drags Techno outside because he didn't Go outside since Tommy got there. Techno sighs. He was worried. Ranboo could tell. "Lets go Back inside and we both can Check up on tommy okay??" Techno nods. He had a Bad feeling a Really bad feeling. Ranboo and Techno go back inside and to Technos room. When they go inside they Looked at tommy. His Face was Pale. His Hair was Dirty, and bloodied. His Leg in a Cast along with his two Fingers. Techno looked at tommy stomach to see if he was Breathing. He Couldn't see his Stomach rising. He walks over to tommy Fastly and Pulls him up to were tommy was like in a sitting position. Techno Put his Head on tommys Chest trying to listen for his Heart beat. Techno eyes widen as he Sees in the chat. 'Tommyinnit Died from lack of oxygen'

Techno couldn't believe it.. His Baby brother was gone. Ranboo Looks at Techno as Tears Spill out his eyes. "Tech-no..." Ranboo says through sobs. Techno Lays Tommt on his Bed and pulls the blanket over tommy. Techno walks to Ranboo Pulling him into a Hug. Ranboo hugs techno Back. He knew Techno was holding back Tears. "You can Cry techno..." Tears Spilled out of Technos Eyes as he lets out a sob. Ranboo Sobs with Techno. Both of them fall to the floor still crying while holding onto Eachother.

Back at L'manburg Tubbo was Helping Qauckity when the words  'Tommyinnit Died from lack of oxygen'  was written in the chat. Tubbo Broke down right there. He Started to Crying And he Holds onto Qauckity. Qauckity rubs circles on tubbos Back while he Crys silently. Qauckity Tried to get Tubbo to calm down but he Couldn't.

Dream Smiles And Alot. Dream was so Happy Tommy was Dead He Couldnt be happy. Next thing dream knews was he got Slapped across the Face by... George. "HOW COULD YOU BE HAPPY ABOUT THIS?!?!? TOMMY IHAS DIED AND YOUR OVER HERE A SMILING MESS!!" Sapnap Screams at Dream. George was Pissed at Dream Tommy was a kid he didn't Desevre this. George and Sapnap walk away. Sapnap Broke down into crys. Tears Fell from Georges Eyes but He wasn't full on Crying like sapnap. Karl runs over and pulls Sapnap into a Hug letting him Cry. Sam was also with them and He Hugs George. Sam was Crying under his mask.

Ghostbur was going around giving People blue trying to Help them out. Schlatt was alone Far away from people so they didn't see him cry. Tommy was kinda like a son to him. But he Ruined the Chance of that happening. Schlatt Felt tears run down his Face. Then he Felt someone hug him. He Turns around to see Ghostbur. Schlatt Hugs ghostbur and crys into his Shoulder.

Everybody was Crying Expect Dream and Phil. Phil was Happy Maybe his Son would come back to him.

Techno was outside Making a Grave for tommy. Ranboo Watches. He could take it.

They promised tommy they would never forget him and they Kept that Promise while the rest Except Schlatt and ghostbur forgot him. Ghostbur still missed him and So did Schlatt. They would Visit his grave and talk to him non-stop. Techno would tell tommy Storys about when he was a Child. Ranboo would Bring him Flowers. Schlatt Got Tommys Disc and Put them on his Grave. Ghostbur would play the Guitar to tommy.

That was kinda sad to Write.

I'm sorry i had to Delete this and add it Back I dont know why It was Just being Buggy its all the same

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