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I just want to say none of this it Real!!

Nobody's Pov-

Nobody Knew tommy was trans. Everybody thought of Tommy as A boy. Nobody knew. Only His Parents and His mother weren't that great. His Dad did support him. He Called Tommy a He not a she. He treated him like the man He is. He Called tommy by His Name not His Dead name. His mother was A Bitch. She Called Him by His Dead name. She called tommy a She. She Treated Tommy like a Girl.

Tommy was Sitting on his Bed. Scrolling through his Phone in social media. He wasnt Streaming because He was Tired and was Afraid to Fall asleep on Stream. He hasn't been able to Sleep. He was thinking about his mother Words.. 'You'll never be a boy Tiffany. You're a Girl not a Boy!! So stop acting like one and just be the girl you are!! Where is the daughter I raised?!' Tommy couldn't stop thinking about that. He Groans as he Hears his mother yell "TIFFANY COME HERE NOW!!"
Tommy hated that Name. His name was tommy. He got up to put his Binder on. He took it off because he was in it for the whole day. It was about 9 pm and he woke up at 8 am and put it on. When he went over to were his binder Should have been he notices it wasnt there. His Eyes Grow wide and He looks all around his room to see if he Placed it some where Else.
He Couldn't Find it. " TIFFANY!!~" He knew his mother did something. He Grabs one of his Bras that he Had just in case Something happened. He puts it on then One of his Minecraft Hoodies that was Bagging on him. He walks out of his room and shuts the Door. He walks down the stairs. "Yes mother?? And it's tommy not that Name." Tommy say to his mother as he stares at her. He notices she has her hands behind her Back. "Tiffany. Your name is Tiffany and I have something to show you~" She says. She pulls her hands out from behind her Back. Tommy Sees she has his Binder and a lighter! She was about to Light his binder on fire when his dad came into the room "Nicole (I dont know Tommy's mothers Name) What are you fucking doing with Tommy's Binder!?" Tommy smiles. He Knew his Father would help him. "Jim!! Call Tiffany By HER real Name!!!" Tommy's mother screams Back throwing Tommy's Binder onto the Grab and The ligher too. "HIS name is TOMMY. HE is my SON. HE is not a Girl!!"
Tommy grabs his Binder off the Floor and Runs upstairs into his Room. He Takes his hoodie off and The bra. He Puts his Binder on Feeling safer then when he doesnt have it on. He Could hear his Parents Fighting over Him. He Puts his Shirt and hoodie back on and Puts Socks and Shoes. He Texts his Dad so when they are done Fighting he would Know where Tommy went. He says he was going to wilburs house. (Wilbur Lives close to him) it was a 35 minute walk but he was Fine with it. He then Texted wilbur and asked him if he Could Come over.
Wilbur texts Back Yes he Can. Tommy opens his Window and climbs out of it. It was cold out and Tommy was happy he wore his hoodie. Tommy climbs Down the Side of his House and Starts to Walk to Wilburs. His ribs and Stomach start to Hurt. He Realizes He had his Binder on For all Day except For what just happened. He Said to himself 'Just Pog through the pain tommy' Tommy gets to Wilbur house and Knocks on the Door.
Wilbur comes and opens the door. "Hey Tommy Why did you want to come over??" The Growen Man ask Tommy. "My parents were Fighting and I didnt want to be There" Tommy knows what he Said but he wanted to tell someone about everything. Wilburs eyes open and he Pulls Tommy inside then shuts the door. Tommy gets Pulled into a Hug. "I'm so sorry Tommy is there anythinf I could do to make you feel better??" Wilbur asks. Tommy grabs Wilburs hand and pulls him over onto the couch. "I want you to Listen to me. And dont be mad at what I'm about to tell you" tommy says in a Serious voice. Wilbur Nods and listens to Tommy. "Wilbur I'm trans female to male. That's why my Parents were Fighting. My Mother doesnt like the Idea of me Being a boy but my father is Fine with it and he supports me." Tommy says as he sighs. Wilburs Eyes Open. Wilbur Pulls tommy into a Hug.
Tommy Starts to tear up. " Thank you for trusting me with this information tommy I'm glad you can trust me" Wilbur Says as he Rubs Tommy's Back with one hand. Tommy starts to Cry and cry. Wilbur Leans back onto the Couch Pulling tommy onto his Lap. Tommy buries his Face into Wilburs Chest. Wilbur takes his other hand and Pulls the Blanket onto Him and Tommy. He Starts to run his hand through Tommy's Hair. "Shhhhh Tommy its okay Little brother I Got you I'll always be here for you. Shhhh"
Wilburs shirt was getting wet but he didn't care all he Cared about rught now was Tommy " T-hank y-ou wilby..." Tommy Says through him crying. "No thank you tommy. I know it must have alot to trust me." Wilbur smiles some.. "How about I Close my eyes and you take the binder off. It wont be good to cuddle and sleep in your binder" Tommy knew wilbur was right so he Sat up. Wilbur Closed his Eyes and Covers them with his Hands. Tommy Quickly took off his Binder and Cuddled back into Wilbur. Wilbur Smiles and Pulls the Blanket back over them.
Tommy could feel his eye lids getring heavy. He could also Feel himself Falling asleep. Wilbur notice this and Started to rub his Back and run his Fingers throw Tommy's Hair. Tommy fall asleep as Wilbur started to fall asleep.

1044 Words!! The longest one i think!! Well I hope you guys like it. If you have any Ideas Tell me!!

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