back to the past?✨ part two

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Here's Part two For the People who Wanted it.
I just want to say thank you all for the support on the Story!

Nobody's Pov-

"Ranboo! We Are stuck in the Past! You Dumbass!" Tommy yells Pushing himself away from Ranboo "Tommy Calm Down We'll find a Way to get Back! Don't worry!" Ranboo Says trying to Calm tommy Down. It didn't seem to Work. "Ranboo we are stuck here Forever" Tommy's Hands Go to his Hair and he Starts to Pull on it. " We are stuck here... What if Dreams gets out of Prison... What if Tubbo Gets hurt... What about Puffy And Sam?!" Tears Run Down Tommy's Face as he Falls to the ground. Tommy brings his Hands to his Face and Covers it.

"Tommy fucking Innit get ahold of yourself. Where is that big man you always call yourself? We'll find a Way because to our Time. " Ranboo says Getting onto his Knees and Pulling his hands on his Shoulders. Ranboo pulls Tommy to him and holds him close (Im not To Ship them or Anything.)
"Your gonna be Okay. I won't let anything Happen." Ranboo promises Tommy. Tommy nods his Head "Okay Big man."

"Will Someone Explain what is Happening to Us Now?!" Past Wilbur Shouts. Past Niki looks at Wilbur. "Hey Hey Calm Down Wil they will Explain. It looks like the Boy with Blond hair is Taking this not so well. " Niki says to Wilbur. He Sighs and puts his Hands in his Pocket.  "Just hurry up and tell us what is happening" Wilbur Says not wanting to Waste time. "Well Im Ranboo And this is Tommy we Both are from the Future so.. Tommy is Tommyinnit just from the Future and I dont think i have Come yet."  Ranboo explains to The others there. "So your Trlling me That Boy is Me?! Why am i Crying over This!!?" Past Tommy Yells. Past Tubbo Quiets him Down.

"Let me Talk to him Ranboo? Maybe I'll be A help." Past Tubbo say wanting to Try and Help Future Tommy. "Alright Tubbo I Trust you" Ranboo Says. Past Tubbo walks Closer to Ranboo and Tommy. He sits down Next to Tommy and Ranboo. "Hey future Tommy Would you will to Come and watch Bees with me? It always Calms me down when I'm sad.." Past Tubbo Asks Tommy.

Tommy smiles a Tiny Bit and nods. Past Tubbo stands up and Puts his Hand out for Tommy to grab. Tommy grabs past Tubbos Hand And gets up. Past Tubbo and tommy walks off to watch Bees. Ranboo stands up and looks at Wilbur. "How are you so Tall?!" Past tommy Asks. Ranboo lets out a Laugh. "I'm a Enderman Buddy that's howww" Ranboo Smiles and looks Down. Past Niki Pulls out a book from her bag "Hey! I might know how at make Potions for you And Tommy to get Back!" Niki Says. She was determined to Help Future tommy and Ranboo "really! Please I'll do anything for that!"

Niki Smiles alot "I just neef you to get Me these and I can Make it!" Niki gives ranboo and List of things. "Alright Im on it!"

There will be a Part three is you guys Want it

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