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  Tommy has a fear of being in a Moving vehicle. I have a Fear of being in a moving vehicle so I'll Be Writing this how I'm like but not all people act like how I do.
Also Thank you all for being Here for me. I love you all and im so proud of you guys. Thank you for being patient with me you guys are the best. I'll Try to write for you guys as much as I Can. Writing for you guys help me calm down and make me feel Better. I dont think I'll stop writing for you guys anytime soon. Thank you all For being here❤❤

Nobody's Pov-

Tommy sat in the back seat of the Car with his Eyes Closed. He trys to forget he was in a Car. He was forced into the car because Phil and Wilbur Wanted to Go out to eat. Techno really didn't care so he just went on with it. Tommy taps his Foot on the floor of the car. Wilbur had his Window open so he could feel the air hitting his face. He Tried so hard to keep himself from Crying. Nobody know He had a Fear of moving vehicles. He always Tried to avoid them. Tommy tried to Blur out the sounds of the cars wheels on the road. He was able to but not for long.

Phil Slams on the breaks and Says " Ughhhh the car infront of us Doesnt know how to Drive" Phil Puts his Hand on his heead and waits for the car infront of them to start Driving again. The car infront of them almost Went off the road but they didn't. Wilbur Laughs while techno chuckles "Your right Phil! They don't!" Wilbur says while trying to Catch his breath "dont die on us Wilbur" Techno says while Patting Wilburs Back. Tommy gulps as his Eyes starts to Water. He uses his sleeve to wipe the tears away from his Face as they Poured down. "You guys okay tho??" Phil askss as he starts to Drive again "Yup we all are okay!" Wilbur Says when he Finally got his breath Back. Tommy covers his Fave with his Hands and silently crys into them. Nobody Seemed to Notice and that was Good.

Tommy's thought Had gone back to the Crash he was in with Techno, Wilbur, Himself and Ranboo. Nobody got hurt that much. Only a Couple scratches. Tommy had A scar on his Neck from the Crash. He didn't know how it got there but he knew it happened in the Crash.

Tommy moves his Hands away from his Face and Taps his Legs. He tried to get his thoughts away from the thought. His stomach Felt Horrible and his Head was Pounding. And with Phil Driving it didn't Help at all. Tommy knew he was still crying but Didnt Care To wipe the Tears away. They would go Unnoticed anyways So why wipe them away?

Tommy closes his Eyes and Tugs at his Pants. He wanted out of the car and Now.  Tommy gulps and uses his other hand and runs it through his hair. Tommy coughs then askes "how Along till we are There??" It didnt sound like Tommy had Cried any "About five minutes Tommy" Techno Says to Tommy looking at him. Tommy nods his head and waits.

So enough they were there and tommy could get out of the car.

I know this isn't really a end but Yeaaa I hope you guys enjoy it!

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