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Dave's POV💙•

Nalanni's dude walked in, yes dude. He dont get the satisfaction of being called her boyfriend in my eyes yet. "Hi, Im Daniel, but most people call me Diggy." He held his hand out to Ari. "Hi, Im Ariana." He turned to me. "Hi Mr. Dave East." I tried to hold in my laugh. "David Brewster." He nodded and I saw Nani and Ari roll they eyes. Like fuck im sorry yall some nice asses.

Nani took him into the dining room to sit down, while I put the kids at the table and Ari put the food bowls on the table. "So these are my siblings, Kairi, Kaleesia, and Kaiden." Kairi and Kaiden mean mugged him, but Kaleesia ignored him. "Hi. Mommy can I get some food please." Ari put food on the kids plate and they started eating. "Dont be shy, dig in."

Everybody was eating in silence except for the twins loud asses. "So Daniel, what can you provide for my daughter?" Nani face palmed and Ari giggled but Im dead ass serious. "Dad really? Yall can have this talk later, this is supposed to be a calm dinner." I shrugged my shoulders. "So... have you lived in Los Angeles your whole life?" Ari asked him. "Yea, I live in the South Central Area with my aunt and younger sister. Actually, my sister is having a birthday party tomorrow and she wanted me to invite you guys." Too bad we already going to a stupid ass party. "We actually are already going to a party tomorrow, but sorry." Ari told him nicely.

The dinner actually went nice, I was quiet most of the time sitting and observing. Nani looks really happy with him and if she's happy then I'm happy.

Ari's POV🦋•

Dinner surprisingly went good, Dave behaved. I was putting the dishes on the dishwasher and talking to Nani. Daniel already left and Dave was upstairs bathing the kids. "So it seems like you guys really like each other." She giggled. "Yea, we havent told each other this, but I actually think I love him." Aww my lil stink stink is in love. I walked over to her and hugged her. "Im happy for you babes. Now go shower and go to bed." It was actually getting late. I drank some water and went upstairs to shower.

I went in the twins room to see Dave struggling with their diapers. "Hey! Lay down and let him put the diapers on now." Dave looked at me crazy. "I got this homegirl, go get Kairi." "Well it dont look like it." I walked away laughing. I went in Kairi's room and she was sitting in her mirror, but she looked sad. "Whats up Kai you ready for bed." She nodded. "What's wrong?" "Since Nani has a boyfriend now does it mean that she's gonna leave me? Because tonight she didnt even talk to me at dinner, she was inly talking to the boy."

"Kairi, Nani is a teenager now so she is gonna have a boyfriend or maybe even boyfriends, but she will never forget you, the same way me and your daddy dont forget about you." She laid on my chest. "Can I sleep with you again please?" She's been sleeping in our bed for like 2 weeks now and Dave is getting annoyed because he wants to be all up on me all the time but he cant because of her. "I think your daddy would like it if you slept in your own bed tonight." She sighed. "Good night baby. I love you." "I love you too Mommy."

I left Nani alone and went into my room. I went straight into the bathroom and tied my hair up. I took of the light makeup I had on and washed my face and brushed my teeth. I turned on my music and got in the shower. I was minding my business until Daves horny ass came in there. "Hi baby. What would you like?" He just started kissing on my neck. "Dave are the kids sleep?" "Mmhmm" He kept going.

We ended up fucking of course and we finished showering. I got out and went into the closet. Dave had the heater high so I put on a sports bra and some biker shorts. "Babe why the fuck id it so hot in here?" He chuckled and laid down. "because it was freezing in here the hell. I pay for the damn heater so we might as well use it."

I closed and locked our door. I went on the bed and straddled him. We started kissing and he was rubbing up on me. He flipped us over and he put his hands in my pants. He pulled my pants down and went down there and put in some tongue work. I promise I was trynna stay quiet but JEEZ. This nigga know what the fuck he doing. I came and he still kept going. "Baby wait please." He didnt stop he just kept going. I came again and he came up and kissed me. "I love you mamas." "I love you too baby." He laid down next to me and I took this as him getting his turn. I went down to do my shit.

I dont wanna toot my own horn but Im literally the best at giving head. Be having this nigga on his toes. I could tell he was getting close because he started bucking his hips up. "Stop doing that baby." He stopped moving and I put it all in my mouth and when I was pulling it out he came. But did I stop? No ma'am.

I kept going because he did the same shit to me. He started moaning like a bitch. "Mama stop you got me sounding like a female." I giggled and kept going. After a while I finally stopped and got on top. I wasn't planning on fucking again but shit Im in the mood now. I was on riding and he was finna cum. "Ari get off, we dont got no condom." I didnt listen. "Fuck. Ari move." I moved but I think I was too late. "Oh my fuck."

We kept going after that because in the moment we didnt give two fucks.

Nani's POV🤍•

I was on facetime with Diggy with my airpods because I heard them fucking again. We was talking about when I was gonna be at his house for the weekend after Kairi's birthday. "My daddy dont know Im going over there, but my momma do. And if he do find out my momma know how to calm him down." He lowkey looked scared. "Yeah calm him down to protect you, not me. What he gone do when he find out we be fucking Nalanni?" I had a shocked look on my face. Im sorry yall I have been having sex, mowt of the time protected though.

"He wont, anyways Im finna go to sleep." He smacked his lips. "I wanted to talk to you more but good night babe." "Boy you are on the game, good night my love." I was drifting asleep when I heard him say. "I love you."

My face was in the camera, so I put the covers over my mouth and covered my smile. What a nice way to end the night.

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