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Ari POV 🦋•

Dave's mom left like 1 hour ago and my granny went to sleep when she left so I was just me Dave and Kai. It was almost 11pm so Dave had to put Kai to bed and I walked them home. Well me and Kai walked together and Dave was behind us. I actually grew pretty close to Kairi over this dinner.

We finally got to Dave's door and there was a lightskinned lady standing at the door looking mad. Dave caught up to us and I felt the anger radiating off him.

"Why are you at my door Millie ?" he mugged her. " Why you got my daughter around other bitches?" Oh its Kai's mom. Wait did she just call me a bitch?

"Don't call me outta my name baby girl. I don't even know you. " she tried it. She was yelling all in Dave face.

Dave handed me his key so I can take Kai to bed. I opened the door and she led me to her room.

"Kai can you pick out some pajamas please." She looked scared. We could still hear her mom yelling outside. "I don't know where it is."

"Ok well tonight you can sleep in sweats and a shirt" I turned on her tv to block out the sound and turned the light off to go downstairs.

"Wait! Ms. Ari can you lay down with me. I scared." I was conflicted because I barely know her but she looked really scared. "I'll lay with you but only until your daddy comes." she nodded.

I laid in her bed and she cuddled close to me and I sang her a lullaby to make sure she couldn't hear the yelling. By the time I was done she was sleep and I didn't hear anymore yelling.

I went downstairs because I heard a car door close and Dave walked in looking angry and he had a cut over his eyebrow.

"Are you ok?" he nodded. " You want me to help you with that?" I pointed to his scratch. He nodded.

He walked me to the bathroom and he took out a First Aid kit. He sat me on the sink and stood in between my legs while I cleaned his cut.

I started staring and his face and we locked eyes and he kissed me. It was slow and passionate, when he tried to add tongue I stopped it. He stared at me with lust filled eyes.

"Im all finished." I stopped the stare off. "I should get going." I started walking out the bathroom.

"Ari wait... can you please stay?" he looked at me with sad eyes. I contemplated it but I stayed but only because I didn't wanna walk this late. "I'll stay. "

He led me to his room and threw me a white t shirt. "Thanks" I didn't mind sleeping in the same bed as him because it was huge.

I got in his bed and he looked surprised. He got in the bed and laid there. I heard him sniffle and I looked over and saw him crying.

"What's wrong? " I faced my body towards him. "Nothin" he instantly shut me down.

"It's obvious something is wrong so just let it out." he looked at me like he was studying my face for judgement.

"Ok. Well that lady out there was Kairi's mom and she gets Kai every 2 weeks. Kai absolutely loves her... So Millie , her mom said that she wants to never see Kai because she needs a start over in life." he looked disappointed and broke down.

I hugged him and he laid his head on my chest. " Dave I want you to know that Im here for you and Kairi always. I just met that girl tonight and I already love her like my own. If you need anything I am always I short walk away." I felt him smile softly "Thanks ma." I was running my fingers through his hair and soon enough he went to sleep.

I was still awake thinking about what happened in the bathroom. I was staring at his face taking in all of his features as he softly snored.

10 mins later I heard a soft knock on the door and Kairi opened it. "Im sorry Ari. I can't sleep." She looked really tired. "Can I sleep with you guys?" I nodded and she climbed in the bed.

Kai and Dave was sleep so I forced myself to fall asleep.

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