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*So I decided to take out the fact that Nalanni was pregnant. I dont feel like writing about pregnancy bc I dont really know a whole lot about the experience so... Just erase that from your minds*

Ari's POV 🦋•

Its been like 2 weeks since we got the news about my miscarriage. I honestly think it has affected Dave worst than me. All he does everyday is wake up, go straight in his man cave to smoke, and only come out to get food. He hasnt shown any type of affection to me, but he always has time for the kids. That might sound a little selfish but we lost a baby and he isnt here with me through it.

As for me, I actually am getting better. My mental health plummeted after hearing the news, but I pray everyday and think about the pros out of it happening. Which was kind of hard, but I had to pull it together for the sake of me and my kids.

Its Friday night and I am in bed, all the kids are asleep and Im waiting for Dave to get out of the shower. I just got out the shower, so I was lotioning my body. I put in some clothes and sat on the bed. I ran downstairs to get some chips and Oreos and put ATL on the tv.

15 minutes later Dave came out the shower with some basketball shorts and no shirt. "Hi baby." I walked over to him. "Hi mama." He kissed me on the cheek. Welp. "So... I was thinking we could talk tonight. You know about.... everything." I sat down on the bed. "I dont really feel like it tonight mama." He laid down under the cover.

I closed and locked the door. "No Dave." I pulled the cover off of him. "You have been pushing me away for 2 weeks now. I understand you lost a baby, but so did I. You have been treating me like shit in the time that I need you the most." I felt a tear fall. "Why have you been avoiding me? Did I do something wrong? Is it because you think it was my fault? What is it Dave?" He shook his head. "Mama, I know 100% that it wasnt your fault. Smoking was the only thing that eased my pain and I didnt wanna do it around the kids obviously. It's just that the shit been messing with my mind like crazy. Like if this happened now, will we ever be able to have another baby?" He looked down at his hands.

I brought his face up and he had tears on his face and he was red. "Just like you told me, if we can't conceive naturally, we can do IVF, adoption, a surrogate. We have multiple options. But, we have to do it when we are ready. Im not saying it's a good thing that this happened, but we werent ready for another baby. The twins are barely one, we just got back together not too long ago. We weren't ready, God knew that." He nodded. I wiped his face and kissed him. "I love you David Brewster, no matter what." "And I love you Ariana Brewster, no matter what." I twisted up my face. "Umm...last name is Jordan because aint nobody married me yet..." I looked at my hand and laid down. "Girl we are engaged and can get married anytime. You already had your huge wedding, well at least the beginning of it." He chuckled. I mocked him. "So funny. Now lay down so we can watch this movie." I mushed his head.

He grabbed me by my neck and pulled me close to him. "Girl dont be getting beside yaself." I bit my lip and he let me go. "You think this shit is a joke, until you do it to the wrong person." I smacked my lips and rolled my eyes. "Baby you know I can fight the fuck." I looked at him crazy. "Prove it." I shook my head. "This a trap. You gone try to kill me and take my insurance money and my kids."

He mushed my head and I socked him in his chest. "Wait dont kill me it was just a reflex." I curled myself into a ball. "Thats what I fucking thought." He laughed at me. "Nah that aint fair. Yo jolly green giant ass trynna bully my lil ass." I bucked at him and got under the covers. "Ari you are annoying." He took the snacks off the bed. "You already know you love it." He cuddled up against me. "Umm... just a little."

Nalanni's POV 🤍•

It was Saturday morning and I was sleepy as hell. I kept waking up through the night with nightmares about what happened with Diggy. It hurt because he was truly my first love, but it just wasnt meant to be. I need to talk to my mom about getting some meds for it or something. But, for now I am gonna try to fall back asleep. I put Bob's Burgers on the tv and fell right back asleep.

Dave's POV 💙•

Today it was supposed to be cold and rainy, so I decided that we are gonna have movie day. I Doordashed us some breakfast and set it up in the movie room. I got some snacks and candy and drinks and put it in there. I went upstairs to put on some warmer clothes and I saw the whole family in my bed. "Everybody please follow me." I grabbed Ari's hand and we went to the movie room.

"Today is Family Day. We are just gonna lounge around and watch movies all day." Nalanni sat down and put her feet up. "Sounds good to me" Kairi went to sit next to her and tried to copy her but her legs was too short.

The twins ran around then sat with Nani. "Thank you baby. We really need this." I nodded. "You're welcome mama." I grabbed on her ass and kissed her. "What movie is first?" Kairi interrupted us. "We can all pick a movie. You can pick first." Ari told her. We went to sit on the big seat and Ari was all up on me.

We really watched movies all day until it was dinner time.

What did you guys think about this one ?

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