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Dave POV 💙•

It was December 20th and I was out shopping for both my babies. I went to Footlocker Kids first and got them 5 matching pairs of shoes and 3 matching outfits. Then I went to Toys R Us and filled the basket up with a shitload of baby shit. I bought her a crib and bottles and diapers and allat baby shit. I went to Kay's Jewelers and bought Ari matching ring, earrings, and a necklace. I bought them more stuff online and its was delivered to Mama J house.

This year for Christmas I decided I was gone rent a cabin in the snow for us and we gonna celebrate out there. So, tomorrow I gotta go drop off all they gifts which is a 2 and a half hour drive but I cant let them see they shit. I was on my way to drop off the stuff and then go back home.

I was on my way home from Mama J house and I got a Facetime call from Kairi's Ipad. "Hey Kai." I smiled. "Hi Daddy! There is some lady here saying she my mommy but Ari is my mommy soooo. " I shook my head. "shit." I mumbled. "Im almost there Kai." I sped home.

I pulled up to see Ari and Millie in front of my house arguing.

A: Go in your room and play eith your toys and close your door baby.
Kairi walked in the house and ran upstairs.
A: while you out here hoeing around im parenting your fucking child. GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!
M: yeah hoeing around witcho nigga bitch !

She smiled then dropped her purse and tied her hair up. "Yeah got you out here looking stupid. STUPID ASS HOE !" Ari looked at her with a deathly stare. "You gone stop calling me out my fucking name." Her little ass run up on Millie and started beating the shit outta her. I let them fight for a little then I went to break it up.

Ari POV 🦋•

I knew she was lying because I checked Dave's phone the night we argued. Hating ass bitches. Anywayssss , I fought her for Kairi and because she thought she was gone keep getting away with calling me outta my name.

I ran up on her and started beating the shit outta her. "Don't. Fuck. With. Me. Ugly. Ass. Bitch." Then Dave pulled me away. When he pulled me away I kicked her in the face one good time. Babygirl didn't get not one hit in. Dave carried me away and I was laughing at her looking crippled trynna get in her car. He finally put me down. "Damn I aint know you had hands like that mama." he laughed. He went to check to make sure that lady was gone.

I went in the room to get myself cleaned up and change clothes. I went in the bathroom and took off my wig then took out my braids and hopped in the shower. I washed my hair and my body and had a lil mini concert. I hot out and wrapped myself in a towel. I then put product in my natural hair and chose to wear it curly. My natural hair was long and curly. I went to put on my clothes and I saw Dave laying on the bed. "Ooh I like your hair mama." I smiled and flipped it. I put on my bra and panties and jeans and Dave's sweatshirt and fluffy socks because it was cold as shit.

I climbed onto Dave's lap and kissed him. "Me and Kai was gonna go to the mall. You wanna come?" He chuckled. "What's funny?" He laughed again. "You just beat up somebody and you acting like aint shit happen." I walked to the door. "Because aint shit happened. " I winked and walked out.

I went to Kai's room. "Mommy your hair looks so pretty." I gotta get used to her calling me that. "Thanks baby. " I kissed her cheek. " You still wanna go to the mall? " She nodded. "Wait, but can I tell you something?" I nodded. "I don't miss her being my mommy she used to be mean to me. I only want you to be my mommy." I touched my chest. "Its ok Kai she aint coming back." She nodded.

We went to the mall and I got her gifts but I lied about who they was for. She started looking sad and made me feel bad. "Lets go find something for daddy." She got happy and we shopped.

*Christmas Eve*

Ari POV 🦋•

Kairi woke me up at 6:50am because she peed in her bed. So, I was scrubbing her bed and washing her sheets while she was in the bath. I put baby powder on her bed and put on new sheets. I went to get her out the bath but she was out already and talking to herself in the mirror. "Daddy is gonna be sooooo mad at me. Imma tell Mommy not to tell him."

"Kairi he aint gone be mad at you mama but if you dont want me to tell him I wont. Has your daddy got mad at you before because you had a accident in the bed?" I rubbed her head. "No he never got mad but my old mommy used to pop me on my booty and give me a whooping when I did." She sniffled. "Kairi you know that your daddy would never do that. He knows it was just a accident." She nodded and hugged me. "I love you Mommy !" I kissed her head. " I love you too mama! Let's get you back in bed." I tucked her in and made sure she was asleep and went back in the bed with Dave.

I went in our room and locked the door. I was lowkey feeling horny so I started kissing Dave's neck. He stirred in his sleep and I started going down his body. I pulled out his jr. and kissed the tip. I started sucking his dick and I felt him put a hand on my head. He made me bob my head and go a little faster. "Shit mamas. You gone make me cum baby. " He moaned and I felt him jerk his hips ip and I knew he was finna cum. I sped ip and soon I felt a warm liquid shoot in my mouth.

"Waking me up wit head inna middle of tha night now? " he smiled. I nodded and kissed him. "Good night papi. I love you." I heard him playfully scoff and he cuddled into me and we fell asleep.

Sorry for the long wait but I had writer's block . What did yall think about this chapter ?


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