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*4 months later*

Ari's POV 🦋•

Its been 4 months since my granny passed and after we had her funeral I was really sad for a while, but my friends and family got me outta the slump. I found out that my granny had a sickness and she wasn't taking her medicine which caused the stroke and she left her savings and house in my name.

But on another note, Im now 6 months pregnant and my baby shower is in 2 days and we figuring out the gender too. Im super grateful for Lauren throwing it for me but honestly Im just ready for my wedding and for these little peanuts to come out. My wedding is next month because I wanted to be pregnant in the pictures don't ask why but its what I wanted.

It was 11:00pm and the babies are kicking like crazy, so when this happens I go in the nursery and sit in the rocking chair and it usually calms them down. I drank a little bit of water and I felt myself dozing off so I went to bed.


* Next Day *

Today I had some stuff I needed to get for the babies so Im making my way to Target. I went without Dave and Kai because I wanted to get it over and done with.

I went in and went to the baby aisle. I grabbed 6 packs of bottles, 2 tins of formula, and 3 packs of newborn Huggies diapers and wipes. I went to the clothes section I got 3 packs of a 20 pair of white onesies, some socks, and some pacifiers. We already had stuff, but I have a problem of over buying.

I was craving fries and ice cream so I made my way to Wendy's. I called Dave to ask them if they wanted anything. "Im on my way to Wendy's do you want anything?" I put my phone on my car speaker. "Just get me and Kai chicken nugget meals wit Sprites. Thank you mamas." I pulled into the drive thru. "You welcome baby. Hold on so I can order." He sat quiet while I got the food. "I'll talk to you later baby ok?" "Ok, I love you mamas." "I love you too."

We finished eating our food and Dave asked me to go upstairs with him. "Mamas Im going out tonight with the guys in like a hour." "Ok."
He started to get dressed and I went to Kai's room.

Kai starts school after our wedding, and she has absolutely nothing for it. I have to take her soon. "Mommy can we have movie night in the theatre?" We have a movie room downstairs and Kai's only allowed in it if me or Dave is with her. "Yes and we can eat candy and popcorn and cupcakes." She got excited.
"Go take a bath and put on your pajamas." She ran in her bathroom and I laughed.

I went to go take a shower myself. I turned on the water super hot because it helped me soothe my muscles from the belly weight. I got out the shower and lotioned my whole body and put shea butter on my belly and sides to prevent stretch marks. I put on a sports bra and some Nike leggings before I went to Kai's room.

I went in Kai's room and saw her putting her toys away and turning off her tv. "Come on Kai, lets make some cupcakes." I grabbed her hand and we went downstairs to the kitchen.

I took out a box of mini cupcake mix and all the ingredients needed. It took like a hour for Kai to do the stuff bc she didn't want my help but the cupcakes are out the oven and frosted and Im taking them to Kai. We are watching Incredibles 2 and she didn't want to miss anything so she sent me to do get them.

We were eating cupcakes and watching the movie and Kai went to sleep towards the end. I picked her up and took her to her room and tucked her in. I went downstairs to clean up the kitchen and the stuff in the movie room. It took me like a hour because I hand washed the dishes and Kai had a whole bunch of blankets in the movie room that I had to fold and put away by myself.

By the time I finished I was out of breathe and sleepy so I turned off all the lights and went to bed. I got in the bed and I noticed that Dave wasnt here yet. He left at 8 and its going on 2 am.

I texted him to make sure he was ok. While I waited for him to respond I watched Grey's Anatomy. I was waiting for like another hour and no text back, so I went to sleep.


*Day Before Baby Shower/Gender Reveal*

Dave's POV 💙•

I reallyyyy fucked up. I fucked up and its all over The Shaderoom. Damn! I really hope Ari didnt see. I got a bad ass headache so I got in the shower.

I got out the shower and I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I heard Ari getting her prenatal pills. I ran my hand down my face. "I should tell her. But if I tell her and she dont know I could fuck up. But also if I dont tell her and she do know Imma fuck shit up worse." I thought to myself. Fuck it Imma tell her.

I finally walked out the bathroom and I saw her looking at her phone with tears in her eyes. Fuck! I dont know what to sag so I just sat on the bed next to her.

"What the fuck Dave!" I closed my eyes. "Its not what it looks like mamas." I touched her arm but she snatched away from me.

"Really? Its not. Because it looks like somebody that IS NOT ME is all up in your ENGAGED face!" I shook my head. "Well yes but you gotta let me explain mamas please." I begged her. She scoffed.

"You left me, your pregnant fiancée, at home with our 5 year old daughter so YOU could have some other bitch in your face." She put her hands on her forehead.

"I honestly cant believe you. Our baby shower is literally tomorrow, where we find out the gender of our twins." A tear fell down her face.  "Our wedding is literally in exactly 1 month and you are at the FUCKING CLUB!" I heard her voice crack.

She sat on the bed and put her head in her hands and started sobbing. I wanted to cry but I held it like a G.

I walked over to her and kneeled in front of her. "Baby can you please look at me." I lifted her face by her chin. "It honestly isnt what it looks like I was faded asfk and this girl came over to me and she started touching all on me and I pushed her off and I came home immediately after that but the media dont show you that part. Mamas I love you and I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you. I promise." I wiped her face.

"I know you love me and I know you wouldn't do something to hurt me but there was a little part in me that said you cheated and it took over." She smiled. "Im sorry mamas." I kissed her forehead.

She pulled me back to her. "Imma need a better apology than that sir." I laid her back and passionately kissed her.

"Since this is my sorry, Imma take it slowwwww." She giggled. "But we gotta hurry up before Kai wake up bugging us." I rolled my eyes.

We finished what we had to do and we was just laying there. "What you think about going on a spa day today all by yourself?" She gasped. "I would love it but I would have to be back for Lauren to do my nails. Im getting me some long dick grabbers." She laughed. "Ghetto ass. Anywayss you going to Burke Williams and Imma spend the day with Kai." She nodded and went to shower.

I went to go get Kai ready because we had somethings to do today.

What did yall think about this one? The next chapter is the baby shower so comment what gender yall want the twins to be.

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