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I'm not writing about what happened at Disneyland, just imagine that no drama went on it was just a nice family vacation.

Ari's POV🦋•

It was midnight and we were leaving the park. Dave and Nipsey put our bags in the cars this morning. The twins were knocked out and Dave was holding a sleepy Kairi and Nipsey was holding a sleepy Kross. Nani was pushing the stroller for me and I was leaning on Lauren's shoulder while we walked.

"I hope Kairi's ass had a good birthday because I am tired as hell." We all laughed. We made it to our cars and sent the kids away with Lauren and Nipsey except Nani. "Thank you for taking them for the weekend." I kissed them good bye. "Anytime sis! Happy Anniversary guys!" We went to our car. "Nani you wanna get dropped off to ight or in the morning?"

"Tonight right now. I do not wanna hear yall 'celebrate' all night." Dave laughed at her. "Put the address in my phone girl." She typed in his his phone and it was only 15 minutes away from our house. "Bye have fun babes. Call me if you need anything. We'll be back to pick you up on Sunday." She kissed both of our cheeks. "Bye Nani. Dont do nothing that I wouldnt want you to do." He looked at her with that face. She rolled her eyes. "Bye mom, bye dad." She got out and Doggy opened the door. He waved at us before we drove off.

"Now its time for some freaky deaky timeeeee." Dave sung. "I dont think I feel like it tonight." He gasped. "Ariiiiiiiii stop playing with me. I waited all week for this weekend and you gone flake on me?" I shrugged my shoulders and got on tiktok. He turned up the music because he had a little attitude.

We got to the house and he left me sitting in the car. I couldn't believe him acting like this over some pussy. He went in the house and closed the door and I was still in the house.

I went in the house and made sure I locked it. "Are you serious Dave? You got a big ass attitude because I said I didn't wanna fuck?!" I saw him sitting on the couch and he had a football game playing. "Seriously. Its our fucking anniversary and all I said is that I donna wanna have sex, and now you just wanna ignore me all the way." He just shrugged his shoulders. My feeling was lowkey hurt because I was just playing. I bought new lingerie and all that for this weekend too.

I grabbed a bottle of wine and went upstairs and got my lingerie out. I went in the bathroom and ran myself some bath water and turned on my music. I got in the bath and jammed to my music and drank my wine. "He is not gonna mess up this kid free weekend."

I was bored so I got out the bath and put on my lingerie. I started taking pictures of myself in the mirror and Dave walked in. "What are you doing?" I shrugged. "You dont wanna appreciate me on our anniversary, maybe instagram will." I sat down on the bed and looked through the pictures. "Ooh Imma post this one." He snatched my phone outta my hand. "Why are you fucking with me?" I laid down and ignored him.


He pulled me to the end of the bed and I already had on lingerie, so he just pushed my panties to the side and did his thang. He held my legs down with his arms and held my hands at my sides so I was completely immobile.

This is the type of shit I wanted. Get aggressive baby. "Fuck Dave! Dont stop please." Sure enough he didn't. "Nahh tonight Im in charge. I dont give a fuck about anything you gotta say." I big my lip. "Ok daddy." He took his pants off and drilled into me. "Ohhh! Babyyyyy pleaseee!" He smiled devilishly at me and went harder. "Turn over." I got into doggy style and he went harder, I didn't think that was possible.

I came for the 3rd time, but he holding strong. He picked me up and bounced me on his dick. He walked over to the wall and drilled my shit. "Fuck mama." he growled in my ear. He came inside me.

"Round one done, lots more to go." I laughed at him. "I need some water." We went downstairs and I drank some water. He took my bottle and drank the rest.

He went to throw it away and I walked over and kissed him. He put me ok the island and it was cold as hell. "Ah shit! Pick me back up." He laughed and picked me up. He put himself into me and there's the start of round 2 but in the kitchen.

Nalanni's POV 🤍•

Yall please forgive me for this... I was making out with Diggy, we were both shirtless and all I had on was a bra and some Nike Pros. His aunt and sister was at his Grandmas house (I didnt tell my parents this), so it was just us. He layed me on my back and started kissing down my stomach. "Is it ok?" I nodded. "I need verbal consent baby." Big dick energyy. "Yes Diggy." He pulled down my shorts and started doing his shit. "Oh fuckk!" He started fingering me and I couldn't hold it in no more and I came right on his face.

He stood up and pulled down his pants. "Are you ready?" "Yes baby." He inserted himself and that shit hurt like it was my first time. "Go a little slower baby." He listened and slowed down his strokes. The pain went away and I started feeing the pleasure. "Faster baby, faster." There he was pounding my shit.

I felt him going harder, but slower. "Fuck Im finna bust baby." He came inside me. "J love you papa." "I love you too baby." He laid down next to me and we were cuddling.

"Daniel! You didnt wear a condom!"

What did yall think about this chapter? Sorry it was lowkey full of fucking.

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