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*Sorry to tell you guys this, but the book is ending at chapter 45. BUT, I am starting another book right away* Please dont hate me

Kairi's POV 🤍

I woke up at 6:15 to start getting ready for school. I hopped in the shower and conditioned my hair. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I did the wet look on my hair and tied it down with a scarf. I put on my bra and panties and put my robe on so I wouldn't get makeup on my outfit.

I did a quick makeup look. Lauren did my lashes last night before we all went to sleep. It was 7:00  thats when Kross told me to wake him up. I went downstairs to the guest room and woke him up. "Wake the hell up!" I smacked his bare chest. "Ahh shit. Why the fuck would you do that?" I laughed you told me to wake you up so..... thats what I did." I laughed at him. He got outta bed and gave me a hug. "Goodmorning babe." He kissed my cheek. "Good morning." I kissed him. "Ok, I needa finish getting ready, see you in 30 mins." I left and went to put my clothes on.

I sprayed my face in setting spray and put my outfit on. I wore a pair of ripped jeans with a hot pink crop top and some all white AF1's. A casual outfit bc I aint got nobody to impress. I put on my jewelry and went to grab a quick snack. "Good morning mommy." I kissed her on the cheek. "Good morning babes." "Hi babies." I said to all my siblings.

Kross came out with his backpack and we left. "Bye everybody." We said at the same time. He opened my door and he got in and he drove off. "I got practice today, so somebody is coming to pick you up." I shook my head. "I have practice too ugly." I had to stay for practice and a little extra because I was Varsity Captain of the cheer team. We made it to school and it was cold as hell. "I shoulda wore a damn jacket." Kross opened my door and handed me his jean jacket. "Thanksss. I'll give it back later." I sniffed it. "It smells like you." He chuckled. "Duh, I just had it on."

We walked into school and everybody was staring at us. "Why people acting like its weird for us to come to school together. We always been close as hell." We went to our friend group and greeted everybody. "My bestiee is hereee." Natalia said. "Hi bebe." "Hi Nat." I hugged her. "Guys, we finally seniors." I praised us and we all got hype. We heard the bell ring and everybody went their separate ways. "Why you aint going to class?" I asked Kross. "Im walking you to class obviously, come on now catch up." I pushed him and he pushed me back and I almost fell. "Bye, leave me alone and go to class." He pulled me into a kiss. "Bye baby." "Bye pookie." He mugged me and I shrugged my shoulders. "Good morning!" I told my teacher, but she aint say shit back. Rude ass.

I went in the class and my friend Deja was in there so I sat next to her. "Good morning class. Happy first day of school roll time." She called everybody's name down the list, "Mr. Kairi Brewster." I looked at her dumb. "MISS Kairi Brewster." I furrowed my brows. "I had a student Brewster student a couple years ago, happen to be related?" "Maybe, Nalanni?" She nodded. "Thats my sister." Panic flashed over her face. "Oh ok, well I apologize, Miss Brewster." I smiled at her.

I need to call Nani later and ask her what happened with these teachers. If they scared of the Brewsters I need to know why.

Ari's POV 🦋•

I was finally dropping off the younger kids, Kamille and Kamaya. They are starting preschool this year and Im gonna be stuck in the house with Dave's ugly ass. I parked in front of the school and went to take them out. "Unbuckle the carseats, babies." They did as told and I opened the door. "Come on, you guys ready to go to school?" "Yessss!" Good.

I grabbed their hands and went inside. "Hi, I'm here to drop off the Brewster's." The front desk lady looked up at me. "Kamille and Kamaya?" I nodded. "Ok you can follow me onto their class room to meet their teacher." We followed her and Kamaya's really shy. She tugged on my pants and I picked her up. "Mama you are too big, you can stay with sissy and have fun today. I'll be back before you know it ok?" She nodded. "Take your fingers out your mouth." We went inside and she lit up. I put her down and her and Kaleesia went to sit down without even looking back.

"Hi! You must be Mrs. Brewster." I smiled. "I am. "Im Ms. L, the preschool teacher." I nodded. "Ok well I have to get going. Today the girls are probably gonna get picked up by their dad. Just a warning." She nodded. "Have a good day!" I walked back to the car. "You too!"

I drove back home and saw Dave laying in the couch. Lauren went home because she doesnt want to overstay her welcome, knowing damn well she is always welcome.

"Hey mama." "Hi baby. Come upstairs with me." He gave me that 'right now?' look and I nodded. He hopped up and picked me up and ran upstairs. "Dave I swear if you drop me." We made it into the room and he dropped me on the bed.

Dave started doing his shit and I laid back and took it like a champ.

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