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Kairi's POV 🤍•

Today is friday, the day of the first football game of the season. I was getting ready for school and I smelled food being cooked. My mom is at Lauren's house and I know damn well my daddy aint cook so...

I quickly slipped on my cheer uniform top and sped down stairs. I saw my mom in the kitchen, "Hi mommy!" She looked up and smiled. "Hi baby! Can you do me a favor and wake up Kaiden and Kaleesia. They're clothes and stuff is already laid out." I nodded and went in their rooms and woke them up.

I went back in my room to finish getting ready. I put my spanks on and put my black and red warmup sweats and jacket on. I put my hair in a half up half down and tied my glittery bow in. I put on black socks and my white bling crocs. I am NOT wearing those ugly ass cheer shoes all day. I made sure to put my skirt, poms, and cheer shoes in my extra backpack and I sat at my vanity to do my makeup. I only wore concealer, a little blush, filled in my eyebrows and put some eyelashes on. I put on my Apple Watch, grabbed my phone and airpods and went downstairs.

My mom made breakfast sandwiches. I sat at the island and ate mine. I finished quickly and filled my HydroFlask with water. I grabbed my personalized Starbucks cup and put orange juice in it. I checked the time and it was 7:25z

"Mommy its time to go." She gathered the older twins and we all went in the garage. I kissed her and the twins bye and got in my car. Kross wanted to drive himself because he didnt want me to wait on him after the game. It was an away game and after away games the football players go to the locker rooms to talk about it.

I was actually vlogging today for my youtube channel today. I grabbed my camera out the glove compartment and put it on the dashboard. "Hey yall! Its ya girl Kai aka KaiKai aka Kairiiii! Today Im showing yall a day in the life of a cheerleader football season edition." I deove while talking to the camera and I made it to school at 7:55 and it start at 8:10. "Ok yall Im finna switch to my phone bc my school is annoying and they dont like cameras." I rolled my eyes.

I grabbed all my bags and got out the car. I made sure to lock my doors and went into the school. I went to my locker first and put my cheer stuff in there. "Hi baby." Kross came up behind me. "Hiiii." I closed my locker. "Are you excited for the game today?" I asked him. "Yea, but Im lowkey nervous." "Why?" He looked down. "Its my first game without my dad here." I grabbed his face. "he will always be here, maybe not physically but mentally and spiritually. And plus, my dad is always there if you need anything." He smiled. "Yea I know." He kissed me and my best friend came over to us.

"Hii Kai!" She hugged me. "Hi babymomma." She was also a cheerleader. "Ms. Lee (our coach) texted that we can leave campus at 8th period to go get food before the game." I nodded. "We dont even have to be here until 5. Im gonna go home." She shook her head. "No, the game is like 3 hours away we have to come back at 3:30." I nodded. "Oh well were are we gonna eat at?" I asked everybody. "Panda." Kross answered. Thats been our favorite place since we was little.

Ari's POV🦋•

I just dropped all the kids off and just made it back home. I was bored so I decided to prank Dave. I bought some fake blood a couple weeks ago for Kaleesi's project. Imma smear it all over my pants and lay in the bed with him.

I got it out the closet and rubbed it all over my butt and coochie area. "messing up my damn fenty leggings." Imma make Dave buy me some more. I ran upstairs and got in bed with him. I pinched his nose and got in position real fast. "Bro what the fuck.." he woke up. Im guessing he saw me sleep. I felt him push me off him and get out the bed. He gasped and it took everything in me not to laugh.

He snatched the covers off my body and smacked my ass. "Bro, what are you doing?!" I acted mad. He pointed at the blood. "Oh my god!!" "Ari get the hell out of the bed with that shit." He pushed me onto the floor. "Dave!" "Is that normal?" He asked me concerned. "Im sorry baby. I didnt know I was starting today." I snatched the sheets off and gasped. "It went through." I pouted like a baby. I looked at him sad. "Im sorry. I didnt mean to." He hugged me. "Its fine baby, just go shower, Imma put this in the washer and we can go get a new mattress today." He kissed my forehead. I smiled at him. "Thank you baby." I walked towards the bathroom. "Oh Dave," "What?" "Its a prank!"

I closed the bathroom door and locked it. "Stop! Just go wash the shit Dave." He stopped pounding on the door. I sighed happily and got in the shower. I was washing the blood off and I heard the door open. "Dave get out!" He opened the shower door and stepped in. His eyes were glowing with lust. He kissed my body and I felt my knees buckle. He pushed me against the wall and the shit was cold as hell. "Ah shit!" "Im sorry." He laughed at me. He went down and licked my pussy. My legs was giving out and he held me. He stood up with me on his shoulders not stopping at all.

I was moaning out of control when I came. He slid me down his body and inserted himself in me. He showed no mercy at all. "Fuck baby!" He was drilling my shit and I felt him cum inside me. He kept his member inside me for a little bit. "You dont have a damn condom on. You cant do dumb shit like that." He chuckled and we got out the shower. We dried off and did more rounds.

We was fucking literally all the way until 1:45 when we had to pick up Kamille and Kamaya. We got dressed and my legs was sore as hell. "Aye, you walking a lil funny bae." He laughed at me. I rolled my eyes. "Fuck you." He put his hand on his chest. "Again? You aint tired yet?" He smirked. I shook my head and we went to go pick up the younger set of twins.

What do yall think of this one? Pretty simple to get back in the groove of this book.

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