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Quick A/N: I decided to continue the book. Yall wanted it to get at least 35-50 chapters. I dont know how long yet, but I am gonna start a new book when I finish this one. Ok? Ok now to the story.

Dave's POV 💙•

Everybody know damn well I cant cook, so I ordered food from Bossa Nova. It was the first place that me, Ari and Kai went together. Hopefully its good enough.

I got a text from Ari saying that she was gonna be on her way after she changed the twins and that was like 25 mins ago. Her house is only 10 mins away, so she could almost be here. I made sure the gifts in the living room looked perfect and stood by the couch.

Ari's POV 🦋•

The twins wont stop crying and we're almost at Dave's- our house and I am stressed. I called Dave, so he could help me with everybody. "Yea I need to come outside because Im pulling up and the twins aren't liking this drive." I heard his open the door. "I also need a quick minute before we do whatever is going on tonight." I hung up and parked in front of the house.

Dave immediately grabbed the twins out the back seat and Nalanni grabbed all of the suitcases, I grabbed the diaper bags and purses and Kai was empty handed of course. I walked in the house and went to the bathroom.

"Ari, you are a bad bitch and I need for us not to cry tonight. We already went through that phase and tonight is gonna be happy." I told myself in the mirror. I took a few deep breaths and walked back in the living room. I came out and saw Dave holding Kaleesia while Nani was holding Kaiden.

"Hi daddy's baby girl. I really missed you." I took Kaiden from Nalanni. I started to feel really bad that I kept them from him. "Dave can you come here for a sec." He followed me into the kitchen. "First of all, I want to say that I am really sorry for keeping the twins from you, yes I know you fucked up but they are your kids too. It was some typa shit the Millie's ass would do. So for that I apologize." He grabbed my hand. "No, you had a good reason why you kept them from me. I am the sorry one. You, Kai, Nani, and the twins deserve apologies." He pulled me toward the living room. "I know this is all monetary gifts, but this is just a thank you for forgiving me. I will show real thanks with my actions in the future."

I just looked at everything in there. There was shopping bags covering the whole entire floor. "We can look through all of this later, because for dinner we have Bossa Nova. Nani and Kai I know yall dont understand because you weren't there and Kai was too young to remember, but this is the first place that we went on our "first date"." I couldn't help but smile.

We ate dinner and it was really good. We all caught up on what has been going on in these 3 months. The twins started crying from the nursery and I excused my self to go get them. "Can I come help you? Please." I nodded my head. "Come on hurry up. Nani and Kai yall can go to your rooms."

I went upstairs and into the nursery. The twins were sitting up crying in their cribs. "Whats wrong with Mommy's babies? Are yall ready to eat? Get Kaiden, its easier to feed him because he's greedy. Like you." He chuckled and I picked up Kaleesia.

"Can you hand me the bottles and water out of the diaper bag?" He gave it to me, and I made both bottles while holding Kaleesia. "How did you do that so fast." I laughed. "Practice by myself for 3 months." He nodded understanding. "The giraffe one is Kaiden's. Kaiden has to drink lactose free formula but Kaleesia drinks regular formula."

I sat in the rocking chair feeding Kali and was admiring Dave's fatherly skills. I felt myself  zone out. "What's wrong mamas?" I just was knocked out of my trance when I felt him wipe my face. "Just thinking of the what could've happened if everything didn't happen." His eyes went soft. "I know how much what I did messed both of us up, hell even our family. But, I really want you to know that from this moment on its us against the world. Nobody is coming between my relationship with you or my kids." I felt more tears fall. "I love you Dave." I smiled at him. "I love you too mamas. I really do with half of my heart because the kids got the other half." I laughed and punched him in his arm.

We burped the twins and I changed them, while Dave got Kairi tucked in. I wiped them down with a warm washcloth to help them sleep and put their pajamas on and laid them in bed. I went in our room and changed my clothes myself. I put on some pajamas, then went to Nani's room.

I knocked on her door, "Hey babes." She smiled at me but it looked fake. "What's wrong?" She sighed and turned towards me. "So.... the boy you saw me kiss today, his name is Daniel, but everybody calls him Diggy. Me and Diggy have been talking since my first week at the school and recently it's been getting kinda serious in my eyes, but he's known around school to be a hoe. I really like him and I think he likes me, but I dont want to jump in all the way and get my heart broken. He claims that he wants me and he said he cut off all his hoes. I don't know if I should believe him." I lowly chuckled.

"This story sounds very similar to something I heard before, me and Dave. He was a gang banging hoe before I met him, but I fell in love and I fell deep. We did have some tough times, you were here for the biggest one and we were able to bounce back. So, what I'm sayin is, if you think that he honestly bas strong feelings for you, then go for it. And if he do knock you down I'll be here to catch you and Dave and I will knock him down. I want you to experience life, just don't fear heartbreak because it happens if you want it to or not." She laid her head on my shoulder. "I love you.... Mom." I felt a tear fall down my face. "I love you too Nani." I kissed her on the cheek.

I walked into Kairi's room and heard her in the bath. "Kaiiiii, you ready to wash your hair?" I walked into her bathroom and washed and conditioned her hair. "When you're done come to my room and bring your hair bucket so I can put your ponytails in." "Ok mommy." Finally, I went to my room. I walked in and didn't see Dave and got sad. I know I was the one that said he couldn't sleep with me but I really miss him. I laid down and waited for Kai to come in.

A few minutes later Kai knocked on the door, "Come on Kai." She opened the door and sat on the seat at the foot of my bed. I detangled and moisturized her hair and put in 2 braids with 2 ponytails. I put her scarf and bonnet on so I wont have to do nothing except refresh her curls. "Go lay in bed, me and Daddy are gonna come in a little bit." I kissed her forehead and she ran away.

I went in the nursery and saw Dave laying in the rocking chair. "Baby wake up." He shot up and scared the shit outta me. I laughed. "We gotta tuck Kai in." He nodded and walked out to Kai's room.

"Good night my baby." "Good night Daddy and Mommy. I love you." I smiled at her. "We love you too Kairi." I picked up some small toys that she left out and made a face at her. She just laughed at me. Dave turned kn her white noise machine and humidifier, then we walked out and turned off her light.

"Good night Mamas." He started walking to the guest room. "Dave wait. I know what I said but can you come to the room please." He smirked at me. "I mean only because you asked." He ran to the room and I rolled my eyes.

I let this goofy nigga back in my life and I am having no complaints.

What yall think about this one? Hope ya liked it .

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