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Ari's POV 🦋•

It was Kai's birthday and I woke up at 6 am to cook her her favorite breakfast. I know Im amazing.

I went to brush my teeth and wash my face and I did the wet look on my hair. I tied it down and went to pick out my outfits since we're staying at the hotel. I also picked Dave's  just to make the process faster. I saw on the baby monitor that Kaiden was awake so I went to get him and I was gonna pack their bag and a extra big diaper bag since we're gonna be out all day.

By the time I went downstairs it was 6:45 and I immediately started cooking. I gave Kaiden some water in his bottle and put a movie on for him. I made pancakes with chocolate chips for Kai but everybody else got regular ones and I made turkey bacon and eggs. It only took me 30 minutes because of my trusty air fryer.

Dave and Nani should already be awake, so I put Kai's food on her princess plate and put whipped cream on the top of her pancakes. I grabbed Kaiden took it upstairs to see Dave and Nalanni holding Kaleesia standing at Kai's  door waiting for me. "Damn girl it took you long enough." "Im sorry I was cooking for everybody ugly."

We busted in her door singing happy birthday. She woke up scared at first, but she got happy when she noticed what was going on. We finished the song and we all clapped. "Happy Birthday sissy." Nalanni sat next to Kai. "Happy Birthday Princess" me and Dave said at the same time. "Can we go to Disneyland now?" I laughed at her. 

"Lets go eat first and we get ready then we can go." She pushed us out the way and ran downstairs. "Kairi stop running in this damn house. I know its your birthday but stop." Dave grabbed her arm and she giggled an Ok. "Can you call Lauren and Nipsey to make sure their good?" He nodded.

Once all the kids were downstairs, he turned me around and kissed me. "Happy 5 years baby." "Happy 5 years. I got you some stuff but you cant get it til this weekend." J pat his chest. "Imma go pack Kairi's clothes, send Nalanni up her when she finishes." I went back in Kairi's room. I took her Moana rolling suitcase out of her closet and put pajamas, a bathing suit and some underwear in her bag. I went in my room and grabbed a backpack for her and the twins shoes, I put their crocs and their new Jordans and Kai's new custom shoes.

It was going on 8 and I went to get dressed since I was eating on the way there. Dave came in the room while I was pulling up my jeans. "I cant believe Kairi Chanel is actually 8 years old." I buttoned up my pants. "I know. I met her 5 years ago... Thats crazy." I put my shirt on and wore the same shoes that the twins were gonna wear, Jordan 1's in hot pink, but Kaiden's were royal blue. I just put my shoes by the door and put my crocs on bc I really dont like shoes, so imma wear my crocs til its time to go in the park.

I went to go dress the twins while everybody else was getting ready. I finished pretty fast, since their diapers were already changed. I put some water and product in their hair and left it down, but I made sure to bring rubber bands in case I wanted to put it up. I took them downstairs and ate while I waited on everyone else. While I was waiting Lauren and her family came and they ate some of the food that was in the kitchen.

I finished my food fast because the twins were stealing some. Dave came downstairs with my shoes and my bag. "Thank you baby." He had on black ripped jeans with a blue Nike shirt on with matching shoes like Kaiden. We was all matching, me, Nani, Lauren and Kaleesia had on the same pink clothes. While Nipsey, Kross, Kaiden and Dave had on the same thing but blue. Nipsey and Lauren left their new baby with Nip's sister because she's too young for any of this type of stuff.

Nani and Kai finally came down. Nani put her earrings in Kairi's ears and she laid her edges. "Periodt Kai ! Thats TT baby." She ran to Lauren. "Happy birthday princess." She hugged everybody. "Ok come on lets go!" We all got in our separate cars and drove to Anaheim.

The 1 hour drive felt like forever. Kairi was being extra loud, the twins were being fussy, and Dave kept trynna feel up on me.

We checked into the hotel. It was more like a apartment but thats perfect. The twins got a room, Kai and Kross share, Nani is alone, then me and Dave and Lauren and Nipsey. "Im finna call them to pick us up so we dont gotta deal with the lines." Nipsey and Dave got celebrity privilege, so we dont have to wait in lines, or take the shuttle.

"Dave please dont leave the twins stroller because I am not carrying them if they get tired." He smacked his lips but he sure did pick up the stroller. I was holding both of them while we waited for the van to pick us up.

"Mom.. Diggy just texted me and said that he was here." I looked at her confused. "Why is he here Nalanni?" She scrunched her eyebrows. "I only told him what we were doing. He invited himself and its not like he's spending the night." I shrugged my shoulders. "You the one that gotta deal with Dave and Nipsey not me." She groaned. "That poor boy is gone be terrified." Me and Lauren laughed together as the van dropped us off.

Nalanni went over to tell Dave and he didnt take it well. He looked over at me. "Did you know about this?" I shook my head no and he looked down at her. "I dont care, he bet not fuck nothing up though." She nodded and he walked over to me. "Why did she do that?" "I dont fucking know. She claimed that he invited himself. I swear if I check her account and she paid for his ticket Im fucking her up. Hold her." I passed him Kaleesia.

I pulled out my phone and checked her account statements and she had some money left, it was a purchase from PINK and a purchase from fucking Disney.com. "Is she fucking serious!" I put Kaiden and Kaleesia in the stroller and put the shade down. "Push this please." I gave it to Dave.

I walked over to Nalanni and grabbed her arm.  "Why did I just check your bank account and saw that you paid for this nigga's ticket?" Her eyes widened. "I just- I wanted" I cut her off. "No Nalanni. You just spent over $100 for somebody else's ticket to somewhere they weren't even invited. Now if you asked it would've been a whole different story, but you didnt. Do we need to take away your access to money too?" She shook her head no. "It seems like it because you think you can go around spending other people's money that you did not work for." She sighed. "Im sorry. I just wanted to spend some time with him." I- "You finna be with him all weekend. Dont say you not because I already know you was. You are lucky that we are fortunate enough for that not to mess us up crazy. Now go so we can enjoy Kairi's birthday."

She walked over to Lauren. I pulled my phone back out and froze her account, just for now.

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