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Ari POV 🦋•

I woke up to Kairi laughing. "Ariiiiiiiiii its my birfdayyyyyy! " I looked over at her and she was jumping on Dave. I laughed, "I know mama! Are you ready to go to the waterpark?"

"Yessssssss but first can we eat I am hungryyyyyy." I giggled. "Let's go put your clothes on and we can go pick up some iHop." She ran to her room, I guess to put on her clothes. I laid them out for her last night.

I looked over at Dave to see him smiling. "Why you smiling for?" He got outta the bed. "You so good with Kai. I might have to wife you. " I rolled my eyes playfully at the last part. "What can I say? I'm wifey material." I flicked my hair.

I went to go help Kai with her clothes. When I walked in she was struggling to put her arms in. So I helped her. "Thank you! " She started shaking the skirt on her bathing suit. She put on the rest of her clothes and shoes. "Go brush your teeth and call me so I can do your hair. " I walked out and went to go put my own clothes on.

I was looking through my bag and I decided to wear a orange and white two piece and put the matching pants on over. I slipped on some all white Gucci slides and quickly did my hygiene and brushed my hair.

When I was done brushing my hair I went into Kairi room to do her hair. She sat in her vanity and I styled her hair down and curly because she was gonna get it wet anyway.

"Ooh periodt kai!" I swiped under my chin. She copied me."Pewiod pooh! "

I went to Dave's room to see him all dressed and ready. I got my waterproof phone case so I can take pictures in the water. I gave one to Dave and he put in his phone. We all went down to my car and Dave drove off to get food. We got some ChickfilA and after Kai ate she went to sleep.

Dave was singing to the music playing on the radio. "I love you and I need you. Mamas I love you and I neeeeed you. No matter what I do all I think about is you." I laughed. We got to a red light and he kissed me. He tried to deepen it but we heard a car honk behind us.

We stopped and I changed the song.

Kairi woke up when we were almost there and she kept screaming, " Daddy its my birthdayyyyy! Ariiii is my birthdayyyyyy! "
We just laughed.

Finally at 12:30 we got to the waterpark. "Kairi we here baby. " Dave said as he parked.

We went in then got a locker for our clothes and towels. When I took off my pants Dave smacked my ass "Sorry ma I couldn't resist." I giggled and rolled my eyes.

We walked to some chairs in front of the kiddie area and Kairi went to play while me and Dave laud in the chairs.

"Ari I needa tell you something..." I looked at him. "I.... I got mad feelings for you ma. I like how you treat me and you care for everybody around you. You met Kai just 3 months ago and you treat her like she came out you. I like how you drop everything to help me. How you wale up in the morning a mess. How you can take all my jokes. I just adore you mamas." I smiled big. "So what Im trynna say is Arianna Jordan will you be mine?" I giggled. "Of course I will Dave! " We kissed and Kairi ran over to us fast.

Kai jumped up ok Dave's lap soaking wet. "Come on now Kai. Get off me girl" I laughed.

"Ari can you come with me to the wazy river ?" she jumped up and down. "Yes me and your daddy are coming." I looked at Dave.

We all walked together to the Lazy River and got Kai a life vest. We got in the water and I was taking pics of Kai and Dave. We went around a couple of times and Kai started complaining that she was hungry. So we left to go eat dinner.

We went to the lockers to get our clothes and we walked all the way back to the car.

We got in the car and the whole ride home all I could think about was I am Dave's girlfriend. Kai wanted to go to Red Lobster so we went.

We sat down in a booth, me and Dave on the outside and Kai in the middle. Kai was coloring the page and Dave was just staring at me. I looked at him like he was crazy.

The workers came and sang happy birthday to her and she danced on the booth. Then we left Red Lobster and went home. I mean to Dave's house. Dave pulled up into the driveway and we all got out. He took Kai upstairs to take a bath and wash her hair, and I did the same. "Good night 4 year old Kai!"
I waved. "Night Ariiiiiiii!" I laughed and walked away.

I got out the shower and I was picking my clothes out when I started getting a whole lotta notifications. I checked my phone and they was from Instagram.

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I opened it and it was a picture of me today

I opened it and it was a picture of me today

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Dave walked into the room and got into the bed. "Unt Uh go shower you got chlorine all on your body." He chuckled as I pushed him.

He came back with basketball shorts on and no shirt. He took off all his jewelry except one chain and got in the bed. I ignored it.

I really cant believe this man is my boyfriend now.

"I know ma." I looked confused. " I just said that out loud?" I covered my face.

He moved my hands "dont cover that pretty face mamas." We stared into each other's eyes. He leaned in and kissed me.

I kissed back and he added tongue. He pulled me on his lap so I straddled him and he deepened the kiss. He flipped us over and he started kissing on my neck giving me hickeys. I closed my lips so I wouldn't let a moan slip out. Dave started working his way down but I stopped him before he went all the way down.

"I don't think Im ready yet." Yes, Im still a virgin. "Its fine baby. Ill wait for you mama." he pecked my lips 3 times and laid next to me. We cuddled and eventually fell asleep.

What did yall think about this one? You think they moving too fast?


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