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Hey y'all! I'm Arianna Jordan but most people call me Ari. So... I'm 24 years old and 5'3 Im from New York, but I lived in Georgia for the majority of my life and now I'm moving to back to New York with my Granny and crazy ass bestfriend Yasmeen . But thats enough about me for now .😏
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Ari's POV •🦋
"Ari pick a damn song . You been skipping through songs for the whole drive from the airport ."
"Just drive bitch . Im finna go to sleep play whatever you want hoe ."

~30 mins later~

I woke up to Yas smacking the fuck outta ma legs so I slapped her back. "Keep yo hands off me bitch"

"Well wake the fuck up"

We was struggling to take our suitcases out the car so I left the bitch in the car. I went to see my granny , its been 3 years since I seen her.

I knocked on the door but no answer 5 mins later. I smelled some soul food cooking so I knew she was home, I looked under the welcome mat and there was a key. She needa hide that betta.

I opened the door and gospel music was blasting.

"Granny you needa hide your keys b-" I was cut off by her screaming.

"Ari girl why you didn't knock or sumthin?"
"I did granny" I said as we hugged.

Yas suddenly busted in the house with both our suitcases and scared the shit outta me.

"Why the fuck did you leave me out side with this shit by myself?" " Watch yo mouth lil girl"
"Oop sorry Granny J"

"Its fine baby"

"Y'all gone wash ya hands and get freshened before dinner." We both nodded and went upstairs to put our stuff away and get freshened up.

I obviously finished before Yas so I figured I would help with dinner.

" You need some help in here ?" " No thank you baby ." I nodded and went to lay on the couch.

Somebody knocked on the door right when I
sat down,so I went to see who it was.

This man was at least 6'5 and he was mean mugging my little 5'3 ass .

"Wassup ma, Ms. Jay hea? " Yeaaaa, mind me asking who you is?"

"Ari who is that at the door!" "Some man asking for you" "Let him in baby ! That's Dave"

"Come on in." I said blandly.

Yas was finally down stairs and staring at me confused because this man was hugging my granny and she barely let us hug her. But anyways dinner was eventually ready and Dave stayed and ate with us.

Yasmeen finally broke the silence. " So Dave do you live close by here?" He looked at me "Yeah, I actually live across the street"

Dinner was finally over and my granny was making me walk him home. I was trying to get out of it but she threatened to whoop me so I didn't hesitate to go.

"Bye Dave" I smiled and waved. "Bye"

Well Then

Hi guys how did yall like the first chapter so far?
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