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*Side note : They have all known each other since around the time Dave and Ari met*

Dave's POV 💙•

I was at my bestfriend Nipsey house and we was in his man cave while Ari and his wife Lauren was in the kitchen making dinner and Kai and their son Kross was playing somewhere.

"So how's it going with ya girl?" he said as he took a hit of the blunt. I looked over at him, "Mannnn, I honestly think imma wife her. My momma and Mama J always sayin sumn to me bout me needin to settle down and shit." I blew out smoke "But I think she the one." He nodded kinda in approval. "That's what I'm talkin bout nigga." He smacked my shoulder.

I heard knocking on the door. I didn't feel like getting up so I ignored it. Then I heard pounding on the door and Nipsey walked up to open it.

"Get yall high asses out of that damn room and come eat dinner!" We heard Lauren yell. I couldn't keep it in so I busted out laughing. But I heard Ari ass yell, "Shut the fuck up laughing and get out here." I put out my blunt and put in eyedrops. I was walking out the door. "My nigga is whipped." I chuckled and smacked him and ran out.

"Ouchh ! Laurennn he hit me! " I walked away laughing as she just rolled her eyes. I walked over to Ari sitting on the island. "Hi mama." She scrunched up her nose. "You smell like weed. Go get a new shirt from Nip before you go mess with your daughter." I kissed her lips. "Our daughter mamas." She just rolled her eyes as I walked upstairs.

Ari POV 🦋•

While I was cooking with Lauren we became cool with eachother. She is a really down to earth person. I see myself getting close to her and Nipsey. We finished cooking fried chicken, mac n cheese, greens, cornbread, and candied yams. Lauren went to get the boys and I went to get the kids. I went into Kross' playroom and told them to go wash their hands and come to eat. But, when I came back I saw Lauren still at the door. I went over there to yell at them and I heard them coming so I went into the kitchen with Lauren and sat in the island.

I made the children's plate and Lauren made our plate while the guys was fixing themselves .

"Mommy can Kairi come to my birthday party?" Kross said with his mouth full of food. "Auntie Ari and Uncle Davey can come too." He was super excited about it. "You gotta ask Auntie Ari." he smirked at me.

For the small amount of time that I've known Kross he has said very little words to me.

I looked over at him and he was chewing his food looking at me back. "Auntie Ari can you guys come to my birthday party pleaseeeee?" Since he was sitting next to me I hugged him. " Of course papa." I kissed his forehead. He just was smiling really hard and eating his food.

Kairi was sitting in the other side of me barely eating her food. "Kai come with me real quick." I grabbed her hand. "Excuse us." I took Kai into the bathroom.

"What's wrong baby ? You barely eating your food and thats rare." She was looking down so I lifted her chin. "Tell me whats the matter so I can fix it." She sighed. "Dada popped me before we came to eat." I cocked my head tk the side confused. "Do you know why?" She shook her head no. " All I even did was tell him that he was stinky and I didn't wanna give him no kisses. " I rolled my eyes. "Ok Kai I need for you to eat and I will have a long talk with your daddy." I sent her back to the table. I stayed behind because a bitch had to pee.

I did my business and I was walking back to the table I saw Dave staring at me. I shot him a nasty glare but I saw Kairi laughing so I put a smile on my face.

We finished dinner and we was now in they movie room and we was watching Big Hero 6. Well the kids was asleep in the front row while and the adults was talking.

"Lauren I gotta do a prank on Dave to get him back so can you help me? Pleaseeeeee." I whispered. "Bitch I dont need Dave trynna kill me." I rolled my eyes. "He won't I promise." I flashed her the puppy eyes. "girl fineeeee text me what I gotta do." I nodded and we went back to watching the movie.


Ari's POV 🦋•

"Yall Im scared shitless to do this prank and hopefully he believe it. But rn Im putting a fake hickey on my neck and Imma have my homegirl Lauren texting me but imma change her name to DaiDai or some shit like that." I set up the camera and layed on the bed and got on my phone and made sure my hair wasnt on my neck.

Dave walked in and layed on me. "get off me fatass." I started to play fight with him. We was play fighting and he picked me up and threw mw back on the bed. I guess my hair moved bc his whole facial expression changed.

"Whats wrong baby?" Then I got a text and I quickly grabbed my phone. "What the fuck is on your damn neck? " He said too calm for my liking. "What you mean? Skin." He mugged me. "Nahh what is on your neck?!" he got louder. I looked away. "Arianna Jordan. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ON YOUR FUCKING NECK?!" I jumped a little bit bu I pulled on my big girl panties. "First of all lower your tone when you talking to me. Secondly it aint shit in my neck. " I said in a duhh tone. I put my phone down and looked at him. Then all of a sudden it started blowing up. I quickly picked it up. I guess he just ignored that.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bathroom. "Ari look at your damn neck. See anything that aint supposed to be there?" I moved my hair out the way. "Obviously you put that there." He shook his head. "No the hell I didnt. I only pht hickeys where you and I can see unless you was messing with some other nigga." I looked down. "I think we should go talk." His face immediately showed sadness. "The fuck?! You cheating on me?" He was finna walk out. "Dave noooo wait!" I caught up to him and mad e him sit down after him fighting against me. "Geez! I wiuldnt call what I did as cheating but this guy gave me his number while I was at the mall and we kissed. BUT THATS IT. " His eyes got glossy. " Thats it? You only kissed a whole ass nigga. " He said in a mocking tone. "But thats not it." I bit my lip. "I sucked his dick." He stood up and walked out.

I couldnt even grab the camera. I ran after him. I caught up to him as he was about to open the door. "Baby wait!" He walked out the door. "Dave stop and listen to me." He looked at me and I saw tears in his eyes. " I got to himand grabbed his neck. "Baby it was a prank. It's makeup." He licked his finger and wiped it and it came off. "What the fuck?! Girl you know I love you cuz you had a nigga crying and shit." I giggled and gave him a kiss. "I gotchu back. And I love you too papa."

He picked me up bridal style and walked me into the house and to our room and layed me on the bed and Im sure yall know what was finna happen next. But it didnt because I kept feeling like I was forgetting to do something.

I forgot to turn the damn camera off. I got it and cuddled up with Dave and Kairi came in and we all went to sleep.

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