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Ari's POV 🦋•

I gave Kaiden braids like Dave's old ones, and I just put 4 braids into 2 ponytails. I did not feel like braiding their hair all extra. "Kai what do you want done?" I sat down next to her. "Nothing, Im wearing my hair natural." I nodded. "What you want for lunch?" She shrugged. "Can we go to the mall?" "Why? We just went like a week ago." She laughed. "I want to get some more jackets." I looked at her crazy. "Girl, no. You got enough shit for now. Can you take out some clothes for Kaleesi and Kaiden?" She nodded and went in their room.

Dave came in the living room and sat on me. "Get off of me fat ass." I pushed him. "Lets go get some lunch and we can go to SkyZone or some shit. Its the kids last day of summer." I shrugged. "Go dress Kamaya and Kamille." He got up and picked them up and went upstairs.

I went to put some clothes on and get myself together. I put on some quick makeup and went in the closet. I put on some black ripped jeans and a white croptop. I grabbed my hot pink fluffy slides and sat on the bed waiting for everybody else. I called Nalanni and invited her. "Hi babes!" "Hey mommy!" This grown ass girl still calls me mommy. "If you want we are going to lunch and going to SkyZone today." "Im sorry Mommy, Im at Trey's sister baby shower. We arent leaving until tonight." "Thats ok babes. I love you." "Love you too mommy." I called Lauren.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys. Nipsey passed away last year. He got robbed and killed when he was at the liquor store. It was a fucked up time, Lauren was 4 months pregnant when he passed and she ended up losing her baby from not taking care of herself. She is always here, to keep her mind off of it and I make sure she stays on top of her shit.

I called her, "Hii Ariiii." "Hi bestieeee." I laughed. "Come over and bring the kids, we going to lunch and SkyZone." "Shit Im down, I need a lil bit of a cool down. Kross and Kennedi are wearing me out." I laughed. "Come on over." "Ok, I'll be there in 15 mins."

Kairi came down with Kamaya and Kamille. "Aww look at my babiessss. You guy look so pretty." I crouched down to them. "Tank you mama." They said at the same time. "I thought you were dressing Kaiden and Kaleesia." She put their backpack on the couch. "They didnt like what I picked out, so Daddy dressed them." I nodded. "Kross, Kennedi and Lauren are coming too, so we are taking the big truck." She nodded.

Kairi's POV 🤍•

My mom told me that Kross was coming and I immediately got butterflies. Kross and I have a weird relationship. I have really strong feelings for him, but I dont think he feels the same way. We talk everyday, but I dont know. Plus, he always has a girl. Jayson was my first boyfriend, but that didn't last very long.

I heard the doorbell ring and it was Lauren. "Hi Lauren!" I hugged her. "Hey baby, how are you?" "Im good." I saw Kennedi behind her. "Hey KenDoll." She hugged me. "Hi KaiBaby." I laughed at her. When they went in I saw Kross holding duffle bags with his fine ass. "Heyy Krossy pooh." He put the bags inside. "Heyy baee." Bae? That shit gave me butterflies. "Where's everybody?" I closed and locked the door. "In the living room." We went in the living room and everybody was sitting down.

Kross went to go pick up Kamille and Kamaya. "Hi my babies." I looked at him weird. "Those are definitely my babies." They both reached for me and he rolled his eyes. "Mann, go on." He put them down and they walked to my mom, most likely to get some fruit snacks.

"What were all of those duffle bags for?" I asked him, genuinely curious. "We are staying here for a couple days. I nodded. "I actually need to talk to you about something later." I furrowed my brows. "We can go outside real quick." "Come on guys, lets go!" My mom said. "Nevermind." I laughed.

"We can take 2 cars. Kai and Kross can drive in Kairi's car as long as they take the triplets." They call Kaiden, Kaleesia, and Kennedi the triplets because they are less than a year apart. "Im ok with that, but Dad took my keys." He threw them at me and Kross caught them. "Thanks." He put them in my hand. "Come on guys." We all got in the car and drove off.

They all immediately got on their iPads and Kross connected his phone and played his dad's music. "We can talk right now if you want to." He nodded and turned the music down. "Ok, um.... So I wanted to tell you some stuff. Umm.." I rolled my eyes. "Spit it out." He laughed. "Ok, Kairi I have liked you so much for so many years, like every time I say I love you when we get off the phone. I mean that shit." My eyes widened. I aint think he was gone say this. "So, Kairi Chanel I wanted to ask you, will you be my girlfriend?" I nodded quickly. "Yes, but we need to play it cool around our parents or they gone make some big ass deal about it." He nodded. We were at a red light and he pulled me to his face and kissed me.

We made it to SkyZone after a 45 minute drive. I was so happy about Kross asking me to be his girlfriend, but I had to look normal. "Get out the car guys." I took all three of their iPads and they got out the car. We all went in and checked in. My daddy rented us a whole section to ourselves. "Kai and Kross yall can go by yall self if you want." My mom told us and they went to the area they rented out. "Where you wanna go first bae?" I needa get used to that. "Lets go to the free jump, aint nobody over there." We ran to go jump. "Ha, slow ass." I beat her over there. "That aint fair, you small as hell." I laughed at him breathing hard. "You a whole ass star quarterback and you cant even beat a cheerleader." He walked away. "Kross, stop acting like a baby." I walked over like I was gonna hug him. "Im sorry baby." I was about to hug him and I jumped into a square. "Kairi I dont like you." J laughed. "But you 'Love' me" I mocked him.

We went to go jump. "I bet you cant do this." He did a back handspring. "Boy please this is what I do." I did 2 in a row. "I bet you cant do this." I did 3 cheer jumps in a row. "I bet I can." He attempted but not very well. "Lets go to the foam pit." He put me on his back. "Kross slow downnnnn!!" I couldn't stop laughing. "Well we are here already so, shh." I punched his arm. "You go first." Dont mind if I do. I jumped a couple times, then did a double back flip into the pit. "Fucking show off." He pushed me. "What did you just say?" Some lady said behind us. I looked at her. "What are you talking about?" "That young man should not be talking to you like that." I laughed in her face. "Girl mind yo own damn business. Keep yo old ass outta young people's business." I pulled Kross away. "Lets go with our parents." We checked our time and we had 30 mins left. "Its been 2 hours already, damn."

"Wait before we go with them, I want some water." He pulled me to the food court. "Do you want something?" "Only a water." He rolled his eyes. "Hi, can we have 2 water and 2 sour patch watermelons?" He ordered. "I said I only wanted water." He handed me my stuff. "Kai you dont gotta lie babe. I already know you." I smiled at him while he paid. "Come on, lets go. My mom keeps texting me." We walked over to them. "We are leaving a little early because your dad like to cuss out the workers." I laughed. "Ok. Where are we going to eat?" I asked them. "Um... meet us at  Din Tai Fung." That was my mom's favorite place to eat. For some reason, she is obsessed with Asian food. "We can take the triplets this time." I nodded. "Come on Kross."

"I told you they were gonna end up dating Ari." I heard Lauren say.

What did you guys think about this chapter? I know Kai just got out of a relationship but just ignore that. 😂

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