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Kairi's POV 🤍•

The game last night went good, I was the main flyer so of course I loved it. The boys ended up winning and we went to dinner to celebrate.

It is now Saturday and Im bored. I lowkey wanna go get in the pool. Nahh Imma go mess with my parents.

I've been wanting this tattoo of the Chanel logo because you know Kairi CHANEL. Plus my daddy do tattoos so why not.

I went in his room and laid in the bed with him. "Daddyyyy!" "What do you want Kairi?" I gasped. "I cant just love my dad?" I hugged him. "You can, but I know damn well thats not why you in here." He pushed me off him and I sighed. "Ok... I wanted to ask you if I can get a tattoo." He put his attention on me. "As long as its nothing stupid I dont care. Its yo crazy ass momma you gotta convince." That was a lot easier than I thought. "Thank you, now I gotta go attack her." I got out his bed. "Kai if she say no then thats it, dont keep bothering her about it." I nodded. "She dont like repeating herself I know I know."

I went down to the kitchen where she was fixing lunch for Kamaya and Kamille. "Hi Mommy!" Yes I still call her mommy and what about it? "What you need from me Kai?" She rolled her eyes.

"Iwanttogetatattooandhesaidican." She sighed. "Kairi, slow the hell down." I let out a big breath. "I want to get a tattoo and daddy said that I can as long as its not stupid." She nodded. "Well what do you want?" I got excited. "I want the Chanel logo, because my middle name." She nodded. "Oh you cant get a tattoo til you 18. Its a good idea though for your first one." She laughed and walked away. "Mommy!" I groaned.

I dont know if yall can tell but I don't like when things dont go my way. "Please?" "Nope" he said popping the p. Daddy came downstairs. "Kai what did I say?" "I know, dont keep asking." I stomped upstairs to my room.

Nobody loves me. Im going swimming. I put on my neon pink 2 piece with my all white NIKE slides and was making my way downstairs. "Ooh Kai can I come swim with you?" Kaleesia came up to me. I shrugged. "Go put on your swimsuit. I'll wait for you in my room." She nodded and ran in her room.

Not to show no typa favoritism but Kaleesia is my dawg. She always around me and we click all the time. We rarely fight because we are basically the same person. Spoiled princesses, with Daddy wrapped around our finger.

Kaiden is just really annoying. He got too much energy all the time. And the little twins they cry too much, one start crying then the other one cry because they hear somebody crying. Just followers.

Kaleesia came in my room with a pink and white polka dot bikini. She posed in front of me. "Periodt Kali! Who bought you this because I know if daddy see you in this he gone beat you and whoever bought it." She looked scared. "Mommy bought it. I dont want him to hurt mommy." I hugged her. "Kali, daddy can NEVER hurt her. Mommy is a bad bit- strong woman." She laughed. "Lets go." I wrapped the towel around her and we went downstairs.

We got outside without anybody else wanting to tag along. I put my stuff on the table and jumped in.

Ari's POV 🦋•

After I told Kai no, she stomped up to her room with a big attitude. "Why you tell her no?" Dave asked me. "She can wait until she turn 18 to get a damn tattoo, plus did you see her reaction. The lil girl need to hear if often." He shrugged. "Im going to smoke." He walked into his man cave.

I grabbed Kamaya and Kamille from the living room and sat them on their high chairs. "Lunch time?" Kamille said. This girl always want to eat. I put their plates in front of them and sat at the island.

I just scrolled through instagram supervising the babies.

Dave's POV 💙•

Ari know damn well she foul for telling Kairi no. She is a whole senior in high school, since she dont gotta go to no tattoo shop to get it, Imma just do it. Yep, behind Ari's back. She gone be mad at me but oh well. I finished my blunt and went outside to Kairi.

"Kai come here right quick." She got out and walked over to me. "Dont go all crazy but Im gonna do your tattoo." She got excited. "For real? Mommy changed her mind?" I shook my head. "Of course not. We doing it behind her back. I can do it tomorrow. We tell her we going to get some food just a Kairi and Dave date. Got it?" She nodded. "Daddy she is gonna kill us, not just me but you too." He shrugged. "How much harm can she do with her lil ass?" We laughed. "Ok, Im finna go check on Kaleesia and Kaiden." I walked back in the house.

I heard the doorbell ring and I opened the door. "Hi dad," Nalanni pushed me out the way. "Mommy!!! I missed you." I looked at her like she was stupid. "Damn, a nigga dont get no typa love." She rolled her eyes and came to hug me. I picked up Ayla. "Nah I dont want yo stank ass hug. I got my Ayla bear." She laid her head on my chest.

*The Next Day*

Kairi's POV 🤍•

My daddy is taking me to his shop for the tattoo today and I am scared shitless. My heart is literally finna fall to my ass. I met him downstairs and we was finna walk out the door. "Have fun on yalls lil date." Mommy said. We walked out and got in the car. "You think she know?" I asked my dad. "Kairi you dont ever do nothing bad, calm the hell down. And Im the one doing it. Yeen got nothing to worry bout." He waved me off.

We made it to the tattoo shop and it was empty because its closed on Sundays. "Sit right there and pull up your sleeve." I sat and just took my jacket off. "Breathe because if you snatch away its gone be fucked up for the rest of your life." He said so nonchalantly. "Ok, Im good, let me lay down first." I leaned back on the table and he started the gun and did the tattoo.

He fjnished in 30 minutes and I aint gone lie that shit hurt like a bitch. I wanted to cry a couple times. He put ointment and plastic wrap on it and we left. "Thank you daddy for doing that for me." We got in the car. "Girl that wasn't nothing. Ya momma gone be mad when she find out though." I looked out the window. "Yea I know."

We went to get ice cream and went back home. I almost forgot to cover up my arm. I quickly slid my jacket back on and that shit hurt. We walked in and my mom was sitting in the living room with Ayla. She staying over this week because it's Nalanni and Trey's anniversary on Wednesday and they flew to Turks and Caicos.

"Hi mommy. Hi Ayla bearr!" I picked up Ayla and put her on my no tattoo arm. "What was that sound?" My mom asked me. "What sound?" She looked at me like I was crazy. I lifted Ayla and my sleeve came down a little bit. "Kairi Chanel Brewster!" I shook a lil bit bc she scared me. "Yes?" "You got the tattoo.. after I told you not to do it." I put Ayla down. "Yes, but it was all daddy's idea to sneak it. I was gonna wait til my next birthday. Her face turned red and she stormed upstairs.

Dave's POV 💙•

I was laying on the bed, enjoying my ice cream and Ari busted in the room. "Are you fucking serious Dave?" I was a lik confused. "Whaaaat?" She made a 'are you dumb?' face and I already knew. Fucking Kairi's snitch ass. "You really did that tattoo after I said she cant have it?" I shrugged because she was doing a lil too much. "Its not that big of a deal." She did a dry laugh. "I swear Im tired of you acting like my parenting ways are just suggestions. I dont know about you but I thought that when one person says no the other person doesnt sneak behind their back and say yes, like grow a fucking pair." She scoffed and grabbed her purse.

"Where are you going?" She ignored me. "Baby," I stopped her from leaving the room. "Im sorry, but-." I actually had no excuse. I do always overthrow her decisions because I like things my way. She scoffed. "I'll be back." She walked away. "When?" She stopped walking. "I- I dont know." She walked out the house.

All of this over a fucking tattoo.

What do yall think about this one? Did Ari overreact? Was Dave in the wrong?

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