23: Part 1

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Ari's POV 🦋•

Dave has his bachelor party tonight with his brother and Yas' fiancé, while my pregnant ass has a girls night at home with no alcohol. Yasmin finally brought her ass to LA for my wedding and she is my maid of honor. (Yasmin is Ari bestfriend from the beginning)

So I'm having a bachelorette sleepover but its "child proofed" because I can't do shit and Kairi is here still.

I was on the bed getting ready. "Mommy do I go put on my pj's?" I nodded and she ran to her room. I rubbed my belly, " Come on babies just stay in until tomorrow then yall can go crazy." These Braxton Hicks aint no mf joke.

I went to Nalanni's room and she was putting her hair in a high ponytail. "Hi Ari!" "Hey girl! I sat on her bed. "Are you ok? You look like you in pain." "I think these babies finna come out but they gotta stay in until tomorrow." She laughed and walked over to me.

"Can you please stay in your mommy's belly. I'm pretty sure she doesn't want you ruining that expensive dress." I laughed at her. "Your TT says to stay in because lord knows nobody in this house can drive her to the hospital and I sure aint delivering yall sooooo.... please please please stay in." I started laughing again. "Bro Nani you a whole ass character." She smiled at me then helped me up.

We were walking to the movie room when we heard the doorbell ring. "I'll go get it, you go sit down and relax those feet." She went downstairs and got Yas.

~3 hours later~

It was now 11 pm and Yas was teaching me and Nani the Wap dance so I could show Dave and Nani just for fun. "I cant do this shit I'm hot asfk, my feet hurt, im tired and these babies might just slip the fuck out soo... Im going to bed and I suggest yall should to." I walked out to my room.

Tonight we watched about 3 movies Kairi fell asleep on the beginning of the 1st one so it ended io being a little more rated r. I was sleepy but I dont think imma be able to sleep without Dave in the bed. I sprayed the bed in his cologne and laid down on my pregnancy pillow. I knocked right the fuck out.


~The Next Day~

Its a bitch mf wedding day!!!!!!! Periodt Pooh ! I cnat believe Im marrying that stupid ass nigga. Chile anyways... Its 9 am and the wedding start at 4 so.... my nail tech is coming to do my nails in like 10 mins so Im finna get ready real quick. I slid on a Nike sports bra and some shorts because its hot asfk. Its fucking July in LA and its as hot as the devils ass crack.

I did my hygiene then went to wake up Kai and Nani. "Nani order some food on Uber Eats and you can use my card. Remind me to add you to our account later." She nodded. "Thank you and what do you want to eat?" I told her to get McDonalds and just a whole bunch of platters.

The wedding venue is 15 mins away from the house so after my nail lady come we getting driven to the venue in a limo. My baby cashed out on this wedding.

I got my nails with a nude and blue ombre and my ring fingers are all blue for my baby. His ghetto ass had to have blue in wedding.

We got to the venue and it was already 12:15. I only had 3 hors to get ready. Im pretty sure Dave aint even woke up yet.

We was all getting our makeup down while Kai was taking a small nap. Music was playing and "Never Could've Made It" by Marvin Sapp started playing. It was my granny favorite song. I really wish she was here. I didnt even notice but I was crying. "Ari whats wrong." the makeup artist stopped. "Sorry just keep going."

We all finished our makeup and hair and looked bomb asfk. Everybody was dressed while I was putting on my accessories before the dress. "Ari its 3:45 and you gotta get going." I nodded.

"Ooh shit!" I had a really bad pain in my stomach. "What is wrong with you" Lauren said. "Braxton Hicks." I breathed through it and stepped into my mermaid dress. They started zipping it up but I felt another pain. "Thats the second one in 10 mins." Am I going into labor?!

"Twins I know yall prolly wanna come out but Mommy needs you to stay in just a little longer. Maybe a hour or 2 okkk." I felt another one. "Do you want me to call Dave, Ari?" I shook my head and stood up straight. "No, lets get this shit done with." I walked to the door. Nipsey was the one walking me down the aisle.

"Hey sis!" he hugged me. "5 mins til you tie the knot." He playfully slapped my arm. "I know."

"You better not mess with my brothers heart man." "Boy you need to tell your brother not to mess with mine the fuck." He laughed. "Ahhh fuck!"

"Girl tf is wrong with you." I rubbed my stomach. "Oh shit." Another one came. Then they kept coming and they were only 2 mins apart.

We heard the music start playing. "Imma walk out by myself and tel Dave and we gone get you to a hospital." I nodded.

About .2 seconds later Dave was next to next to me. "These babies ready to make they mark on the world. Please take me to a hospital." He seemed stuck. "RIGHT FUCKING NOW DAVE!" When I said that my water broke.

He picked me up and walked to the car fast. "DAVE HURRY TF UP OR IM GOING TO HAVE THESE BABIES IN YOUR MF CAR!" He sped up. Dave called the hospital so they could know we were coming. We finally made it to the hospital and nurses rushed out with a wheelchair.

Sorry I gotta stop it. But, what do yall think about Part 1?

The twins?

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