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Ari POV 🦋•
"Let me find out you like Mr. East. " I looked at her confused. "Dave "

"Oh granny nooooo . I dont got feelings for no nigga. Pardon my french. " I said with a straight face. "mmhmm"

"Well anyways , Yas went to her moms for the rest of the week, so can you take these plates over to Dave's place then" she smirked.

"Ok, lemme go put some clothes on first" I ran upstairs and put on a nude 2piece lounge set from fashion nova, then went back to drop this food off.

"Im finna go drop this food off granny!" I had to yell because she was upstairs listening to gospel music.

Once I mad it to his house I rang his doorbell. 2 mins later he opened the door wearing only some grey sweats and a shirt in his hand and baby let me tell you. This man looks BLESSED.

"You done starin at me or?" I noticed he was putting a white t shirt on .

"Umm.. sorry" I blushed and looked down. "Ma granny told me to bring these to you"

"Daddyyyyyy can we go see Ms. J. She said she had somebody coming over that would like me. " I heard a little girl running down stairs. "Well Imma go" I walked away from his door and heard a soft damn but I ignored it.

"Ari I'm having some people over tonight for dinner, so go get ready. " I nodded and went upstairs to my room.

I did my hygiene and changed into a white sweatsuit and put my hair half up half down. I quickly did a light makeup look. I decided to take pictures to post on instagram.

🤍 479,173 AriThaDon ice on my wrist and my heart

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🤍 479,173
AriThaDon ice on my wrist and my heart

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baby.yaasss thasss my bestieeeeee

Dave POV 💙 •
"Kairi put yo clothes on now!" I boomed. She looked scared and my face softened.

She is always stressing me out when we gotta go somewhere. When I left Mama J house a couple days ago she invited me to have dinner again but with Kairi.

"Daddyyyy I can't put my clothes on right. Help me pleaseeee. " I mugged her.

"Come here, bring your clothes and shoes." I quickly put on her white sweatsuit and rainbow checkered slip on vans. "Let's go Kai-Kai." We walked over to Mama J house.

Ari POV 🦋•
I put on my rainbow checkered slip on vans and went downstairs. I thought heard a light knock at the door but I ignored it because ain't no demons coming in here. But like 2 mins later I heard a loud ass knock that scared me and I went to go open the door.

"Hey Dave. Come in." I moved out the way so he can come in. "Your grandma is in the kitchen."

"Wassup ma. Say hi Kairi." I saw a little girl wearing the same exact outfit as me.

"Hi ! My name is Kairi Brewster. This is my daddy." I giggled softly. " Hi Kiari Brewster! My name is Arianna Jordan but you can call me Ari. "

Dave went in the kitchen to greet his grandma and my granny. Kairi and I sat on the couch to talk.

Like 5 minutes later, we were called to eat. "Come on Kai, lets go eat girl." Kairi might be my new bestfriend.

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